Apr 30, 2010

Song of the Moment: Easy to Love

It's sooo warm outside and this song just magnifies the affects of the sunshine. It's my new fave song that I've been playing on repeat.


Article Dopeness: Sheila Johnson Slams BET

Sheila Johnson, the founder of BET, finally speaks about the original vision of BET and its current state.

“When we started BET, it was going to be the Ebony magazine on television,” Johnson tells me. “We had public affairs programming. We had news… I had a show called Teen Summit, we had a large variety of programming, but the problem is that then the video revolution started up… And then something started happening, and I didn’t like it at all. And I remember during those days we would sit up and watch these videos and decide which ones were going on and which ones were not. We got a lot of backlash from recording artists…and we had to start showing them. I didn’t like the way women were being portrayed in these videos.”
 Well, duh. If you've ever stayed up past 12 AM and  turned the channel to BET then you already know what they're capable of, soft core porn. (read:Uncut) Check the rest of the article below.

Apr 29, 2010

2 Day In Music.... New Drizzy

Drizzy Drake's new single produced by Kanye dropped today. Click the link below to listen and download.

nod to Rebirth of Slick for the musica,

Song of the Moment: Friends, Lovers or Nothing

This is in no way an endorsement of John Mayer especially in light of his statements a couple months ago but this is pretty much what I've been listening to this morning. This song is sooo real.

le sigh.


Dope Quote:Dumb It Down

"They told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refused I aint dumb down nothing."

- Lupe Fiasco

I have been thinking about this quote pretty much for the last week and though Lupe was referring to his rap skills when let he go of this nugget, I think you can relate this to almost anything. Sometimes, people are mediocre lifers. This means they are secure in their mediocrity. They enjoy letting it fester and run (Langston). They are content with being regular or mediocre for the rest of their lives. Mediocre Lifers. People will constantly want you to indulge mediocrity because quite honestly, sometimes it's just easier. Dont. Do. It. Run from mediocrity. Chase progression.* Refuse to Dumb It Down.

* A friend's motto that I dig.

Apr 27, 2010

Article Dopeness: Imagine If the Tea Party Was Black

Tim Wise wrote a great article about the Tea Party that needs to be read by all. Click below and play the "game".

2Day In Music... Make It Rain Remix

Yes, this morning I found myself needing to listen to this song. I have not listened to this song in ages but you know....

"Dont ask me what my name is, stupid bish I'm famous!"

Y'all make sure y'all make it rain on these common h*es today. It's hard being great. :)

The PFC Continues...

Remember that day when I said I was playing dress up? Well, it did not stop at that one outfit. In fact, I did a couple changes like I was hosting an award show or something. My roommate was kind enough to be photographer for the evening.

 OMG. I am soooo serious.

 I loooove those shoes. And I just did a random DIY on them which I'll post soon.

Fun Times. I particularly like this photo b/c it looks like I'm about to walk down a red carpet.
 (Once again, this is a photo taken in my friend's room. Those clothes in the background are obviously too small for my body. Or vice versa.)


Video Dopeness: I'm Back (T.I.)

Okay, my friends, T.I. is out of jail and has returned with his first single for his next album. I'm on the fence about the song, but despite that I am excited about his new album. This single is good enough to hold us over to his next song which I'm sure will be a banger! His new album drops August 17th and is titled, "King Uncaged". Appropriate.

Check his new video below.

Apr 26, 2010

2Day In Music... Lupe!

"They told me I should come down cousin, but I flatly refused I aint dumb down nothing." - Lupe

I listened to Lupe the entire morning and I have to say, it was quite a refreshing experience. The other day I was talking to one of my "hip hop head" friends and they were like.."Like, do you even like hip hop?" I had to take a giant PAUSE....... on that ninja "Like, clearly you have no idea who I am? Have we ever spoken before?" Anyway, after schooling that crazy, I listened to some hip hop and got my mind right. Yes, R&B/ gospel/soul/singing will also be my first love but when you're musically crazy, you're musically crazy. Lupe, my friends, is musically crazy. Lupe is the epitome of why me, a person who hates being called a "b*tch" constantly in rap songs, still gives hip hop/rap a chance. Thank you kindly for being one of the best, Lupe. But enough of that, check my fave Lupe songs below.

God, I LOVE this man.

Apr 24, 2010

Song of the Moment: Sleepyhead

I'm pretty certain that everybody has heard this song but if you have not, allow me to catch you up to speed. If you know me then you know exactly why I dig the song below.

