May 26, 2010

2Day In Music...

Okay. Shoot! So here I was all ready to get my "zzzz's" on when I decided to take a quick walk (an internet "walk") over to Pigeins & Planes and now I'm sitting here writing this post when I REALLY should be sleeping. I love Pigeons and Planes though. It's one of my all time fave music blogs! But anyway, I present to you some of the gems that I discovered on their blog and some other new music.

1. You all know I heart Miguel, right? Well he did a track with Usher and I have to say.... it's kinda "different" but I like it! I really do!

2. Next up is Rih Rih's video. I can dig it! The only thing is....I could only watch it once because I thought a couple demons were going jump through my screen and attack my bed. I mean, it's cute but it definitely has some dark undertones. :::shrugs:::

3. Then we have Rih Rih's ex-lover, C-Breezy with the video for the single off of his mixtape, "No Bullsh*t". Ummmmm, okay Breezy.... He was wildin' y'all! I try to keep this blog PG13 so yeah.... just be prepared for this video.

spotted @ Necole Bitchie

4. Then we have some new material from T.I.P.'s new album. I'm excited for his next album, King Uncaged! He let Keri get on this one. It's cute!

May 25, 2010

Covered: Unthinkable

Hello! Hello! Keke Palmer and Teyana Taylor both covered Alicia Key's track "Unthinkable". They both have a very different tone to their voices but I think they both do the song justice. I had no idea KeKe Palmer could actually sing though! That's a good look!

1. Keke

2. Teyana Taylor

Spotted at YBF


May 24, 2010

Article Dopeness: Why I Got Married

I regularly stop by the blog Naked With Socks On and take in the discussion of the day. Ans, the man behind the magic of the blog, is a wise and logical individual which are two things I value in a person. He's lived his life and is now in his 30's and therefore has a wealth of experience and lessons to share with his readers. Despite his life experience he has not yet married and therefore he has solicited the help of some married couples in his new series, "Why I Got Married". The first article in this series is great! I personally enjoyed reading it and would advise anybody who is interested in hearing the words of a real-life couple on marriage, to stop by. The first person narrative is real and honest and inspiring, in my opinion. An excerpt:

There’s no formula for us. I always say that we didn’t have a blueprint for what we do. And maybe that’s why it’s worked for us.

We knew what we didn’t want.

We didn’t want to end up like our parents. Angry. Bitter. And all gnarled up on the inside because of the hurt.

Neither of us brings our parents into the relationship. My mother was my confidant about many things, but that shifted once I got married. I noticed the “advice” that she would offer wasn’t always the best thing for me.

She suffered through an ugly divorce and had a “get yours” attitude that wasn’t good for a newlywed 20-something. Honestly, I don’t think she thought we would last this long. We’ve been married for 13 years, together for 17.

My dad, thrice married, is the one who shares stories from a man’s perspective, which I appreciate because I was hard headed in the early days, on some real feminist shit. And I didn’t have to be that way because my husband didn’t ever hold me back. Before we celebrated our first anniversary, I went to a writing program in Boston for the ENTIRE SUMMER.

People talked. His friends balked. His grandmother pitched a fit.

How could you let your wife go away for an entire summer?

We never let that talk into our heads. I can’t let an unhappy person, single or married, tell me how to do me.

Go on over and read it in its entirety. I'm excited for the rest of the series.

2Day In Music...

1. So, confession.... I'm kinda a fan of Chris Brown's and Tyga's recently released mixtape. (Download that here.) I will most likely never buy a C. Breezy album but ya know, I'll listen for free. The man has talent! It's just unfortunate that he could not keep his hands to himself. ::side eye:: Anyway, his latest video from the mixtape below. I can dig it!

2. Then we have The Roots who recently released a track titled, "Dear God". I like! I like! It's something about The Roots that gives me just a tad bit of hope for the music industry. Check that.


May 23, 2010

The Things Parents Do....

So, I have not shared any of the crazy things my parents say or do in quite some time so here ya go...

Talking to parents via cell:

Father- "Geez! It was really hot out their today!'"
Me- "I know! I stepped outside today and immediately turned around and went back in the house to change."
Father- "You all have good air?"
Me- "Oh yeah! I have it blasting right now!"
Father- "Good! You know....."
:::Interrupted by mother:::
Mom- "Air is important! You need to make sure you put that in your marriage vows!!"
Me- :::laughing hysterically::
Father- "Yep! Your mother made me promise her that!"

