May 23, 2010

The Things Parents Do....

So, I have not shared any of the crazy things my parents say or do in quite some time so here ya go...

Talking to parents via cell:

Father- "Geez! It was really hot out their today!'"
Me- "I know! I stepped outside today and immediately turned around and went back in the house to change."
Father- "You all have good air?"
Me- "Oh yeah! I have it blasting right now!"
Father- "Good! You know....."
:::Interrupted by mother:::
Mom- "Air is important! You need to make sure you put that in your marriage vows!!"
Me- :::laughing hysterically::
Father- "Yep! Your mother made me promise her that!"

HAHAHAHA!! Boy I promise! That parental unit is a mess!

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