Dec 30, 2010

Video Dopeness: Monster

An unfinished version of Ye's "Monster" video dropped today and this video definitely has me staring at the screen with a blank face. Watch it below to see what I mean. Ummm....yeah.


Dec 29, 2010

Mixtape Dopeness: Chrisette Michele and Lem Payne

Straight stumbled upon this today. Chrisette Michele and her brother, Lem Payne, released a mixtape about 2 months ago titled "Love Thy Brother". It's HAWT, son! I mean, basically I could listen to Chrisette Michele all day so you know I'm loving it!

Click the link below:


Obxessed: Rated R

Wow. I just remembered that I hadn't shared an interesting fact about my year with you all. I LOVED Rihanna's last album..... I know. I know. Strange, I hear you say BUT let me explain.

It was something about Rihanna's last album that had me catching my breath and playing her songs on repeat. I mean, WOW. If I had to psychoanalyze Rih during this period in her life I would say (as most people would) that she was in a state of constant emotional shifting and this seems to have positively affected her music. Rihanna's album was in constant rotation and helped me to appreciate her more as an artist.With the release and a listen of her latest album, Loud, I had to take a moment to reminisce on possibly, her greatest album ever.( I mean let's be honest- life is not cruel enough to serve you another dose of a "CBreezy Scandal" and therefore a meaningful album.)

So anyway, my favorite songs off of Rih's last album:

Cold Case Love- Rihanna


The Last Song- Rihanna

And last but not least:


Funnies: Top Dumbest Tweets of 2010

Awesomely Luvvie compiled a pretty awesome/sad list of the dumbest tweets of 2010. Dear Gawd, America is going to explode into a million tiny idiotic pieces in the near future. I know it. But this list is HILARIOUS! Thanks Luvvie! Check it below.


2Day In Music: Mashup of Top 25 Songs of 2010

The video is pretty cool too! Enjoy!

Dec 27, 2010

Song of the Day: Charlene

I'm in a chill/"pissed I have to go to work after my 4 day weekend" kinda mood and this song is just what I needed to calm down. Ya dig? Love Anthony Hamilton. This man definitely does not get enough shine! Ya'll have a splendid day!


Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Part 2: HILARIOUS!

I ran across this video this morning and I had to share! It's an extended holiday song from all your fave celebrities. Some of their impressions are spot on. Enjoy!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hello friends! Another year is passing us by and with this passing year we are blessed with the Holidays. Have a good one! Enjoy my fave winter song below.


Dec 24, 2010

Obxessed: Almost Doesn't Count (Brandy)

It has been my opinion for quite some time that people are INCREDIBLY sleep on Brandy. This gurl can sang! I've been playing this live version of "Almost Doesn't Count" on repeat for the last hour. LOVE!


Fashion Dopeness: NAKIMULI

Friends! If you have been visiting this blog for the last year then you already know- I LOVE NAKIMULI! I wore her dress for my birthday and sent her a "customer appreciation" photo and note and she posted it on her blog. I LIIIVE! The post is below. Click it and rejoice with me!


Dec 22, 2010

2Day In Music.. Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor dropped a new track today and it's hott. She's giving me a lot of Ciara on it but it was produced by Jazze Phe so I'll forgive her. Check it!

pic found here


Website Dopeness: STEREO MOOD!!

Friends! You have to go swing by stereo mood!! It is a website that will play music according to a long list of moods you can choose from. IT IS SO COOL! It's pretty spot on with the songs that they choose too. Go check it. It's my new best friend. (Totally listening to it as I type this.)


Dec 21, 2010

Fashion Dopeness: BDAY

So pardon me for my intense lack of fashion posts over the last couple of months. My camera broke earlier this year and I have not purchased another one as of yet. In the meantime, here's some of my fave photo's from my bday this weekend.

That's all folks!


Birthday Reflections

My bday has come and gone and I have been of course continuing my year of heavy reflection and this is what I wrote right as my bday rang in..

