May 16, 2010

2Day In Music...

1. Usher performed on Oprah the other day and I couldn't help but think while I was watching this, "Yes!! He's back!" It was a great performance! Made me like this song!

2. Then today I heard another track from Kelly's album and I have to say this lady is coming hard with the dance tracks. I cannot even hate. I'm just glad she found her niche..

3. Next up is Ester Dean with her latest track titled, "Love Suicide". Her choice of C. Breezy as a feature is....questionable to say the least. I mean, I would just be careful about using something violent and love in the same title of a song Mr. Breezy is on....But ya know, I still think Breezy is talented it just breaks my heart that his career could be...OVER. (No Drake)

4. Also, just in case you all never caught Jay on SNL, the video of his performances below. Yo, Jigga's band is BANANAS! Check them on "99 Problems". Wow.

In case you're wondering who that is singing with Jay, it's Bridget Kelly who just signed with RocNation.


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