Feb 12, 2009

This is beyond cool....


Hey, Friends, HEY!

It has been ages... atleast two weeks... I'm not even sure if people read it anyway so maybe nobody noticed... But here goes..

I just returned from Barcelona and it was absolutely beautiful! Like absolutely amazing! Beautiful weather, beautiful people.. Good times!

So first of all we took Ryanair because everybody was like "it's soo cheap. Take Ryanair!" Ok. Cheap is what you get, cheap. And baby let me tell you, I'm not cheap. Ryanair is not for me. I do not care how cheap it is! Soo anyway, we left Saturday to go fly to Barcelona. We left mad early, because we had to travel quite a ways which is the deal when you go with cheap airlines. So early we left, hopped on a train to the airport and got there in a good amount of time. Waited about a half hour until the line for our particular flight opened and got in line and was handed our ticket. I can recall peering over the counter and saying to myself "Self, is she writing your name on a ticket?" And yes, she was not printing a ticket off for me, she was writing my name on the ticket. QUE? hood. Anyway we got our ticket and got in this ridiculously long line for security. Made it through security half-clothed and all. I wanted to ask the man like "Excuse me sir, would you like my underwear as well, I think they have metal hearts on them?" lol. But anyway, had to walk waaay to the other side of the airport to get to our gate... ok.. where we waited... and waited...and waited....and waited... and waited.. Our flight was suppose to originally leave at 5:10 and we didn't leave until 8:50. Yes, 8:50. Did they even care to mention this? Of course not. Were there any staff around to tell us? Of course not. Remember. Cheap is just that, cheap. And then I looked to Janelle and I said... "Ummm, our seat numbers are not on here." And she was like "Oh" So I proceeded to locate a Ryanair employee and I said. "Excuse me, sooo there's no seat numbers on the ticket." "Oh" he said. "You pick them when you get on there." In his British accent. All I could do was laugh and told him "Oh, that's too hood". He had to laugh too... So finally we boarded and it was fine until we were about to land and I started to have flash backs of my near death experience in SA. The plane was engaging in some SUPER turbulence. I was super anxious and all I could do was breathe deep and pray... We finally arrived in Girona (1 hour from Barcelona) super late where we then had to take an hour bus ride to Barcelona.... Cheap will make you have to travel an hour... So finally after much hassle we arrived at our hostile at 1 AM. WHEW! (I have stories from that hostile. ask me sometime)

Barcelona though was absolutely gorgeous and I loved every second of it. WE took a tour and went to all these amazing places we probably wouldn't have went to otherwise.. We then went to Park Guell. A hike, indeed. But worth it. It was absolutely beautiful with an amazing view. We also learned that Sangria is phenomenal.... in moderation... Otherwise, stay away from it. Now, that's a story! We did lots of other cool things too.... good times. And I was able to brush up on my small spanish skills. Had to. Otherwise I would have been SOL. For sure..

Back now in London and of course it's raining. geeeezzz.... Oh London. I'm writing.. Cantwait to get back to the GO so I can make music... Ahhhh..sigh... LATERS!