"I dont think I have ever taken a proper moment to reflect on my birthday. Usually I spend my time leading up to the day thinking about plans and imagining what I'll wear. This year was different. I had the opportunity to take some moments and reflect on the many challenges and triumphs this year, in particular, has brought me. As I filled my facebook status updates with sentiments of love, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the people who are in my life and who encourage, love, reprimand and make me laugh until my side hurts. I LOVE people. I LOVE you all. I appreciate all the positive energy that the presence of so many individuals bring to my otherwise dull life. My birthday is a celebration of you. Without you this day is meaningless. Cheers to friends, love and memories."

That's exactly how I feel as I close out this year- mindful of the many challenges I survived and grateful for the many lessons I learned. Through the challenges I have come to realize the true value of a friend and fortunately my birthday party this year was able to prove that fact 30X over. God is great and friends make life better. Much love.

Dec 15, 2010

Obxessed: Sara Bareilles

I was just having some big moments With Ms. Sara late last week and if you follow me on twitter you got a glimpse into my sudden love affair. I've always thought Sara Bareilles was talented but it's something about where I am in life right now that allows her voice to really move me. Some of my faves of Ms. Sara. Can't you just feel the honesty in her voice?

One of my fave songs by Sara is "Gravity"....

My friend sent me this video today and I melted.

Watch her cover "Single Ladies".



Dec 6, 2010

Just Get To Know: Reema Major

I go through these strange tides in life when I start to take in excessive amounts of rap/hip hop. Right now is one of those times in my life. I'm falling back in love with rap as an art form and re-appreciating its beauty, genius and appeal. I came across this young dope girl the other day and I had to share. She is just a mere 15 years old (Yeah, she looks 25 BUT that's a whole other story. I blame Bush and Beyonce. lmao.)The girl has much promise though. Check the freestyle that made me take a closer look and some of her other tracks.


Nov 27, 2010

Covered: Loving You No More

Hey friends! I have been playing Diddy's "Loving You No More" and despite his horrible singing skills, I am so digging most of his music as of late. The original song and video is below.

And now for the two covers of the song that I have on repeat. Trey Songz and Keri Hilson is up first. It's the added "f*ck" that makes the song 30X more awesome.

Next up is one of  my fave producers right now, TC. This dude's vocals are SOOOO SERIOUS!

Have a lovely Saturday! (I feel like this weekend is never ending in the awesome kind of way!)

Nov 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I'm going out with my homie right now (Yes, on Thanksgiving.) This is our last song before we exit!! Remember??

This image found here


Nov 23, 2010

Dope Review: Kanye West

Okay people, do not start acting all unfamiliar! You already know I LIVE for Kanye! Kanye is the best. Word. Check one of the best reviews to hit the internet of his latest album. Kanye, thanks dude. You made all these haters look like idiots.


Nov 18, 2010

2Day In Music.. MIXTAPE!

Yo, Stefan Ponce dropped a hott mixtape. I'm listening to it right now and preparing for an EPIC evening. Get into some of this!

Nov 16, 2010

Article Dopeness: VSB Talks Kanye

Hey friends! So you all know I love me some VSB and now I love them even more because they LOVE KANYE!!! They are admittedly Kanye stans. swoon. Here is a great article about Kanye and the magic of his new album!


Nov 15, 2010

Song of the Moment: The Girl

I'm in love with this dude's tone. Ahh, splendid. A calm Monday morning brought to me by this song.

Happy Monday! (fake it to you make it.)

Nov 13, 2010

2 Day In Music.......

1. Ms. Keri Baby is back! Love this chick and this video is SUPER cute. She pays homage to a lot of great women in music.

2. Here's Rih Rih's video for "What's Your Name?" It's cuuute. Drizzy looks a mess though.....

3. You all know Jazmine Sullivan is my boo! Here is her new video for her latest single "10 Seconds". This girl gets serious with some bomb action in this one.

4. And here is Keyshia Cole's video for her latest single "I Aint Thru" featuring Nicki Minaj. Yeah.......

Laterz gators!

Nov 10, 2010

Song of the Moment: Be Ok

Man, Chrisette and I go waaaay back. Back to when she was first natural and barely signed to a major recording contract. Thanks, Chrisette. This song was much needed today.

Oh yes!

Oct 31, 2010

2day In Music.... New NICKI MINAJ!!

