Oct 31, 2009

The AuthenticQueen does Halloweeeeeen... (Well, sort of)

So yester-night (yes, yester-night) some of my friends had a huuuuge Halloween bash. I knew before I even entered that it was going to be crazy. And it did not disappoint. I dressed up as a 70's chick. I know, lame but I really wanted to rock my hair in a fro. I looked cute. ha. Pictures forthcoming. The funniest outfit that unfortunately has no photographic evidence is the outfit I wore home this morning. Let's just say it was a mix between a pirate/cowboy/dominatrix/college student. Wish I would have took a pic but that was the farthest thing from my mind. All I wanted was a bed, some water and 2 aspirins. Peace! Safe Halloween my loves!

Oct 29, 2009

ObXession: A Fine Frenzy

So here's the thing... Every once in awhile I get obsessed with some artist or song.. Sometimes the obsession sticks and sometimes it just silently disappears. A Fine Frenzy happens to be an obsession that I think is sure to stick! I have been seriously playing this wonder over and over... everyday.. for the last week. (God bless my neighbor!) My fave songs would have to be "Almost Lover" and "Ashes and Wine" (it's playing now..) Anyway, I present... A Fine Frenzy!

Funny, Funny!

So the other night I was lying in bed and I thought to myself.. I sooo need to blog right now! My life is just interesting... at least to me... I read so many blogs everyday.. I go to every blog for different things and I decided.. heck, I'll blog myself. At least I know that everything I'm interested in will be right at my fingertips. Not saying I will not be visiting my fave blogs... (shout out to CL, YBF, YFF and Necole Bitchie!) but right now, my life requires my mind to be audible.. I present, The AuthenticQueen Speex!