HAHAHAHA!! Boy I promise! That parental unit is a mess!

Fashion Dopeness: Melody Eh$ani

Hello Friends!

I have been drooling over Melody Eh$ani's designs, which are mostly accessories, for quite sometime. What strikes me about her newest collection is its sleek lines and inherent chicness. Melody Eh$ani is a genius at what she does and to be blessed with the workings of her creative mind is to be given a gift. The more I start to seek art, the more I start to understand its importance to our livelihood. We need art whether it be music, fashion, words or visuals to better comprehend the complexity of the world around us. Okay my friends, I give you Ms. Eh$ani's latest work. (Please, also peep the dope styling and photography!)

Love. Please check Melody's Blog for additional items from this collection and more! She also shares some wise words every once in a while. Check her website to purchase items from her current collection!


May 20, 2010

2Day In Music...

Sorry! I have been busy BUSY this week! But I'm back in full force now.

1. First up is Janelle Monae performing on the Letterman Show. Love this chick! And her performance was amaaazing!

2. Then we have a new talent, Alexis Jordan. I had actually watched a couple of her videos on YouTube and I must say I was not extremely impressed. I had no idea she was signed though! Check her super cute video below. I think she could probably be really successful because there are not very many young female artists out right now.

3. Then we have an alternative version of Beyonce's video for Halo. Ummmm.... I was just kinda confused after watching it.

4. I just love me some Lupe. sigh. I LOVE this man. Check his performance below.

Sessions with Lupe Fiasco x Okayplayer TV from Evesborough Films on Vimeo.

5. Also, AK released the remix of "Unthinkable" yesterday featuring Drake. Take a listen.


Video of the Moment: Destiny's Child

Okay, so I'm in love with Destiny's Child probably about as much as I am in love with Beyonce. The video below is one of my all time favorite Destiny Child's video. Check it.


May 18, 2010

News Dopeness!

Hey friends! Here are two short videos that I watched last week. The first one is an updated study of the "Doll Test" performed by Kenneth and Mamie Clark in the 1940's. The second video is a look into the racism in the modeling and fashion industry. Both related in many ways. Check them below!

1. Child Biases

2.The Colour of Beauty

May 17, 2010

Covered: One In A Million

The Dream apparently got bored late one night and decided to sing Christina Milian (baby mama/wife) a track about his intense love for her. I mean, I'll give him an "A" for effort but I definitely liked the original better. (R.I.P. Aahliyah.)

2 Day In Music....

1. First Up is B.O.B. aka Bobby Ray with the track titled, "The Kids" featuring Janelle Monae. You already know about my intense love for Janelle Monae so I'll spare you. (Pigeons and Planes also has "Airplanes" by Bobby Ray as a download too.Click the link below.)

2. Then we have Tegan and Sara with their acoustic version of their song, "Feel It In My Bones". When I first heard Tegan and Sara I was like "meh" but now they've grown on me and this is my favorite acoustic song by them.

3. Next up we have Kendrick Lamar with "Cut You Off". This is a new artist I just peeped today but I have to say, I'm on the fence about him.  His flow kinda scares me.Check the download below and tell me what you think.
4. Then we have Drake with his newest track titled "Miss Me". Please excuse the random radio guy that keeps bursting in every minute or so..he's just trying to make sure all the hood homies dont rip their exclusive and sell it on the street for $2. On the fence about this one too. It might be hott as a full song though AND is he really serious about marrying Nikki Minaj?? (listen to the song.)At this point in Drake's career I just want to meet him so I can ask him about 5 questions. He confuses me.

That's all folks!

Article Dopeness: Mind Your Own Follicle!

Cluth releases their new edition of their "magazine" every Monday so that means that every Monday I scurry on over to Clutch and see what they're serving up. Today, the article that caught my eye was one titled, "Mind Your Own Follicle". The article talks about the "black hair debate" and how everybody tends to worry about other people's hair decisions when they need to just mind their own. Hey, I'm guilty of it myself but I still thought this article was on target with the ways in which we need to stop worrying about other people and do what works for ourselves. Not only does this concept apply to hair but it is a great concept to think about when interacting with others. I will forever and always Heart My Hair  but this article definitely shines a much needed light on the ways in which (black) people can heart their hair in multiple states. Click the link below.

