Jan 24, 2009

Yeah, I know...

I've been trying to update my blog most of the week but my internet has not been cooperating... So annoying, just does what it wants to do like a real human person. Rude.

But anyway, this will be an extensive update so prepare yourself.

So last Saturday we went to this club that is supposedly all the rave and like super hott and everybody goes there and so on. The club is called Club Fabric.. ok? cool. cool? Ummmm.. so we walk to the club...somebody had lied to us and told us it was close which it was definitely not.. I dont even remember how long we were walking... must have been at least a half hour most likely more. In like fancy clothes, with an unsteady gait and such... but anyway we arrive and of course There's a line. Remember, this club is like in every mag and online listing as one of the hottest clubs in London. So we get there and it's like seriously, 15 girls, so we go to the front of the line like. "Excuse me, um can we go in?" And they're like "Yeah!" We're like, "Cool!". So we go on and it is 3 pounds more than it is suppose to be so we all pay 13 pounds and then 1 pound for coat check. So 14 pounds. Ok. Then we go in search of all these rooms they are suppose to have and let me tell you, that club was huge! Big! There were 3 different rooms; hip hop, house and idk..some other room. So we apparently were in the like rave/house room for awhile...ummmm ok.. Janelle and I were not feeling the music so I was like lets go to the DJ both... So we go to the DJ booth and I just looked at the security guy and he lets me in. I go up to the DJ's, one who is spinning and I'm like "Can you play some Kanye?" he looks at me and is like "Ummmm, ok." (He never played it btw) So we're chilling and then I realize we actually are not suppose to be in here.. the signs that said "Absolutely no admittance without a wristband" gave it away. But whatever, we were just in there kicking it with the DJ's and their friends (who were constanty giving us the side eye) until we felt like leaving. We then went upstairs to discover that our one friend was in VIP (she does not even remember how she ended up in there...mess) so I was like "Let us in, G." and she did... good times....We then finally discovered the "Hip Hop room". There is only sooo much Biggie and Pac you can dance to... seriously! So that was short lived. Finally deciding to exit the club altogether. We waited in this ignorantly long line to get our coats and then exited... Walked outside and it was raining. ARRGGGHH! We tried walking home for a bit and then got confused so we decided to take a bus... good decision but by that time it was already too late... the rain had only aided in the manifestation of my coming illness.

I knew as soon as I got home that it was pretty much game over for me. I could feel it working it's way up my throat. gross. This sickness had lain (??) dormant for 2 weeks.. 2 weeks! I thought it had passed me by but No! There it was creeping up on me. I wasn't mad though. I had accepted that as a clause of my pre-London engagements.. so whatever, but geez! That stuff had me down for a good 2 days. I was in bed Sunday and Monday. I missed class and did not leave my room until Monday night for dinner. Whew! I was determined to get well for Tuesday so I took super super good care of myself and it worked! I was all prepared to watch my O-man to accept his oath and deliver his speech...

Tuesday was pretty amazing. I woke up early. Put on my Obama shirt (I mean, why not?) and we all went down to our favorite pub to watch and celebrate the O-man. Fantastic! it was beautiful... It was soo many different people at one time in one place watching this monumental moment. Ah. Beautiful. We celebrated until about ten and then stumbled home where my roommate and I (who I love sooo much!) ordered Thai food and talked about life...

Jan 10, 2009

Progressive Traffic

Hello My Dearest Loves!

So.... London... England....... Hottness, my friends.....hottness, indeed. Last night was progressive to say the least... We progressed down the stairs of our hostel from the top floor to the basement and so did the sobriety of some of our most established counterparts... HA! Good times were had by all. But some more than others. I enjoyed myself to the maximum...... We then hit up "Traffic", a club about a block away from our hostel were the good times rolled on a tad bit longer (complete with "free" and completely unnecessary but personally requested pat downs)... Friday night happened to be "Hip Hop Night" and they did not disappoint... Dutty Wine even bombarded the dance floor for about 3 minutes... And the love of my life was of course played... No, not "Fighting For" (though that would've been a nice change of pace) but "Single Ladies" was what blared from the stereo and I was of course inspired to try to weakly mimic the video...... Though the ring on my left hand, second finger from the left must've confused the bunch....Pure comedy, my friends! COMEDY! The night progressed...ha... "New Year's drinks" or (drinks for the new year as I thought the menu should've read) were studied and purchased... The "men" proceeded in the same disrespectful manner as US "men" and fun was had by all (hmm)... We dominated the dance floor as there were not as many people there as there should have been... Numbers were exchanged, (loose) promises were made, and minds were made up... Everyone progressed home where I attempted and succeeded in a call to the US for about 3 minutes and then my phone died and so did my minutes...but it was completely worth it...Completely. Food was made. (as is my MO on these occasions) Messages were sent to unsuspecting (or perhaps, suspecting) friends and I tried to drift into sleep at about 5 AM. Good..