Dec 30, 2010

Video Dopeness: Monster

An unfinished version of Ye's "Monster" video dropped today and this video definitely has me staring at the screen with a blank face. Watch it below to see what I mean. Ummm....yeah.


Dec 29, 2010

Mixtape Dopeness: Chrisette Michele and Lem Payne

Straight stumbled upon this today. Chrisette Michele and her brother, Lem Payne, released a mixtape about 2 months ago titled "Love Thy Brother". It's HAWT, son! I mean, basically I could listen to Chrisette Michele all day so you know I'm loving it!

Click the link below:


Obxessed: Rated R

Wow. I just remembered that I hadn't shared an interesting fact about my year with you all. I LOVED Rihanna's last album..... I know. I know. Strange, I hear you say BUT let me explain.

It was something about Rihanna's last album that had me catching my breath and playing her songs on repeat. I mean, WOW. If I had to psychoanalyze Rih during this period in her life I would say (as most people would) that she was in a state of constant emotional shifting and this seems to have positively affected her music. Rihanna's album was in constant rotation and helped me to appreciate her more as an artist.With the release and a listen of her latest album, Loud, I had to take a moment to reminisce on possibly, her greatest album ever.( I mean let's be honest- life is not cruel enough to serve you another dose of a "CBreezy Scandal" and therefore a meaningful album.)

So anyway, my favorite songs off of Rih's last album:

Cold Case Love- Rihanna


The Last Song- Rihanna

And last but not least:


Funnies: Top Dumbest Tweets of 2010

Awesomely Luvvie compiled a pretty awesome/sad list of the dumbest tweets of 2010. Dear Gawd, America is going to explode into a million tiny idiotic pieces in the near future. I know it. But this list is HILARIOUS! Thanks Luvvie! Check it below.


2Day In Music: Mashup of Top 25 Songs of 2010

The video is pretty cool too! Enjoy!

Dec 27, 2010

Song of the Day: Charlene

I'm in a chill/"pissed I have to go to work after my 4 day weekend" kinda mood and this song is just what I needed to calm down. Ya dig? Love Anthony Hamilton. This man definitely does not get enough shine! Ya'll have a splendid day!


Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Part 2: HILARIOUS!

I ran across this video this morning and I had to share! It's an extended holiday song from all your fave celebrities. Some of their impressions are spot on. Enjoy!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Hello friends! Another year is passing us by and with this passing year we are blessed with the Holidays. Have a good one! Enjoy my fave winter song below.


Dec 24, 2010

Obxessed: Almost Doesn't Count (Brandy)

It has been my opinion for quite some time that people are INCREDIBLY sleep on Brandy. This gurl can sang! I've been playing this live version of "Almost Doesn't Count" on repeat for the last hour. LOVE!


Fashion Dopeness: NAKIMULI

Friends! If you have been visiting this blog for the last year then you already know- I LOVE NAKIMULI! I wore her dress for my birthday and sent her a "customer appreciation" photo and note and she posted it on her blog. I LIIIVE! The post is below. Click it and rejoice with me!


Dec 22, 2010

2Day In Music.. Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor dropped a new track today and it's hott. She's giving me a lot of Ciara on it but it was produced by Jazze Phe so I'll forgive her. Check it!

pic found here


Website Dopeness: STEREO MOOD!!

Friends! You have to go swing by stereo mood!! It is a website that will play music according to a long list of moods you can choose from. IT IS SO COOL! It's pretty spot on with the songs that they choose too. Go check it. It's my new best friend. (Totally listening to it as I type this.)


Dec 21, 2010

Fashion Dopeness: BDAY

So pardon me for my intense lack of fashion posts over the last couple of months. My camera broke earlier this year and I have not purchased another one as of yet. In the meantime, here's some of my fave photo's from my bday this weekend.

That's all folks!


Birthday Reflections

My bday has come and gone and I have been of course continuing my year of heavy reflection and this is what I wrote right as my bday rang in..

"I dont think I have ever taken a proper moment to reflect on my birthday. Usually I spend my time leading up to the day thinking about plans and imagining what I'll wear. This year was different. I had the opportunity to take some moments and reflect on the many challenges and triumphs this year, in particular, has brought me. As I filled my facebook status updates with sentiments of love, I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for the people who are in my life and who encourage, love, reprimand and make me laugh until my side hurts. I LOVE people. I LOVE you all. I appreciate all the positive energy that the presence of so many individuals bring to my otherwise dull life. My birthday is a celebration of you. Without you this day is meaningless. Cheers to friends, love and memories."

That's exactly how I feel as I close out this year- mindful of the many challenges I survived and grateful for the many lessons I learned. Through the challenges I have come to realize the true value of a friend and fortunately my birthday party this year was able to prove that fact 30X over. God is great and friends make life better. Much love.

Dec 15, 2010

Obxessed: Sara Bareilles

I was just having some big moments With Ms. Sara late last week and if you follow me on twitter you got a glimpse into my sudden love affair. I've always thought Sara Bareilles was talented but it's something about where I am in life right now that allows her voice to really move me. Some of my faves of Ms. Sara. Can't you just feel the honesty in her voice?

One of my fave songs by Sara is "Gravity"....

My friend sent me this video today and I melted.

Watch her cover "Single Ladies".



Dec 6, 2010

Just Get To Know: Reema Major

I go through these strange tides in life when I start to take in excessive amounts of rap/hip hop. Right now is one of those times in my life. I'm falling back in love with rap as an art form and re-appreciating its beauty, genius and appeal. I came across this young dope girl the other day and I had to share. She is just a mere 15 years old (Yeah, she looks 25 BUT that's a whole other story. I blame Bush and Beyonce. lmao.)The girl has much promise though. Check the freestyle that made me take a closer look and some of her other tracks.