Jan 10, 2009

Progressive Traffic

Hello My Dearest Loves!

So.... London... England....... Hottness, my friends.....hottness, indeed. Last night was progressive to say the least... We progressed down the stairs of our hostel from the top floor to the basement and so did the sobriety of some of our most established counterparts... HA! Good times were had by all. But some more than others. I enjoyed myself to the maximum...... We then hit up "Traffic", a club about a block away from our hostel were the good times rolled on a tad bit longer (complete with "free" and completely unnecessary but personally requested pat downs)... Friday night happened to be "Hip Hop Night" and they did not disappoint... Dutty Wine even bombarded the dance floor for about 3 minutes... And the love of my life was of course played... No, not "Fighting For" (though that would've been a nice change of pace) but "Single Ladies" was what blared from the stereo and I was of course inspired to try to weakly mimic the video...... Though the ring on my left hand, second finger from the left must've confused the bunch....Pure comedy, my friends! COMEDY! The night progressed...ha... "New Year's drinks" or (drinks for the new year as I thought the menu should've read) were studied and purchased... The "men" proceeded in the same disrespectful manner as US "men" and fun was had by all (hmm)... We dominated the dance floor as there were not as many people there as there should have been... Numbers were exchanged, (loose) promises were made, and minds were made up... Everyone progressed home where I attempted and succeeded in a call to the US for about 3 minutes and then my phone died and so did my minutes...but it was completely worth it...Completely. Food was made. (as is my MO on these occasions) Messages were sent to unsuspecting (or perhaps, suspecting) friends and I tried to drift into sleep at about 5 AM. Good..

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