Mar 26, 2010

On Repeat: Nina Simone

I just got done watching the Lil Wayne documentary, The Carter. I must say I've been getting my fill of documentaries this last month (almost a documentary a day) and I must say "The Carter" is indeed a great doc! It is well put together, informative and honestly, fascinating. Watch it if you can. But anyway, to the point, they play Wayne's song that samples Nina Simone's song "Don't Let me Be Misunderstood" and hearing his song reminded me of this great song and all the ways that Nina Simone was great. Classic. I'm also a fan of the images accompanying the song in the video below.


Mar 23, 2010

Diggy Signs to Atlantic!

I was doing my daily internet stroll when I came across some big news for Diggy, He is now signed to Atlantic! If any of you all remember, I did a post on Diggy's cover of Nas's track, Made You Look. check that here.

Congrat's DIGS!!

Looking dapper as always.

Mar 18, 2010

Yo! Remember?

I Need A Girl Part 1 AND 2!!

I like 1 but I LOOOVE 2

Oh Diddy. Such a character.

Mar 16, 2010

Today= Sunshine

There is something about a  warm, sunny day that makes everything seemed frosted (as in cake frosting) and dreamy. I like to call sunshine, free therapy. Its true! So, in preparation for the horchata I plan to enjoy coupled with some delicious Mexican food, I give you Horchata by Vampire Weekend. This groups last album, Contra,  is full of the best summer hits. Enjoy one of my faves below.


Mar 11, 2010

Video Dopeness: TELEPHONE!!!!

Finally, Bey and Gaga drop the video for TELEPHONE!! I LIIIVE!!

After watching that: You ever like.. are in the presence of crazy people and then start to feel crazy creepin' up in your brain? Or perhaps, you're sober and everybody is drunk around you and then suddenly you start to feel tipsy?

Well watching that shiz was like being in a room full of murderers, crazies and drunks and right now I'm feeling super disturbed and a little too acquainted with crazy murderous drunks.. so I'm going to take my silly behind to sleep.

I'm perturbed.

Covered: Made You Look (Diggy)

Diggy, Rev Run's Son covered Nas's Made You Look and KILLLEED! This kid is beyond dope! Check his blog for more dopeness and check the video of his freestyle below.

Diggy - Made you look Freestyle (Flow Stoopid) from Diggy Simmons on Vimeo.

The PFC Continues...

I'm all out of words but check a couple pics.

Mar 9, 2010


Today marks the 13th anniversary of Biggie's death. I was 10 when this happened but I honestly remember this day pretty vividly. One of my fave songs and a dedication to B.I.G......

Mar 7, 2010


Wooooooow, a million times over. I am in complete awe of how utterly amazing this cover of Drake's Houstatlantavegas. Check it below. Play it on repeat. I am.

Mar 5, 2010

What Do All of These Songs Have In Common?

It's subtle but it's there... I could not contain my excitement for the immense cross over in all of these songs..

And as always.. Check my Tumblr for more goodness.

Still Posting A Lil More Regularly... my Tumblr. I changed my tumblr name because I just felt like it.... I'll still be posting here more regularly when April 1st gets here! Anyway, to my (same) tumblr with a new name....

(P.S. Just posted the new Drake Single-Over at my Tumblr)

Mar 2, 2010

Update Dos: The Name Game and Stalker Types

Ahhh.... My weekly update.

1. Really feeling Ciara's newly leaked song "Up In The Bank"... Ci's strong suit is dancing and chill/sexy dance tracks and I respect that. Can we look forward to a "Halo" from Ci anytime soon? No. But we can get our dance on with anything Ci drops? Def. Check the new song here. I have it on repeat.

2. I learned today that one of my student's friends name is HENNESSY. Yes, you read right... Hennessy. Deep sigh. Side eye and all the annoyance I can muster. Her momma dont love her. (Yes, I had to go into hood speak/pretend English on this one.) BUT really must love taking care of her because that's what she will be doing the rest of that poor kids life. As my friend put it after I told her about this unfortunate discovery, "And the unemployment rate skyrockets". Lawd.

3. I was on the train yesterday on my way home and was waiting to get off at the end of the line when this black man w/locks turned around and said to me, "I was trying not to stare at you and your hair the entire ride. It's a good look. I love it. Can I touch it?" Ummmm. I should add that he said this in a pretty creepy tone so I told him he could touch it. I was kinda scared to say no. I mean he had been watching me or trying not to watch me for the duration of 1.5 hour train ride. I was too busy reading and listening to Coldplay to notice this "friend". Can we say semi-stalker? I let him touch it and I walked quickly to my friend in the waiting car. Shoot, my neck is way to pretty to get bruised up.

4. I bought these boots (below) and boy am I happy I did. I wore them the other day with some super bright blue tights and everybody was giving me "the look". Plus, my boots were just click clicking against the pavement. Annoying.

 5. Finally went to this restaurant I had been eyeing for literally years last Saturday during Chicago's Restaurant week and it was AMAAAZING! Check their website here. Brazzaz is a buffet style Brazilian steakhouse and it was a fantastic experience. Whenever you are in the Chi, stop through!

That's it!! Laterz!