Yo! I just became a Nicki Minaj stan. This chick KILLED this track. I gagged glitter, ate my words and threw on my "barb" chain after listening to this. Yep, I said it. Nicki Minaj is officially a rapper and not a blow up doll. YES!!!

My fave Nicki photo found here.

Oct 28, 2010

2Day In Music...

1. I'm secretly in love with "Dirty Money"... even that whole Diddy singing attempt.. yeah... I know. Forgive me!!! Here's their latest video and song. I like!

2. T.I.! I'm super mad at him for being a druggie and getting himself in the situation he has but I'm down for his music... Check his new song and video. I am super in love with all the dudes in the band with the locks.

3. Yeah, I (kinda) dig Nicki Minaj. there, I said it. Here's some new videos from her.

Laterz, friends!

Oct 24, 2010

Video Dopeness: Runaway (Kanye West)

Kanye finally dropped his feature film! Check it!

Oct 19, 2010

Article Dopeness: Is Kanye Obsessed With White People?

Friends, this is a good one right here. Think of a response, read the article and come to a conclusion. Hmmmm...

photo found on tumblr.

Oct 17, 2010

Commercial Dopeness: DJ Hero 2

Call me crazy but I LOVE this new DJ Hero video.

So freaking cool!

Oct 11, 2010

Video Dopeness: IRC Dance Movement

Wow. Just watched this and I HAD to share with you, my friends! This is beyond dope.



Song of the Moment: Get Money

This right my ish right now! It's like my theme song these days. Been straight playing it on repeat. Ya know- eff bishes, get $$$. Real talk. I know I am....

Get money or shut up!

Oct 10, 2010

Fashion Dopeness: Solange (Again and Again)

Yeah, I know... It's Solange AGAIN! But friends, in some strange twist of the universe I'm absolutely in love with both Solange and Beyonce. Solange, I feel characterizes what I enjoy both in music and style while Bey gives me everything I could need vocally. We need both of them in this great world. :)So anyway, Solange covered the FashIsBlack magazine and she looks awesome! Check my favorite pictures below and visit Necole Bitchie to see the entire photo collection.


Oct 2, 2010

2Day In Music...

Yes! Yes, ya'll! New musica, son!

1. I kinda dig Shontelle. I LOVE her last song "Impossible" and here is her latest track....

2. Remember Floetry?? Well, they split up and are now doing their own thing. Here's the latest track from one half of the duo, The Floacist. She's rocking a super new look too, so check that out!

3. Up next is the latest track by Lil Wayne and Eminem....


Video Dopeness: JT and Jimmy Fallon

Yo! Please tell me that you all have seen this! Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake did an ode to Hip Hop the other day and it is GREAT!! Take a look!


Sep 21, 2010

2Day In Music...

I know. I know. I've been straight M.I.A. Forgive me, my time does not belong to me these days. Let's Proceed..

1. I was listening to this mixtape by Hoodie Allen today and the best part about this mixtape is all the freaking amazing songs he sampled! I found at least 3 new fave songs just by listening to his mixtape. The link to the mixtape is below. You can stream it or download it.

Next Up are some awesome songs Hoodie Allen sampled on "Pep Rally".....

2.  Marina and the Diamonds "I Am Not A Robot". This video is bonkers! Weird.....

3. I played this song at work today and was basically dancing in my seat. It's super fun! And there are harmonies so you know I'm in love...

4. Last but not least is Flight Facilities "Crave You". This is like a chill-hype song. I know that's sounds weird but you have to listen to understand...


Sep 18, 2010

Fashion Dopeness: Solange (Again)

I mean, Reason #380 why I love Solange. She made sure she was giving it to these fools last week at New York Fashion Week....

Compilation found here.


Sep 12, 2010

Article Dopeness: Lady Gaga and the Death of Sex

Today, while doing my daily peruse around the internet world I came across a compelling article about Lady Gaga. This article questions the validity of Gaga as a symbol for the world's misfits or "little monsters" as she affectionately calls them. Is Gaga tale of being a misfit and on the fringes of society a true story or it riddled with lies and she the music industry's Frankenstein? Is Gaga a creation? real? or both?

Read the article and arrive at your own conclusion.

2Day In Music... Sunday Randoms

I have witnessed some pretty random but blog worthy things today....

