May 30, 2011

Interview: Lady Gaga

Hope everybody had a lovely day off!

Today my cousins reminded me of the recent MTV interview with Lady Gaga and I have to say it did not disappoint. Gaga reveals her natural affinity for musicianship and her many experiences that created the artist we now know as Lady Gaga. This is captivating, make sure you take a watch!

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Video: Wale and Tiara Thomas

Wale put the world onto Tiara Thomas last year via twitter and now here's there latest video together,The Cloud. By the way, Tiara raps as well. Check that here.

Happy Memorial Day!

May 29, 2011

Skyler Grey-Love The Way You Lie


Sorry for not sharing it sooner! I had completely forgotten about it until I came across it again today. Thank me later.

Have a great weekend!!!

May 27, 2011

Gil Scott-Heron. Gone.

Gil Scott-Heron, renowned poet and author has passed away at age 62. Wow. For those of you who may not be as familiar with him just know that he authored "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised". EVERYBODY has to have at least come in contact with that piece. If not in it's entirety at least in its title as present in a good amount of modern day thought! So today, we honor a man of immense creativity and the energy and selflessness to share it.

Go listen to Kanye's "Lost In The World" if you're still slightly confused.

Rest In Peace, Mr. Gil Scott-Heron.

Video: Erykah Badu

Watch Erykah Badu with an interpretive dance to her single "Out My Mind, Just In Time" from her LP, AmErykah Amerykah Part Two: Return of the Ankh. It really is surprisingly captivating. Press play!

OUT MY MIND JUST IN TIME from Creative Control on Vimeo.

It's the WEEKEND!!!!

Big Sean

Here's Big Sean's album cover for his debut album, Finally Famous, dropping June 21st.

Also catch his Jimmy Fallon performance below.

I love me some Big Sean. :)

Style: Super

I've been considering purchasing a nice (read: $100 +) pair of sunglasses for the summertime. I've always purchased relatively inexpensive pairs of sunglasses because I have this problem where I misplace and break sunglasses ALL THE TIME. It's sick, really. But despite all of that I've decided to start shopping around. Enter: SUPER. SUPER launched it's Italian handmade sunglasses in 2007 and since then has continuously increased the breadth and creativity of their sunglasses. If you're looking to NOT jump on the RayBan bandwagon and still be the flyest and sligtly more exclusive Boss you know you can be, purchase these. PROMISE. Check additional styles on their site here.

Oh yes.

New Music: Diggy

Diggy dropped his new single "Copy and Paste" just a few hours ago. Check it here!

"Copy paste. Copy copy paste. Try to do it how I do it, they can't do it like me."


Video: Bey (via Jay)

Jay Z posted this video and blogged:
Sometimes you need perspective. You've been right in front of greatness so often that you need to need to step back and see it again for the first time. This is the dressing room rehearsal for American Idol. NO MICROPHONE. No effects.
That man is IN LOVE. AWESOME.

Slay Bey, slay.

New Artist: Kreayshawn

The latest buzz in the rap world, Kreayshawn! Baaaaaaby, she's a little Boss something too. Her lyrics will not start the revolution but her steeze will ignite your screen. I can dig it.

Also, check her in this video.

"I'm doing what I want to the fullest because I really dont care if people dont like little white girls rapping."

Happy Friday!

May 26, 2011

Music: Estelle and Rick Ross

This song is like butter soft leather meets a pair of vintage Porsche aviators. It's so summertime and classic rolled into one. With the BAWSE himself on the track, how can you go wrong?


Bey Updates

You know, it's Bey time. I apologize in advance for the barrage of Bey posts and I promise to try a little harder to mix it up.

Bey premiered her next single on American Idol last night. I like it waaay more than "Run The World". Just raw vocals.

Here's the track listings for her next album. Beyonce is a bad bad b*tch.

Happy Almost Friday!!

May 23, 2011

Performance: Bey on Oprah

I know! I know! This blog is getting quite Bey heavy as of late BUT you already know, Bey consistently slays all of your faves. Check her on Oprah! This performance was not as exciting or entertaining as the one on Sunday but it's still pretty hot. Werq, Bey, werq.

Performance: Cee Lo Green

Cee Lo Green is a true performer. Last night he also performed on The Billboard Music Awards.The vocals were not all the way there at the beginning of the performance but once he warmed up he definitely made it work. There is indeed something about Cee Lo that keeps me entertained and looking forward to his performances. LOVE!