Apr 23, 2010

Photography Dopeness: Kwesi Abbensetts

I'm in love. His name is Kwesi Abbensetts. He is a photographer and I am planning the birth of our firt born. (I kid. I kid!)

But seriously, check the invigorating light that is Kwesi. This is but a sneak peak. I'll "Blog Plug" him next week but I could not go another day without filling you all with the beauty of some of his photography.

Ahhhh. Let it marinate.

All photographs belong to Kwesi Abbensetts. Check more of his work here.

ObXession: Red

I have been totally playing this song on repeat. I think it's toward the middle of the song when he really starts feeling it that makes me repeatedly fall in love with it. Daniel Merriweather is soul and raw emotion. Like I always say, It aint for everybody!

"And I can't be somebody else. You took something perfect and painted it red."
So true.

Apr 22, 2010

I Heart My Hair + In Real Life

Okay, so this is not a music,news or fashion post but please, I must share two text messages that I just simultaneously received.

Mom: "Hello Monda, I just took my hair down {out of braids}I just want to go natural. What should I use to make it appear curly?"
Me: :::Gave her instructions via text:::
Mom: YOU ARE GREAT (edit: yes, in all caps.)

MWWWWHAHAHAHAH! My plan is working. Everybody is doing it. Join the club!

Her: "It Finally happened! A slave question was asked and everybody (including prof) looks at me as if I'm supposed to answer. That's some bull! Silly h*es!"
Her: I looked at them like say something and I'll get all the coloreds and just go WILD!!!

Boy oh Boy!!!! People, do better! Especially the professor. You like have a doctorate.

PSA: Go natural. Unlock your true dopeness. ALSO. Ignorance is a bad look. 
Ignorant < Being Dope

2Day In Music...

JT. Yep, I've been listening to Justin Timberlake the entire morning. I literally woke up this morning singing "SexyBack" and decided to listen to his entire anthology. Anyway, my fave JT songs.

And a N'Sync fave...

I know you have your boy band fill for the year. :)

Apr 21, 2010

Vide Dopeness: Ride (Ciara)

So here's the thing, Ciara is straight coming for these h*es. Every single song I have heard off her new album is a certified banger. She's so focused! Get it CiCi!

Good day!

Apr 20, 2010

The PFC Continues...

I know I've been lacking and going crazy with the musica posts and lacking on the PFC posts, but my camera broke :( Borrowed my friend's camera for these.

Today I played dress up and this is what happened.

Had my friend take some pictures. Tad blurry but I like.

My neeew shoes! Yees!

The ultimate hipster photo in my friends room. The room adds that extra affect.

2Day In Music...

Cus I love you beautiful people.... Here's what's going crazy 2day!

1. Wale literally just tweeted this song. Like, this is how committed I am to bringing you all the best!

2. And Ciara... my MY... Ciara is coming out swinging, ladies and gentleman! Please check this new joint and tell me how does it feel? (Yes, A How Does It Feel reference.) This record is serious.

3.  And then we have Little Brother's video for "Curtain Call". This song just means so much to me. Like it brings me back to a time when my brother first introduced me to Little Brother... and actually my bro first introduced me to hip hop period. tear. Kanye was my first real journey I hopped on, baggage and all, though I had visited briefly with a couple other artists, Ye was the one that stuck. And Little Brother has also been apart of that flight for a while.... Check it.

Y'all have a splendid day! I know I am.

Dopeness: Lauryn Hill Emerges

Who knows where Lauryn Hill has been all this time but here she is below in all her bushy eyebrows and curly coif glory. We see you Lauryn! But the real question is, What do we have to do to get Lauryn back in the game and SAVE THE MUSIC?!? The "Miseducation" will for ever and always be a classic.

And you already know....
A Walk Down Memory Lane

And one of my fave Lauryn videos....

Photos found here.

Ciara Spits Hot Fire...

...Or does she? But real talk, please check this promo video she put out for her next album. She's seems pretty angry, perhaps it has something to do with how badly her last album did. (What was it even called? Yeah, mediocre.) If I had to guess, I would say she's throwing shade at Keri Hilson in this one. (Keri Hilson DID steal her whole swag on her album, "A Perfect World".) Hmmmm....