1. First we have a chick by the name of Cher on X-Factor making it do what it do to Keri Hilson's version of "Turn My Swag On". Chick was getting it.... watch.

2. Then we have Willow Smith (Jade and Will Smith's daughter) with her new single "Whip Your Hair". I think the song is mad cute and I am in love with the fan video of all Bey's hair whipping action put to the song...

3. And then we have Rihanna's new song "Only Girl" I can't even lie, it's hot!

P.S. I will def be live tweeting the VMA's tonight!! Check my twitter here.


Sep 11, 2010

Song of the Moment: The Ugly Dance

Okay, do not laugh at me. I really really REALLY love this next song I'm about to post. But as always, my musical taste is my taste- IT AINT FOR EVERYBODY!

This song is sure to make you want to dance though.


Sep 10, 2010

2Day In Music...

1. Ye is the greatest. Sigh. I love this man. In case you have been living under a rock, Kanye has decided to post a song every Friday until Christmas. Now how many artist do you know who are capable of such greatness? Yeah, probs zero. Anyway, click the link to hear his latest gem.

btw, that link takes you to my tumblr so that you can listen to the song. You should totally check my tumblr for daily music and dopeness updates at Planet Dopeness.

2. Big Sean. Gosh. Big Sean is my new Kanye. Yep, I said it. It's something about Big Sean ( and J. Cole) that has me coming back for more. Cheers for the reinvigoration of hip hop (Curren$y, Wale, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Diggy and Kid Cudi.). Anyway, listen and get carried away.


Sep 6, 2010

Article Dopeness: 20-Somethings....

The "Times" begs the questions "What is it about 20-somethings? Why are so many people in their 20's taking so long to grow up?"

Hmmmmm... I'm conflicted as I ponder this question and the article. On one hand, I'm immediately defensive. I do not feel like I am in anyway stalling my personal, financial and spiritual growth. In fact, I am laying out the plans for my life. I feel confident in my ability to grow and continue to grow. But on the other hand, I think about so many people that I know who are living the classic "20-something lifestyle". Letting life happen to them, partying too much and investing little to no energy in thinking about the ways in which they would like to progress. So, I get it but I'm still conflicted. Read the article and see what you think.

Sep 2, 2010

2Day In Music...

The following songs I'm about to post are CRAAAAZY! Listen to them or die. Yeah, that's how serious it is.

1. Diggy is a talented young dude and that much is evident in his latest track. I only helps that Lupe and Pharrell are also on the track! This ish is "Oh yeah!!"

2. Next up is "Monster" with Kanye, Jay and others.

 Click below to download "Monster".

3. T.I. is the truth, son!
"The only time you make it rain is when you throwing change in the fountain."


Aug 28, 2010

2Day In Music... Chi-town Time

Hey People! Today is Chi-town music day! (Well at least here on this blog.)

1. One of my good friends dropped his project this week and this ish is EPIC! Full post on this extravagance later but I'll leave with you with one track until then...

2. Because I'm hood at heart.. Here's a majorly hood Chi-town song that I secretly love..

"Chi dont dance no more. All we do is juke! All we do is juke!"

2. Here's another song by a Chicago artist that I dig. Check Chuck L.I.!


Article Dopeness: VSB on Relationships

I love VSB (Very Smart Brothas)!! Not only do they speak the truth, but thay deliver it in the funniest way possible. Below are two article from VSB about reationships that had me dying of laughter!


Aug 24, 2010

Song of the Moment: I Gotta Find Peace of Mind

Lauryn is coming back, my friends. And in honor of her glorious return back to music, catch her song "I Gotta Find Peace of Mind". I love this song and her unplugged album that it comes from because it sounds gritty, hoarse and true. Listen!

Aug 23, 2010

2Day In Music...

1. New C. Breezy! I have a feeling that this song could be HUGE! (nod to

2. I love this next video because I feel like it perfectly personifies my Christianity. Smooth, real, hip, DOPE.

3.And last up we have Bei Mejor with "She Was (A Broken Love Story)". Check it!


Article Dopeness: Queen Bey and the Femme Mafia

My friend knows my deepest love for Bey and intellectuality and she was kind enough to send this article my way. The author of this piece discusses the Beyonce that goes beyond sexuality and femininity and into the femme mafia. Enjoy!


