Apr 5, 2010

Chrisette Michele, Lyfe & Musica

I'm back snitches!

After a week, here I am. Last week was beyond crazy for me! I went on this intense week-long East Coast college tour with my students and it was mad tiring but a lot of fun! My fave schools we visited were Wellesley,Trinity and Brown. I also decided that I def need to go Ivy this next round of schooling.Then my besties came into town and we PARTIED HARD the entire weekend. This weekend was EPIC!! Theme song of the week: All The Way Turned Up ( I wouldn't normally support such lyrical atrocity but ya know...)

But anyway, the love of my life, Chrisette Michele. I have been in love with Chrisette since before her first album dropped and with good reason, this girl is amazing! (AND absolutely beautiful!) Yesterday I saw something she did that made me catch my breath a little. She BC'D!!!! What does this mean to those of us who are not as hip to "natural hair terms"? She BIG CHOPPED! She looks STUNNING too!
I am now even more in love with this girl. You fierce BISH you!

Here's one of my fave Chrisette songs for the road..

Keep it sexxxy! :)

pic found here

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