Song of the Moment: Let's Call The Whole Thing Off

The last thing I said last night was "Let's call the whole thing off." so it's only appropriate that I felt the need to listen to this song when I woke up this morning. Ella's voice is classic and makes me long for a time when people got signed because they actually had vocal talent. Check it.


Then you have the Drizzy version.


May 16, 2010

2Day In Music...

1. Usher performed on Oprah the other day and I couldn't help but think while I was watching this, "Yes!! He's back!" It was a great performance! Made me like this song!

2. Then today I heard another track from Kelly's album and I have to say this lady is coming hard with the dance tracks. I cannot even hate. I'm just glad she found her niche..

3. Next up is Ester Dean with her latest track titled, "Love Suicide". Her choice of C. Breezy as a feature is....questionable to say the least. I mean, I would just be careful about using something violent and love in the same title of a song Mr. Breezy is on....But ya know, I still think Breezy is talented it just breaks my heart that his career could be...OVER. (No Drake)

4. Also, just in case you all never caught Jay on SNL, the video of his performances below. Yo, Jigga's band is BANANAS! Check them on "99 Problems". Wow.

In case you're wondering who that is singing with Jay, it's Bridget Kelly who just signed with RocNation.


Blog Plug: Style Like U

Living in the suburbs for the time being means I have to find fashion inspiration anywhere that I can. I've noticed more and more this past year how much I glean from other people's personal fashion. It's quite hard to be inspired by the people I come into contact with everyday because everybody pretty much wears the same thing- cardigans,khaki's and scarves (co-workers and mom's) and jeans, leggings, weaves and flats (students). It's rough out here in these streets! With that being sad, internet fashion has become my bff. The wonderful thing about the world wide web is you can come into contact with the style of millions of people without leaving the comforts of your home. Craziness. One of my favorite sites this last year for fashion inspiration has been "Style Like U". What I most enjoy about visiting this site is that they have a wide range of style from many different people from all walks of life. It is indeed inspiring. Check one of my faves below.

It's something about these two sisters style that is very refreshing. Check a video of them below.

Celia Smith and Tasha Beltran from from Stylelikeu on Vimeo.

 Now go visit the website and get inspired!


May 15, 2010

Covered: Don't Speak

Chrisette Michele is one of the most underrated artists of our time. In the clip below she covers one of No Doubts biggest hits, "Dont Speak". Chrisette+ Great Song= Awesomeness.


May 14, 2010

2Day In Music...

1. So, I was reminded of Emily King today and I know my roommate is side eyeing the wall we share right now because I've been just playing this one minute clip of the song over and over again. It's a bad habit. Lo siento.

I give you my friends, Emily King.

2. Then we have my fave new up and comer, Diggy coming to us with the first single off his second mixtape. My unborns need to be this cool.

Diggy- What They Been Waiting For from philthegod. on Vimeo.

3. Then we have the "Beamer, Benz or Bentley" Remix which I'm actually more of a fan of the original but ya know.....

Article Dopeness: Blipster's

I found myself thinking the other day, "So what do you call a black hipster? A blipster?" Well, apparently you do call a black hipster a "blipster". Today, in pursuit of some answers to my question I came across this article on The Root that really explores this phenomenon quite well. The Root says:

Simply put: The racial archetypes that had defined the last 15 years of masculine street style have given way to a radically new aesthetic. Gone are the extra-long T-shirts, saggy jeans and Timbs long favored by young black men. They haven’t swapped them for the mopey, emo tees once favored by young whites. Rather, urban youth of all colors now rock snug pants, bright, oversized graphic tees, spotless vanity sneakers and hats with brims flatter than Kansas.And a skateboard, too, if you can hack it. More than anything, these black hipsters are the “Kick, Push” generation.
 I really enjoyed reading this. Click the link below and make sure you play some Wale, Lupe and Ninjasonik while you read it!

pic found here


May 13, 2010

Song of the Moment: Lovers & Friends

I remember when I first heard this song... I was in the car and WGCI (Chi-town radio station) literally played this song three times in a row when it first dropped because they knew it was that craaazy. But anyway, I opened my eyes this morning and just started singing this. Random. It's probably because yesterday night I "celebrated" one of my friend's b-day's and gave him some excessive advice about "lovers and friends". Listening to Usher the whole day and reminiscing on a time when he use to make the most amazing music EVER! (Confessions, anyone?) Apologies in advance if I write posts in way too many CAPS today. I'm just feeling really dramatic for some reason. haha. (refer to post below for excessive CAPS LOCK.)