Aug 21, 2010

Song of the Moment: Mountains and Moleills

I just got back from New York and am in the process of packing for a quick trip to see my girls tomorrow and I'm feeling great! This week was full of relaxation, affirmation, meeting some wonderful people and catching up with old friends! AHH!! Below is one of my favorite songs.... "Stop making mountains out of molehills, when it's not even real!"


Aug 12, 2010

Artist of the Moment: Solange

I was totally going to do a "Song of the Moment" and then I realized that that was completely inaccurate! I have been playing Solange in excess for the last week. Like over....and over...and over again... She's definitely stealing one of my top spots this last year. She is a true testament to the power of the complete package. I love Solange's style and coupled with her music I'm over here gagging with excitement. Here's what I've been playing on repeat.

Stillness Is the Move is a cover of a Dirty Projector's Song  but Solange indeed delivers.

Next up is, "Under Construction". Solange posted this for freezies on her website about a month ago. LOVE!

And then lastly is "Cosmic Journey" feat Bilal which has been a longtime fave.

And as an unrelated bonus/ for old time's sake, I've been playing Animal Collective- My Girls  just because.


Aug 7, 2010

Video Dopeness: Ye and Em

This week was beautiful because two of the hottest songs from the summer dropped their videos. Em and Ye. Check it.

Also, can I just say that I am BEYOND excited for Ye's album t drop! I am his biggest fan. Love you, Ye!!!


Aug 4, 2010

2Day In Music...

Hey Friends! Because I'm the bestest in the midwest-est (hahaha), I'm going to throw you all this new Wale mixtape for free-99. hahahaha! No, but really, Wale was generous enough to drop his mixtape today and it is delightful! Just, delightful! Thank you, Wale! You're awesome and all that jazz. Check it. (Nod to DJ Eternity for the download.)

Aug 3, 2010

Song of the Moment: Losing My Balance

Hey there! Here is another installment of "songs AuthenticQueen is playing on repeat"... I'm a repeat freak, I can't help myself! I'm spending this week getting super hyped for the J. Cole concert I'm hitting up on Friday and so I've been perusing his collection of greatness. Y'all already know how I feel about J. Cole. I'm in love with this guy! Super hyped to see him later this week! Check my recent J. Cole obsession.


Aug 2, 2010

Style Dopeness: Coco&Breezy

I present to you, my friends, two of the dopest twins on this side of heaven. Think dope, add some glitter and rage and there you have Coco&Breezy. Coco&Breezy hail from the chilly state of Minnesota and now reside in the fashion hub of New York City. I have been following these ladies for about 2 years and it is so interesting to see the ways in which their style has shifted. They use to be these women who rocked bright colors and neon hair and now their style is more Rihanna meets real life swag. I love it!

images found here
 They are also the creators of the sunglasses line, Coco&Breezy. These sunglasses are edgy, affordable and DOPE! Check a video from their latest line, 20/20.

Coco & Breezy "20/20" Collection from Corey Davis on Vimeo.

To purchase their dope sunglasses go to Coco&Breezy.


Article Dopeness: Essence Hires A White Fashion Editor

There has been a lot of stir lately over the hiring of Essence's new fashion editor. Why? Because she is a white woman.

One side is saying that Essence is one of the few remaining Black magazine's and that by hiring a white woman they are showing a dis-connect to their primary audience and are afraid that the new hire cannot deliver from the Black woman's perspective. Another perspective is saying that this new hire is well aware of the main audience of the magazine and is completely aligned with Essence's magazine's mission and will therefore deliver accordingly.

Hmmmm. Read a little more on this controversy and a quote from the Editor-In-Chief when you click below.

Just Get To Know: Wiz Khalifa

Hello Friends! Back again. So, here's the thing, I am marginally obxessed with Wiz Khalifa! I remember when my tumblr homiez put me on. I was not originally obxessed but Khalifa has this way of keeping you interested and coming back for more. That's what he did to me and I'm glad I kept coming back. Now I find myself playing his music ALL THE TIME. Get into some Wiz Khalifa, dear friends.

