Jan 30, 2011

Obxessed: Sweet Disposition (LIVE!)

This was one of the greatest musical creations of 2009 and the live version is sure to further convince us of its greatness. Enjoy!


SNL: Do The Creep

I'm going to be singing this in my head for the next week. "Do the creep! Do the creep!" It amazes me that SNL is still able to be SO creative every week. Check the hilarious video below!


Video Dopeness: Moment 4 Life


After you watch the video below you will never be able to say "pause" the same way again. Nicki Minaj is straight BONKERS! I can't help but laugh hysterically at some of the music and videos she releases. (And I mean "laugh" in a good way.) The beginning part of this video is HILARIOUS.


Now watch.


Jan 29, 2011

I come across so many amazingly inspiring movies, videos,music tracks, fashions and other expression of arts and still there is too much to ever be able to post it. None of you would ever come back to my blog just based on the excessive quantity of new things. But really, if it was up to me, I would blog for a living. Just as long as I was blogging about something I loved and deeply enjoyed sharing, kinda like this lil thing I got going on right here. (Except more often and with a salary.) :) But I digress.

The main point of this post, I love the version below of Kanye's song, "All of the Lights". I think production is what comes more naturally to Kanye (as opposed to rapping) and I think that is apparent in the ways in which he continues to produce some of the best tracks to hit the circuit even when his rapping skills lately sometimes leaves something to be desired.



Jan 23, 2011

Documentary: Black Women and Beauty

I was initially hesitant to watch this short documentary because I thought this would be just another debate on the standards of beauty in society. Turns out this is a documentary with a fresh and interesting perspective on beauty and the black woman.It is mostly a compilation of people's responses to a host of great questions on beauty and the role it plays in our lives. Check it!

What makes the Black Woman Beautiful? from Beautiful Woman on Vimeo.


Have a glorious week!

Jan 19, 2011

Video Dopeness: Kings and Queens

I really like this song and am in love with this video. I'm pretty sure I've never shared this with you all and I'm playing/watching it right now. I always like to watch it when I need to feel EPIC and STRONG.

Plus, Mountain Dew low key gets me SUPER AMPED. I'm drinking it right now.


Obxessed: Big N*t Bust

Ya know.... I was back and forth about posting this song because it's really inappropriate and the feminist in me knows that it's something terribly wrong with the whole premise of this song but here goes nothing. My secret fave song right now. (Please dont judge me.)


Fashion and Style: C. Breezy and Co.

Also found via Necole Bitchie. Big Sean just inspired my style. (Did I ever tell ya'll that I'm low key Obsessed with Big Sean?? I'll post my current fave Big Sean song in a bit.)


Quoted: Lil Wayne

On The Bible:
“I also read the Bible for the first time. It was deep! I liked the parts where some character was once this, but he ended up being that. Like he’d be dissing Jesus, and then he ends up being a saint. That was cool.”


Read more: Lil Wayne Reveals Beef W/ Lebron & Dwayne Wade In Rolling Stone | Necole Bitchie.com

Thanks Necole Bitchie!

Jan 14, 2011

Just Get To Know: Jessie J

My friend introduced me to Jessie J last year and I am beyond happy he did. I ROLL SO HARD FOR THIS GIRL. Jessie J, no more intro needed.

Her first video as a signed artist. Now to the good stuff.

Here's her singing her first single acapella. I promise I'm teary-eyed listening to this on repeat. (note: I am DEAD serious. I'm crying.) Her vocals literally do that to me. So crisp. Only her and Jazmine Sullivan bring me to instant tears when I hear them. It's too great.

On Jools Holland with a little more lowkey vocals but still GREAT.



Video Dopeness

I'm so into these type of videos these days. Go ahead. TAKE A LOOK!

First, is two young up and coming rappers. I can't cosign their flow just yet but the video is SUPER cute.

And next is Yonie, a new director making moves. Check his interpretation of Kanye's "Devil In A New Dress".

DEVIL from yonie.ethiopian.love on Vimeo.


Jan 7, 2011

Covered: Your Love

Karmon covered Nicki Minaj's "Your Love" and it is soooo HAWT! I have it on repeat as I type this.


Jan 5, 2011

Just Get To Know: Angel Haze

The excitement, ladies and gents! Meet Angel Haze, a hott female MC. I LIVE.
Check her version of 6'7

Jan 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Hey friends! Happy New Year! I hope all of you are gearing up for a phenomenal year. I haven't felt this good about a year since God knows when so I'm amped! Below you will find our fave pre-teen performing "Whip My Hair" (Remix) on "Dick Clark Rockin' New Year's Eve". If my future daughter has half of Willow's swag I will be a proud mama. Check it.

Much love!