"Please tell yo lovers and friends that Usher, John and Luda had to do it again."


P.S. You ever wake up and just dont give a eff? Well, let's just say I'm def gon be late 2day. sigh.

2Day In Music...

Remember when I posted that link of Charles Hamilton freestylin'? OH. MY. GAWD. This homie SLAUGHTERED this freestyle on this show the other day! Like, wooooow. I'm freaking out because he is just that amazing in these clips. WAKE UP HOMIES! Charles Hamilton is BEASTY. (apologies for all the dang caps. I'm just mad geeked, son!)


Diddy also dropped his video for "Hello Good Morning" .


May 12, 2010

Blog Plug: Kwesi Abbensetts

A couple weeks ago I blessed this blog with a couple of Kwesi Abbensett's  (aka Spaceship George) photo's with a promise that I would do a blog plug about him soon. So as promised, here is a thorough post displaying more of the magnificent works of Kwesi.

I can count on one hand the artists and work that actually speaks to me, Kwesi is one of them. I think what really draws me to his work is the vibrancy of color and variety of focus. Kwesi effectively captures the mood of the subject and the depth of the shot. I am in love. sigh.

And below, a video of him doing a photo shoot. I want to marry him. Check his fresh.

M Report Episode 5 from Soul Purpose Media on Vimeo.

All photo's belong to Kwesi catch more of Kwesi on his blog.

2 Day In Music....

1. AK (who is reportedly preggers) dropped her video for Unthinkable, a track written by Drake. Love this song and the video is also niiiice.

2. Robin Thicke released his new video with Snoop, "It's In The Mornin'". Check that.

3. Also in other AK news, here's her song for Sex & The City 2.


The Gossip Rundown

1. Alicia Keys is reportedly preggers. And if you're even remotely interested in the back story of why this pregnancy gets a huge side eye check a post I did here and here. We shall see. Here is an extremely suspicious photo below. The photo was taken at a recent concert. (nod to YBF for the photo.) For more info on this, check out YBF.

2. They freed Gucci! Awwwww. He emerged looking quite slim and very hyped! I would be hyped too if I knew that I would not have to protect my booty crack every moment of every day. That whole prison thing has to be rough. I'm playing Lemonade all day in honor of his release. (haha!)

He even speaks a lil better too. (I said... a lil better.)

3.Also, just heard news that model Noemi Lenoir attempted suicide yesterday. Saaaad. But I must say, this story sounds maaaad suspicious. Check more on that here.

4. On Chili's new reality show she talks about her relationships with Usher and Dallas Austin AND her ab*rtion. She apparently cried everyday for 9 years after the ab*rtion. This is really deep.

5. Various media outlets are reporting that Ms. Gabourey Sidibe (chick who starred in Precious) is becoming a little diva. Honestly, I only half believe it. From personal experience, I know that the expectation of a big, black girl is that you will have A-T-T-I-T-U-D-E. In most cases it's just deep racism or prejudice that people have not addressed as of yet. Just sayin'.. So this story definitely gets a huge side eye... But anyway, more on that here.

Keep it classy, people!

Covered: Paparrazi

Last night I listened to this a couple times, said a quick prayer asking God to please make my unborns this awesome then woke up and started my morning with this gem. This boy is just beyond AMAZING! GaGa is cool but she has nothing on this kid. True story. Check this youngin' smashin' GaGa's song.

Nod to Garrett and my sis for this one.

May 11, 2010

Song of the Moment: July (Drake)

I've been playing this on repeat and silently hoping that Drake has material that is this good on his new album. I know my roommate hates me right now and she'll probably know all the words to this song come tomorrow. Lo siento!

