Sep 21, 2010

2Day In Music...

I know. I know. I've been straight M.I.A. Forgive me, my time does not belong to me these days. Let's Proceed..

1. I was listening to this mixtape by Hoodie Allen today and the best part about this mixtape is all the freaking amazing songs he sampled! I found at least 3 new fave songs just by listening to his mixtape. The link to the mixtape is below. You can stream it or download it.

Next Up are some awesome songs Hoodie Allen sampled on "Pep Rally".....

2.  Marina and the Diamonds "I Am Not A Robot". This video is bonkers! Weird.....

3. I played this song at work today and was basically dancing in my seat. It's super fun! And there are harmonies so you know I'm in love...

4. Last but not least is Flight Facilities "Crave You". This is like a chill-hype song. I know that's sounds weird but you have to listen to understand...


Sep 18, 2010

Fashion Dopeness: Solange (Again)

I mean, Reason #380 why I love Solange. She made sure she was giving it to these fools last week at New York Fashion Week....

Compilation found here.


Sep 12, 2010

Article Dopeness: Lady Gaga and the Death of Sex

Today, while doing my daily peruse around the internet world I came across a compelling article about Lady Gaga. This article questions the validity of Gaga as a symbol for the world's misfits or "little monsters" as she affectionately calls them. Is Gaga tale of being a misfit and on the fringes of society a true story or it riddled with lies and she the music industry's Frankenstein? Is Gaga a creation? real? or both?

Read the article and arrive at your own conclusion.

2Day In Music... Sunday Randoms

I have witnessed some pretty random but blog worthy things today....

1. First we have a chick by the name of Cher on X-Factor making it do what it do to Keri Hilson's version of "Turn My Swag On". Chick was getting it.... watch.

2. Then we have Willow Smith (Jade and Will Smith's daughter) with her new single "Whip Your Hair". I think the song is mad cute and I am in love with the fan video of all Bey's hair whipping action put to the song...

3. And then we have Rihanna's new song "Only Girl" I can't even lie, it's hot!

P.S. I will def be live tweeting the VMA's tonight!! Check my twitter here.


Sep 11, 2010

Song of the Moment: The Ugly Dance

Okay, do not laugh at me. I really really REALLY love this next song I'm about to post. But as always, my musical taste is my taste- IT AINT FOR EVERYBODY!

This song is sure to make you want to dance though.


Sep 10, 2010

2Day In Music...

1. Ye is the greatest. Sigh. I love this man. In case you have been living under a rock, Kanye has decided to post a song every Friday until Christmas. Now how many artist do you know who are capable of such greatness? Yeah, probs zero. Anyway, click the link to hear his latest gem.

btw, that link takes you to my tumblr so that you can listen to the song. You should totally check my tumblr for daily music and dopeness updates at Planet Dopeness.

2. Big Sean. Gosh. Big Sean is my new Kanye. Yep, I said it. It's something about Big Sean ( and J. Cole) that has me coming back for more. Cheers for the reinvigoration of hip hop (Curren$y, Wale, Big Sean, Wiz Khalifa, J. Cole, Diggy and Kid Cudi.). Anyway, listen and get carried away.


Sep 6, 2010

Article Dopeness: 20-Somethings....

The "Times" begs the questions "What is it about 20-somethings? Why are so many people in their 20's taking so long to grow up?"

Hmmmmm... I'm conflicted as I ponder this question and the article. On one hand, I'm immediately defensive. I do not feel like I am in anyway stalling my personal, financial and spiritual growth. In fact, I am laying out the plans for my life. I feel confident in my ability to grow and continue to grow. But on the other hand, I think about so many people that I know who are living the classic "20-something lifestyle". Letting life happen to them, partying too much and investing little to no energy in thinking about the ways in which they would like to progress. So, I get it but I'm still conflicted. Read the article and see what you think.

Sep 2, 2010

2Day In Music...

The following songs I'm about to post are CRAAAAZY! Listen to them or die. Yeah, that's how serious it is.

1. Diggy is a talented young dude and that much is evident in his latest track. I only helps that Lupe and Pharrell are also on the track! This ish is "Oh yeah!!"

2. Next up is "Monster" with Kanye, Jay and others.

 Click below to download "Monster".

3. T.I. is the truth, son!
"The only time you make it rain is when you throwing change in the fountain."