Apr 19, 2010

(Past) ObXession: Show Me What I'm Looking For

I can seriously remember the very first time I heard this song. I was still in a post sleep stupor, trying to wake up and get out, when I turned on my TV and left the room. I remember hearing this song (and its amazing harmonies) and running back into my room eager to see who was singing my new fave song. :) It was Carolina Liar and the song was "Show Me What I'm Looking For". I think this song also continues to be one of my favorites because in a lot of ways it is a cry to God. "Save me, I'm lost. Oh Lord I've been waiting for this... Show me what I'm looking for." Right? It's like an undercover prayer. (AND they played it all the time on the radio and TV.) Score.

This song summarizes my current thoughts/mood to the "T".  Check it.

Here is the song in acoustic.AND Here is one of my other favorite songs by them, I'm Not Over.


Bey & Jay Do Coachella

Coachella was this weekend and the Knowles-Carter's came on out and performed. Beyonce looked the cutest in her little hipster look. Get it girl! Check the video below.

Also, check some photos of the Knowles-Carters at Coachella. Totally digging Bey and Solange's style.


photos found here and here.

Apr 16, 2010

Song of the Moment: Diamond Girl

It was a R. Les kind of morning so I basically just listened to R. Les the whole morning. I woke up with Addicted (ft. Cassie)  stuck in my head and wrapped up my morning with "Diamond Girl" blasting. One can initially be lukewarm toward R. Les and then you watch this and this and you're sold! The man is talented! So, yeah...


P.S. Sorry all I've been posting about lately is music it's just that that's all I've been listening to and thinking about....

Apr 15, 2010

Video Dopeness: Fistful of Tears (Maxwell)

Maxwell left us for way too long but he is still bringing the sexy! Check his latest video below.

2 Day In Music.... Knee Deep in Hip Hop

For some strange reason, this last week I have been inhaling hip hop/rap. I dont even know why, it's just been happening that way. I'm a R&B/ raw vocals kind of chick but maybe it's the sunshine the Midwest has been serving that has me launching into hours of hip hop sessions. So, what have I been getting into?

1. All City Chess Club
 Lupe Fiasco has the internet buzzing with his recent tweet about "The All City Chess Club". Some are speculating that maybe it's the team that is going to be on the remix of his latest song, I'm Beamin'. Whatever it is, I like it! This a GREAT team!

2. Where has Charles Hamilton Been?? Who knows. (I would disappear too after getting punched by this chick. Rough.) But anyway, he explains where he's been and spits a freestyle here.

3. Yesterday I sat outside on my patio (Jealous of my "suburban dream home"? ::sarcasm::), ate chipotle and listened to this album in it's entirety. I'm not going to say it's bonkers but it's solid. Download Wiz Khalifa's "Kush and OJ" here.

4. Another thing I learned this week, all the true gangsta's/ tree heads are taking advantage of next Tuesday, 4/20 to release albums. How original! ::sarcasm:: (If you did not just get why this last point is interesting, I'm sorry. Go friend a college student or gangsta and find out.)

That's all friends! nod to 2dopeboyz for all these tidbits and sponsoring my current rap sessions.


Apr 13, 2010

2Day In Music... Pretty Girls REMIX!!!!!!!!

So, I'm over here going straight BONKERS over this "Pretty Girls" Remix! This ish is STRAIGHT BANANAS!!! Like, the neighborhood is straight pissed at me because I am banging this at a straight obnoxious level... with my window open. UGGGGH, son! Check the musical decadence below!

 (what? The song IS titled "Pretty Girls" and I hate posts w/o picture + I miss my nose ring. sigh.)

And in case you're wondering where I get most of my rap/hip hop goodies from:

If you click on those first two links you'll get a two for one deal, a link to the site AND a song I'm currently digging.


A Proud Gleek!: Glee Returns Tonight

Hey Ladies and gents! Glee returns tonight on Fox. Be a square and do watch! 'kay? They're going to be giving this kind of fever....

They better WEEERRQ!

Video Dopeness: Ay Yo (Melanie Fiona)

I've been rocking with Melanie Fiona since all people knew of her was a youtube page. We go way WAY back! (In fact, MF and I emailed each other a couple times. Shameless plug.) With that, I must say I co-sign the turn her career has taken. She's soulful. She's beautiful. AND She's humble. That's all a deadly combination. Check her latest video below. Great song. Cute concept. Love my girl Melanie!