And if you're wondering, that's Jhene Aiko singing on the hook and this girl can sang! Here's one of my favorite songs by her. (She kinda sounds like Jayms Madison to me.)


Fashion Dopeness: NakiMuli

So, can I please just explain how selfish I am? I actually entertained not posting any of NaKIMuli's new designs out of fear that it would strike somebody's fancy and they would go out and purchase all the items below that will soon occupy my closet. I know. Rude. But have no fear, I decided to share the wealth!

I've posted about my fashion icon, Tennile before and she is still serving up the fabulousness. She introduced her new spring line just last week titled, "Lock You Up In Love For Days" and featured absolutely wonderful prints and designs. Some of my favorites and what I will be purchasing below.

Oh. My. Gawd. It's classic. It's fun. It's me!

The front... wait for it...

The back! AHHHHH! Hott.

Two tone tights! Hott!

And last but certainly not least, my all time favorite new design....

My life is complete. I can die in peace.

Oh dear geez! I am purchasing every single last one of these so yeah... Dont let me catch you in the streets jacking my fresh! lol. But really, do support Tennille at NaKIMULI at all costs because Lawd knows I cannot guarantee that her precious designs will not cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars very soon. She is definitely creating A LOT of buzz. Join the ride!


2 Day In Music.... New Drizzy

Hey friends! Drizzy dropped the video for his new single "Find Your Love". It has a story line and everything! haha. Sure beats watching a music video with "rappers" standing around a rented mansion with strippers turned video h*es clapping cheeks. Just sayin'. Check Drizzy Drake's new video below.

Also, go listen to The Rikers Island Redemption featuring, you guessed it, Lil Wayne. Check that here.


May 10, 2010

Article Dopeness: VSB Talks Pretension

My sister sent me this article from Very Smart Brothas and I had to chuckle to myself because Lawd knows I am beyond guilty of that pretension disease. I think 1.) It's just a component of my personality that I have to constantly keep in check and 2.) I blame it on that "highly selective private liberal arts college" I attended and graduated from (graduating from school is just as important as going as I had to remind a suitor the other day.) I realized that I suffered from this condition when; 1.) I refused to entertain a dude who had not graduated from college and was a store manager...somewhere. (Who even knows? I stopped listening.) 2.)  I was scared that if I didn't find a job next year I would have to eat...gasp.. "regular food". Yep, I was scared I could not eat my organic food and buy my natural/organic products and this prompted a ferocious search for a j-o-b. 3.)  I decided that living downtown was all I was willing to settle for. Saturday, waking up to the Chi town skyline, sealed the deal. 4.) I started longing for a sensible pair of Louboutin pumps. And I have somehow convinced myself that that is a sensible purchase.5.) I kept telling people to quit "trying to jinx me" when they wished me a Happy Mother's Day. "I do not have any smalls. Thank you and goodbye." I was getting peeved too and thinking to myself "I'm better than that." Haughty h*e. But anyway....

I aint the only one suffering from that vicious disease. Thankfully; 1.) I buy my organic food from Wal Mart (w/ regular people.) 2.) Make veeeeery little cheddar. 3.) Still faithfully purchase from my fave store on this side of heaven, Target. 4.) And got sense enough to know that I cannot afford any dang Louboutin's. (as sad as it makes me). So there. Pretension (sorta) in check.

Read the article though. It had me cracking up.

2Day In Music...

 Hey friends! Here we are.

1. B. Scott posted the song below the other day. I kinda dig it

2. Next up we have Miley Cyrus coming on out of her shell. We knew she was bound to start getting involved in h*e sh*t. Her voice and good song writing can only go so far. Check her channeling Britney below. Lawd, help the kids!

3. Next up is a demo DarkChild and GaGa produced. I can imagine them pushing this on Christina or Britney. Everybody is trickin' for tracks these days so anything is possible! A bish will pay an arm and leg for relevancy.

4. Then we have Ms. Kelly Rowland trying her best to not get knocked down by Bey's vicious lacefront. I must say, Kelly is dominating with her dance tracks. I can imagine this next song blasting in a Euro club. I promise I use to hate these dance tracks until I had my share of club nights in Europe and was sold. This song is a banger!


P.S. Listen to this Mariah and reminisce. (Full Mariah post tomorrow. I feel it in my bones.)

