Sep 28, 2011

Just Get To Know: Iggy Azalea

Australian bred new comer, Iggy Azalea, is music's real answer to the next Gwen Stefani/Lil Kim mash-up.  She's offensive, witty, unsettling and an obvious star. Just like the masses like it.

I must warn you that the song you are about to experience is titled "P*ssy". In all fairness, I went back and forth about posting a song titled as such but I believe this video is the one that clearly embodies the kind of artist that Iggy is attempting to be.

Also, check her mixtape here.


Sooooo, what are we thinking?

Sep 25, 2011

Article: How Jay-Z Inspired a Generation of Hustlers

Jay-Z is hands down one of the most influential rappers of our time and even as he goes forth in age and stage he is still apart of culture as a whole. This article takes a closer look at Jay-Z, the cultural revolutionary.

Sep 23, 2011

TiRon and Ayomari: A Dream Preferred

TiRon and Ayomari are an up and coming rapper duo from L.A. with the ability to snag Hip Hop's favorite writer, dream hampton for a track and the rap skills to support the rest of it. Having released several mixtapes previous to their latest, Sucker for Pumps, they are indeed a rap duo with the ability to transcend hip hop and grab a hold of music's center stage. Their music feels like true love, gourmet hot chocolate and positive energy. Check one of my favorite songs off of the album and the dream hampton featured track below.

Sep 21, 2011

Cover: Houstatlantavegas

I've posted the "Houstatlantavegas" Sonnymoon cover before but it remains to date one of my favorite covers (with Jojo "Can't Do Better" in a close second.) This Drake original was always a fantastic musical moment but it's something about Sonnymoon's interpretation that strips it down to its bare brilliance to uncover a truth that lives inside all of us- we sometimes find ourselves stuck in the stagnant cradles of our dreams. We sale our soul to pay the bills. We allow fear to banish us from the world of pure productivity and excellence. We accept the regular, satisfactory and rational. We're STUCK. (It doesn't have to be in Houston, Atlanta OR Vegas.) It can be right in your head. Which means at the end of the day, you are the keeper of the golden key.

And now you know how this song really makes me feel. :)


Sep 15, 2011

New Video: Can't Get Enough (J.Cole)

J. Cole's album drops September 27th so he and his team are doing some heavy promo for the month of September. Check his latest video shot in Barbados for "Can't Get Enough" featuring Trey Songz and a cameo by resident Barbadian, Rihanna.

Sep 14, 2011

New Music: Mr. New Watch (J.Cole)

Mr. Nice Watch (ft. Jay-Z) - Dirty by J. Cole

 Jay Z has said several times that he does not believe in signing an artist and immediately dropping their album, he prefers to mold them into a sustainable and impressive artist. We can't argue with that! Here is J. Cole's latest song featuring Ric Nation's boss, Jay Z. Sounds like a hit, ladies and gents!

Sep 13, 2011

Just Get To Know: Tiara Thomas

Early this summer I gave you all the cool vibe of Wale's and Tiara Thomas's "The Cloud" and here we are with a more in depth look at Tiara the artist and full time student. Check Tiara talking about her passion for music, her chance meeting of Wale and what she imagines the future will bring. True artistry at its best.


Sep 8, 2011

Art: Savant Draws Skyline from Memory

I woke up early this morning to this incredible post on an autistic savant with the artistic ability to create city skylines to scale from.... memory. I felt honored to even read about such a thing. This really shows us how naturally gifted everybody is despite our situation. Click the link below to read more.

Video of the Day: Hey Mama (Ye)

I was listening to Kanye's "Late Registration" today and it had me reminiscing back to his live performance of "Hey Mama". Even more touching now that his mother is gone. Check that below.

Sep 7, 2011

New Video: Marvin & Chardonnay

Check Big Sean's latest video featuring Kanye West and Roscoe Dash for "Marvin and Chardonnay".

Sep 5, 2011

Article: Hip Hop Finds An Artist

Jean-Michel Basquiat has always been the Warhol of the black creative class and in recent years Hip Hop has adopted this creative figure as their own. On several occasions, rap royalty himself, Jay Z has referenced Basquiat as influential in the way he experience's creativity and art. The New York Times delves further into this phenomenon in the article linked below.

Sep 2, 2011

In Case You Missed It: Otis (Live)

I've been watching and re-watching this performance the entire week. It's something about this that just makes you want to aspire to be the greatest you can possibly be. Check ye and Jay in their live VMA performance of "Otis".

Sep 1, 2011

New Music: Pharrell and The Dream

This BANGS. Check "This Sh*t Real N*gga".

"You ever seen a nigga buy a Porsche on the internet? You ever seen a nigga buy a house on the toilet?"