Apr 12, 2010

Article Dopeness: 1st Black Valedictorian for Notre Dame

Niiice! Katie Washington, a Biology major, is Notre Dame's first African American valedictorian. Check the story below.


pic found here

Video Dopeness: Over (Drake)

Drake's first video for "Best I Ever Had" was interesting to say the least but with his latest video, he may have redeemed himself. I can dig it.

"I can teach you how to speak my language, Rosetta Stone.I swear this life is like the sweetest thing I've ever known."


I Heart My Hair: Chrisette Michele is Fierce!

So last week I posted about Chrisette Michele's big chop and ladies and gentleman we now have more pictures. This girl is absolutely gorgeous! I'm just beyond in love with this chick.


I always sound like a (permed hair) hater when I rave about natural hair but let me just say if you really want to be/feel special, go natural. The intrigued stares, excited interest and excessive amount of "play" you get while being natural is something that permed hair could never prepare you for. I'm just sayin'. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Going natural is the best decision I ever made. HOLLA! (in Frankie's voice.)


photos found here

Apr 11, 2010

A Proud Gleek!

I've mentioned before that I'm a proud gleek and that fact still remains true! Glee returns Tuesday and I will be there in all my glory with a choir robe on and Mr. Schuster photo tapped to my wall and covered in hearts. (I kid. I kid. But you get my drift.) For Easter the cast performed at the White House and here is my favorite performance from the show. Mercedes murdered this ish! Holla! (in my Frankie voice.)

2Day In Music...

I finally got a chill weekend! Amidst a whirlwind of friends, fun and field trips, I have not had a weekend to sleep past 8 AM, listen to music and do some other activities at leisure. I've had a blast this last month but ya know, nothing like a little alone time. So anyway, here are some songs I've come across this weekend.

Olivia Ft. Drake- Control. Remember Olivia? She use to be signed to G-Unit.

And I'm definitely still listening to that Janelle Monae that I posted yesterday.


Apr 10, 2010

Black Girl Gone Different Part 2

Please check what Janelle Monae is serving up in this video! This girl is other-worldly, homie. And dont you forget it!

And if you would like to experience some of her other more softer, chill music check the song below. Sooo beautiful. This song has a very "Lauryn Hill" vibe to it.

UGGGH! I LIIIVE for this chick! And let me tell you, she is just as beautiful and awesome in person.

Apr 8, 2010

Covered: Say Something

Rasheeda and Nivea cover Drake and Tim's banger, "Say Something". I can dig it. I've been rocking with Nivea since she was married to The Dream, long before she added her name to Lil Wayne's baby mamma roster. (4 and counting...) Check the video below.


Blog Plug: Very Smart Brothas

Honestly, this is my new fave blog! Like, seriously. These "brothas" are indeed smart. I came across their blog actually while reading a comment on a Clutch blog post the other day. (Clutch is also a blog I need to plug soon.) I think what sold me on highlighting them on this blog is when I read a post they put up today that talked about Governor McDonnell re-instating Confederate History Month in Virginia. (Here I was thinking I had heard it all! YT's have some things up their sleeves, baby!). The brothas that run the blog, Panama Jackson and The Champ, did a wonderful job of stating the facts about this ridiculous proclamation and also making Virginia's governor look like the fool he is. I was dying of laughter when they suggested some other possible holidays that we needed to create. They decided we should have "Pilgrim Week":

Pilgrim Week – To commemorate the foresight of those individuals who recognized the potential for life in a new land with new beginnings and the wherewithall to forge past obstacles to set in motion the blueprint for Manifest Destiny

Oh wait, we have Thanksgiving for that.

And YOU get a blanket! And YOU get a blanket!
Hilarious, right? Their website is cheeky, intellectual, hilarious and well-informed. Check it here!

And oh yeah, don't forget to check out my tumblr, Planet Dopeness.


The Quest for Fame:The " Spectacular" Desperation

 I went back and forth about whether I would post the nonsense that I'm about to post, finally deciding that everybody had to see this tomfoolery! Please, oh please check what this ex-3LW chick thought was appropriate to make and record. B*sh is straight desperate to stay relevant!

Yeah. My thoughts exactly. Is she really singing about getting drunk and having unprotected sex??? Yes, she is. Laaawd! I just do not have time. Somewhere Naturi and Adrienne (ex 3LW members) are cackling at her attempt of a music video.

Also, below her response to people's response to her triflin' video.