R.I.P Lena Horne

Lena Horne, successful singer and actress, died yesterday at the age of 92.

 We shall miss you, Lena.


Song of the Moment: Try

So, the song I'm about to post is not by an actual signed artist but a youtube star! Ya know, a "youtube star" is a person on youtube who gets an excessive amount of subscribers and viewers and sometimes gets signed. I love this chick though. This is an original song she's singing and I've been playing this song for the last couple of weeks over and over and over... Anyway, check it!


May 7, 2010

2 Day In Music....

1. Bruno Mars and Travis McCoy dropped the video for their new single "Billionaire". Honestly, I'm in looove with this song.

2. Ciara is showing no sign of stopping anytime soon. Here's to knowing that her next album will be AMAZING!

3. And then we have the Queen (of Soul), Mary J with the very sexy Trey Songz on her single, "Hood Love". The song is okay but that dang Trey is just... yes. Ooowee!


P.S. I'm listening to this and getting amped for the weekend.

The Modern Day Matchmaker

Clutch featured Paul Carrick Brunson's, "The Modern Day Matchmaker", video yesterday and I must say it was quite an interesting watch. I've watched every single episode of Paul's online show and I think he does a wonderful job investigating and discussing the many details and issues involved in successfully finding a romantic "match". It also seems to help that he's nice to look at. The latest topic is "Don't Bring Home A White Boy", the title of a recently published book by Karyn Langhorne Falon. Check his latest episode of "The Modern Day Matchmaker" below and tell me what you think.

Song of the Moment: You Gotta Be

This song is my anthem. No lie.

Have a good day!

The PFC Continues...

The Personal Fashun Challenge, y'all!

Lawd how mercy! I was giving so much fever in this picture. Mess.
Btw, I had to go on a shopping strike because I actually have nowhere to put anymore clothes. Sad.


May 6, 2010

Song of the Moment: Maps

Karen O is a legend, well at least in the world of all things hipster, indie and alternative. But it is something about her tone, emotion and overall musical prowess that draws me to her. This lady makes great music and her abilities have not lessened as an entity of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's. Check the entire "Where The Wild Things Are" soundtrack to really understand her awesomeness. I've been playing this song the entire morning. It's haunting and attacks the senses in a gentle but obvious way. Check it.

"Wait, they don't love you like I love you."


May 5, 2010

Article Dopeness: Rappers Talk Marriage

Today, Ozone Magazine twittered one of their latest articles, "Happily Ever After: Life As A Married Rapper" and I had to read it! I was extremely curious to see what some of our fave rappers had to say about their marriages and how it is being married in the music industry. They all kept it real and I enjoyed reading this article. Maybe there's hope for a music industry marriage after all.

Do any of you have advice for other rappers thinking about getting married, or even rappers who are married and might not be enjoying it?
E-40: If you find a good one, you probably want to stick with her. It’s not about glamour. You want somebody who’s gonna be there for you. Everybody’s got a main squeeze. If you find a good woman and she’s in your heart, stick with her. Don’t get caught up in all this industry shit, man. Find a down to earth female. Different strokes for different folks, but my advice is if you find a good one keep her.
Bun B: I get calls from younger rappers making the transition. I’ve talked to Wale, Dizzie Rascal and I talk to ESG and Paul Wall on the regular. All I have to tell you is don’t do it unless you are sure. Don’t get married out of convenience, that’s the last thing you want to do. There’s nothing worse than being an unsure married person.
Paul Wall: Keeping your faith in God is a big part of it. I would encourage people not to do it if you’re not ready. Some people do it too soon, and some wait too long. If you think it’s meant to be, do it. But the biggest part of it is being faithful. If you are unfaithful, it makes it hard and it makes [your spouse] very insecure. //
Preach! Hmmmm..... Click the link below and check the rest of the article.

Paul Wall and wife, Crystal


Video Dopeness: Sade, The Dream and Wale

Lots of videos dropped this week, my friends!
First up, we have Wale with his "Diary" video. I LOOVE Marsha Ambrosius so you know I heart this song. Plus, I really dig his choice of video girls in this one. You'll see what I mean. Check it!

Then we have The Dream with the Remix of his song "Love King". I would not normally post this kind of video but I heart Luda so yeah...