This is one of my favorite videos/songs by him. It has a classic but modern vibe to it and I am especially in love with the rap breakdown at the end. Love!

Here's a track off of his mixtape, "Kush and OJ". This is the kind of track that the masses would love. Peep it!

Here's a re-make of "Knock You Down". Also, love!

That's all for now, friends!


Jul 27, 2010

2Day In Music...

Ladies and gents, Ms. Lauryn Hill is slowly but surely making her way back into the music world and I could not be more happier. Here's a recent track she dropped. Download and listen.

I'm not saying it's the best Lauryn track that I've ever heard but Lord knows it's better than most of the stuff we're subjected to these days!

And also, she performed over the weekend. Check it!


Jul 24, 2010

2Day In Music... Lupe!

Hey friends! Soooo I am officially back in my city, Chicago and it has already been just wonderful! This means no more speaking from the suburbs. Yay! I'll actually probably post even more these days because I will be surrounded by greatness, music and otherwise. I went to a Cool Kids and Theophilous concert last night and it set my soul ablaze. I'm really going to have to try extremely hard to stay on track with my initial career goals now that I'm living here full time. Going to concerts always ignites this desire to do music all day, everyday. I always leave wanting to go straight to a studio, stay up all night and make a whole album. Sigh. Pray for me. It's going to be a looooong and WONDERFUL 2 years. But anyway to the point.

Lupe just dropped this frestyle about 15 minutes ago. Check it.

Jul 23, 2010

Just Get To Know: Little Dragon

What to say? What to say? What to say? Perfection.

Check this live version of their song "Twice" and feel the haunts of all the world's favorite soul singers.

Little Dragon.

And also..

:::::staring at my screen in awe:::::

Jul 22, 2010

Article Dopeness: A Break in HIV Prevention

I had to post this article that I found on Please read how medical research has advanced as it relates to HIV prevention. This is epic!!


Jul 21, 2010

Song of the Moment: Hometown

This is when social network sites become awesome. Yesterday, in the car I heard this song that sampled Adele's "Hometown" and I searched and searched....and searched and couldn't find it! But then I had the bright idea to put that I was in search of it in my facebook status and somebody delivered. Yes! This is by far the best rap sample of this song. Check it!

And you know I'm playing this on repeat!


Just To Get To Know: Chantae Cann

The first time I heard Chantae Cann was completely by accident. I was perusing youtube getting my fix of India Arie, live, when I came across a video of her backup singers doing their thing. Chantae Cann sang and I stopped everything and just sat their, mouth open and let her voice fill me with warmth and love. You hear Chantae Cann and you hear God. No lie.

This is the first video I ever heard of Chantae singing...woooow...

I"m still listening to this regularly, like it's a mastered

Here is a video mashup of her doing a couple different songs.

And Lord, Please hear India's other backup singer, Ametria Dock! This gurl is bonkers too! Just wooooow!

Also, Happy Birthday Chantae!

Song of the Moment: Mouthful of Diamonds

I guess what really draws me to this particular song is the vibe, the feeling. I love the way her voice cascades over the music. This is pondering music. You just let it play and you melt...

Live! ahhh.....

Jul 19, 2010

Article Dopeness: Avoiding Spending

Let's be honest here dear friends, I am a shopaholic. There, I said it. Okay, well maybe "shopaholic" is a little too strong of a word but boy do I tend to have some interesting spending habits. I LOVE new things. I believe (for some strange reason) that I deserve new things. Yes, I said deserve. For sake of argument (and to deflect personal blame) I'll just blame my parents. Or more specifically, my father. It's totally his fault. He spoiled/spoils me. Okay, happy to get that off of my chest. haha. No, but really, avoiding the temptation of spending is haaaaaard. I know. But so necessary. Today, I came across a great article that tries to help those of us struggling with this issue slowly get on the road to recovery. :) Read the article friends! Save yourself!

Song of the Moment

You ever just want to chill and let soft music cascade over your senses? Sure you do. Good. Here's a song to do that for you. Now relax and do something chiiiiiiiiiill for 9 minutes and twenty-seven seconds.

Ahhhhhh... Laterz.

Jul 16, 2010

2day In Music...