"I am an actress and performer. I have been so since my first role in a television pilot at five years old. I played a character when I was a Cheetah Girl. I am playing a character in the music video for the song Spectacular, as I did in the Cheetah Girl movies.

The fact is, that sometimes women get intoxicated and have unprotected sex. My video puts this issue front and center. It is absurd to infer or suggest that I am condoning this behavior. Are Lady Gaga and Beyonce advocating murder with the Telephone video? Of, course not. Was Rihanna encouraging suicide with Russian Roulette? No. Was Madonna suggesting that young unmarried girls get pregnant with Papa Don't Preach? I don't think so. Is Academy Award winner Monique a proponent of incest because of her portrayal of Mary in the movie Precious. Clearly, the answer is no.

I wrote Spectacular and made the video to bring attention to a serious womens health and safety issue. Don't shoot the messenger."

Ugh. Like, girl bye! Triflin'.

The PFC Continues...

Ya know. The usual. The Personal Fashun Challenge continues. I can honestly say for the last four months I have not worn the same thing more than once. Epic.

My fro was voracious this day! Yes!


Apr 7, 2010

Song of the Moment: Pretty Girls

Get into this Wale and have a great day!

"Ugly girls be quiet, quiet. Pretty girls just clap like this."

Apr 6, 2010

The Boondocks Returns!

Hey friends! Great news! The Boondocks is returning May 2nd and I am ecstatic! Check the trailer below for the new season. It looks exciting and it certainly helps that a Jay Electronics song is backing the whole thing. Check it!

Apr 5, 2010

ObXession: All I Want Is You

I know I'm posting A LOT today but I'm feeling really productive these days. I've been straight up playing this song on repeat for the last hour. The song is "All I Want Is You" by Miguel Jontel feat. J.Cole. I am definitely currently in love with J. Cole. It seems to be the era of the "cool rap n*gga". Ya know, like J. Cole, Drake, Wale, Kid Cudi and Big Sean. They are all somehow grouped together in my mind. But anyway, Miguel Jontel has apparently been the "go to hook guy" for underground artists having been cited on a good amount of underground hip hop songs in the last couple of years. Check his chill, catchy song below.

pic found here

Black Girl Gone "Different"

Today I was watching Janelle Monae's most recent video and I had to chuckle. I LOVE this chick! She's a little bit old school, a little bit other-worldly, a little bit organic and a lot of AMAZING! She, in a lot of ways, falls into that whole "different" black girl column. Please do not even try to act all new with me. You know what that means! She's not light-skinned, she does not wear a perm or butt length weave and she makes music and videos with legitimate content and a covered body. (I love Bey but damn....) So yes, JM is what one would describe as a successful "different" chick. Then you have all the other efforts. Some attain that "difference" that feels real while others make you cringe with their effort.

Nicki Minaj: FAIL. (but "A" for effort and by effort I mean she swagger jacked Lil Kim.)

Res: Success.

 Solange: Success (?? On the fence about this one but she certainly has great style.)

 Erykah: Success

 Janelle Monae: Success

And check Janelle's latest video:

Music just would not be the same without all the real deals and wannabe's!


I've been reading the blog of the utterly fabulous B. Scott for quite some time and I have to say I am in love with this fierce thang! I had to share this uber fab photo shoot he did recently with the famed photographer, Derek Blanks.

The original cover with Prince and Apollonia.

B. Scott's version. His fierceness is so next level that it makes me sick!


Chrisette Michele, Lyfe & Musica

I'm back snitches!

After a week, here I am. Last week was beyond crazy for me! I went on this intense week-long East Coast college tour with my students and it was mad tiring but a lot of fun! My fave schools we visited were Wellesley,Trinity and Brown. I also decided that I def need to go Ivy this next round of schooling.Then my besties came into town and we PARTIED HARD the entire weekend. This weekend was EPIC!! Theme song of the week: All The Way Turned Up ( I wouldn't normally support such lyrical atrocity but ya know...)

But anyway, the love of my life, Chrisette Michele. I have been in love with Chrisette since before her first album dropped and with good reason, this girl is amazing! (AND absolutely beautiful!) Yesterday I saw something she did that made me catch my breath a little. She BC'D!!!! What does this mean to those of us who are not as hip to "natural hair terms"? She BIG CHOPPED! She looks STUNNING too!
I am now even more in love with this girl. You fierce BISH you!

Here's one of my fave Chrisette songs for the road..

Keep it sexxxy! :)

pic found here