And last but certainly not least, the legend, Sade. This is one of my favorite songs off of her latest album.


Fashion Dopeness: Met Gala

The Costume Institute Gala at the Met happened a couple days ago and people were looking fab! Check some of my faves below.


pics source

Song of the Moment: How It Feels To Fly (AK)

Listening to this on repeat. Alicia Key's latest album is probably my least favorite album that she has released but it still has some hits on it. Check on of my faves below!


May 4, 2010

Article Dopeness: Hip Hop's Shug Avery

A friend sent me this article and I must say, it is quite compelling. Just one of the many reasons Ms. Minaj will not let herself be great! An excerpt:

Watching Minaj’s cameo in Usher’s “Lil Freak” video, it’s hard not to have a Joe Wilson outburst. Besides the tragic display of a mid life crisis, the four minute clip is the latest example of hip hop’s complicated relationship with bisexuality.Rocking split colored bangs and screaming the names of Santa’s reindeers into a stranger’s ear, Nicki scouts the bevy of video girls to bring back to Usher. The threesome fantasy is not new to hip-hop, but with her newfound fame, Nicki Minaj has given the bisexual woman a space on the track. Even with the additional voice, the portrayal of the lady is, well, a tramp.
Necessary components of the rapper’s lifestyle, the bisexual women have been simplified between lines and over beats. She is a gorgeous woman who could have any man she wants and also happens to go both ways. She is promiscuous and insatiable. Unabashedly bold, she radiates sexual energy from the moment she walks through the room. She is a less complicated version of Alice Walker’s jazz singer from The Color Purple, Shug Avery.
 Clink the link and read the rest!


2 Day In Music....Queen Bey

Bey released the final cut of her new song "Why Don't You Love Me". Check it Below.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Beyoncé from Beyoncé on Vimeo.

May 3, 2010

The Gossip Rundown

I have not entertained anything gossip related in quite some time but today is your lucky day!

1. Halle Berry and her (swexy) boo, Gabriel are no more.  Yeah, I know! Everybody take a collective deep sigh. Halle, you are not giving the rest of us normal folks hope... Damn, you. More on that here.

2. Drake is apparently dating an ex-stripper/escort. blank stare...........Ummmm, Drizzy can I take a moment to tell you how this story generally unfolds? Lonely and silly rapper dates stripper. Stripper tries a million ways to impregnate herself. This includes but is not limited to, lying about taking birth control, getting you too drunk to remember to use a condom or using a turkey baster. Yes, a turkey baster. Upon success with any or all of these methods...Congratulations, you's (yes, you's) a daddy now! EIGHTEEN YEARS of your life planned out. Great. I'm going to have to agree with the following statement at this time: Money OVER Slores. Slores for those wondering means, Silly, Lying  Wh*res. Anyway, for more on this check YBF.

3. Toni Braxton is clearly going through some sort of a mid-life crisis seeming as she just got divorced. I'm going to need her to do better. This outfit is not edgy. It just reminds me of a crackhead who got a hold of some clippers and American Apparel throw-aways. Besides all of that, check her new video. It's kinda cute.

Song of the Moment: There's Hope (India Arie)

I love India Arie, her spirit and the ways in which you can see her light through her music. This is what was playing in my head this morning. Enjoy!


May 2, 2010

2 Day In Music....Queen Bey

So, I entertained posting Bey's video with the post before this but then I thought to myself, "Naw, she's the Queen. She needs her own shine!" And so here we are. Check Bey's sneak peak of her next video below. Take a break, what??? Never.

"Why Don't You Love Me" - Sneak Peek from Beyonce on Vimeo.

2 Day In Music....

1. Jay Electronica AKA One of the Most Underrated Rappers BKA Erykah's Baby Daddy, dropped a track recently and to my distaste allowed Diddy to hop on it and talk a whole mouthful of bull ish. Diddy, the career kiiller, makes my skin crawl. Jay Electronica is the business though. Click the link and check the track.

2. Next up is Drake's "Find Your Love Remix" featuring Consequence. Here's to hoping Consequence drops an album really really soon.

3. Then we have Diggy on a track called "Fly Away" featuring one of my favorite new acts, Karina Pasian. Love it!

nod to DX for the musica