The love of my life, J. Cole, dropped a track today. I just love J. Cole. It's something about his flow that says honest and truth that gets me every time.Click the link- take a listen and download!


The PFC & Summa Summatime

I'm still keeping it fashionable ladies and gents! And it's the summatime in the Chi so I gotta keep it 100% fresh to death and fly all night!

And in the words of my sis: fly is forever!


Jul 15, 2010

Song of the Moment: Late

I love Kanye. That should come as no surprise. What popped in my head today? His bonus track off of Late Registration... "Late".

Check it below.

Jul 8, 2010

Just Get To Know: Dondria

I "met" Dondria about 2 or 3 years ago... she was on youtube sangin' her behind off! This girl was and still is the truth! She has a familiar story- she started uploading videos of her singing on youtube and was subsequently signed by So So Def and Jermaine Dupri. Her debut album is dropping in August and I am extremely excited for her. Check Dondria's album sampler and her and others talking about her album below. Love you gurl!

Dondria vs Phatfffat preview from Jermaine Dupri on Vimeo.


2 Day In Music..

I know, I know..... I will not even apologize for my absence because there really is not a legitimate excuse.. Except, 1.)I just got a new, wonderful job. 2.) I've been traveling a lot lately (Going to Vegas today as well!) and 3.) I've been a lazy bones.
Lo Siento. You can thank my lil sis for getting back in the game!

1. So, remember how I'm not the biggest fan of Rihanna's voice? Well, I dig her on the new Eminem song! It's hott!

That's all folks! Thanks for stopping by!
2. J. Cole. The love of my life! I am SUCH a fan of him AND this video. :::swoon:::

btw, J.Cole > Drake.

3. Talib Kweli brings us "The Ballad of the Black Gold" which is a commentary on the corrupt nature of the acquisition of oil. Love this!

4. And up last we have Janelle Monae with her "Tightrope Remix" ft. B.O.B. and Lupe Fiasco. I am crazy about Janelle if you have not noticed!!! This girl is the truth!

Jun 25, 2010

Song of the Moment: Opposite Of Adults

Hey Friends! I've been listening to Chiddy Bang's "Opposite Of Adults" on repeat for a couple hours now. (No lie.) I dig his flow and I especially dig the sample of MGMT's "Kids". 
(Side note: His flow kinda reminds me of Wale.)


Jun 24, 2010

Today, We Remeber MJ

I started watching "Michael Jackson's This Is It" this weekend and it literally took me four days to watch the entire film because I kept getting overcome with emotion and having to stop the movie. Needless to say, I miss Michael. It was if I had forgotten about his raw,unrestricted talent and this film made me realize suddenly what we had all lost. We lost a genius. Very few are blessed with the musical talent that Michael possessed and there is nobody that could ever replace the great MJ. Today marks the one year anniversary of his death, take a moment to remember MJ and all he contributed to music and the world as a whole.

Covered: Smile (Janelle Monae)

Ya'll know I'm a huuuge Janelle Monae fan and after seeing her in concert a couple weeks ago I've been searching for her cover of "Smile" and finally, I found it! OMG! She just murdered this one! Sing Janelle!


Jun 23, 2010

Photography Dopenes: Kwesi Abbensetts Part 2

You all know I love me some Kwesi! Here is another installment of his lovely photographs. I heart this man...AND his artwork.

AHHHHH. I love this man. All photographs belong to Kwesi. Find more here.

Jun 21, 2010

2 Day In Music.....

OMG! I have been soooooo lazy as of late! It's the summa time though so forgive me. I have some interesting music to deliver today though!

1. Ya'll! Guess what? The sun just shone so bright! Wanna know why? LAURYN HILL IS BACK!!! Here's a couple videos of her performing this weekend!

2. Remember when hood Ron Artest thanked his psychiatrist and the hood and then plugged his latest single? Well, here is his latest single. It's actually decent.

3. Also, my friend sent me this song that they are apparently bumping in New Orleans and I cannot even lie, this sung is stuck in my head!!! I was expecting it to be really horrible and while the video is low budget, the girl is cute and can actually sing! Get into this "My Boy" by Kourtney Heart. (Also, try to ignore Magnolia's face and remedial rapping. I know...)