Happy Monday!

May 22, 2011

Performance: BEYONCE

In case you missed the tribute,performance and acceptance speech by Beyonce, it's below. This girl is THE BEST. Bey is unstoppable and putting her talent to it's best use with her extreme work ethic and desire to live out her dream. Congrats, Bey! Slay.

May 19, 2011

Music: Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean is such a genuine addition to music. I finally had an opportunity to listen to his mixtape in its entirety and with my intense music ADD this can be quite a difficult task. I do this thing where I hear a new song that reminds me of this other song and then that song reminds me of a completely other song and before you know it I'm off on some musical tangent and the new album or mixtape has vanished to some dark corner of my mind. whew. But okay, I love frank ocean ( I like writing his name in lower case a la bell hooks.) and I'm so damn grateful that he decided to share his music with us. Check one of my other favorite songs of his that I have been playing on repeat this last week. If you listen close you can hear his rather sobering take on the "American marriage".


Bey For Breakfast

Bey's album cover for her fourth studio album, 4, set to drop this summer. WERQ, BEY!!!

Covered: Someone Like You

Hey friends! I stumbled upon this cover of Adele's "Someone Like You" and I had to share it! The girl's voice is decent, the dude's voice has a nice soulful growl to it and together the harmonies are BONKERS! Enjoy!

One more day until the weekend!!!!

May 18, 2011

New Video: BEYONCE

"Who run the world? Girls!"

This video will (unfortunately) NOT change the face of music like "Single Ladies" did but it is sure to send a clear message about Beyonce's re-emergence onto the music scene as a multi-talented super hero and an animalistic force to be battled with. Bey is coming for blood this time around. If you do not smell the pure FIERCE radiating from your screen you must not be watching the same video.

Do we love the song? Not so much. Do we applaud the animal within Beyonce? Why yes, yes we do.

May 16, 2011

Video: Hustle Hard

Basically, this is my anthem and the most perfect depiction of my life right now.


Interview: Russel Brand

Check Russel Brand below in the most insightful and eloquent commentary on fame, consumerism and branding. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING.

Happy Monday!

May 15, 2011


So, I've been world's worst blogger these last couple of weeks. YEEEAH, SORRY. I attempted to do some heavy blogging before I left for D.C. for the weekend but naturally, BLOGGER WAS DOWN. fml. Anyway, here's a mash-up of goodness. :)

1. Is Rih Rih the best vocalist to walk the planet? NO. Is she hot? ABSOLUTELY. Check her new vid below!

2. I LOVE Raven-Symone. She is one of those people who is cute in a photo and awesome in person!

3. L. Boogie was on Jimmy Fallon! I see she's been doing her fair share of dumpster diving but I'll let it go because it's Lauryn Hill and she is responsible for one of the best albums of all time! :)

I know this was quite a random lil update but I wanted to get it all in! Have a lovely week!


May 6, 2011

Blog Hype: Creme de la Creme

You know how you think you're doing okay for yourself and then you experience something that completely shifts your perspective? Well, that's what just happened to my life. I'm sitting here as I type this trying to understand that whole intensely amazing life of luxury. This blog is real luxury at it's best. Everybody needs something to look forward to, ya know? Skim this blog and get your weight up. I am. Check the blog here.


Video: Judas (Gaga)

It's really interesting to see the ways in which my personal music interest and appreciation shifts the more I actively engage music. Gaga was not initially an artist that I would cite as an inspiration but the more she evolves as an artist the more I come to better understand her vision. The video below is genius!

Happy Friday!

(Y'all, I'm working on some fun summer tracks too! I can't wait to drop them. )

Interview: Big Sean

Y'all, KarmaLoop interviewed Big Sean! I think what always keep me so invested in Big Sean's career is his genuine nature. You listen to Big Sean and you know that he is beyond grateful for this experience.

Happy Friday!

May 3, 2011

Video: New Swizzy

This beat is absolute INSANITY! Like, forget everything else, I could listen to this beat alone on repeat for hours (with that chorus looping softy in the background). WORD. And then with the lovely EVE coming in for about four bars at the end, I'm in. "Do ya dance now... let's work now."

Ugh, son. I'm so into this beat though!

Music: Jay Ant

Truthfully, I'm on the fence about the lyrical delivery in this song but the beat has me hard swaying and vibing so I decided it deserved a post. I've listened to it two times now though and it's slowly but surely quenching my new music thirst. I'd be curious to see how other people feel about it.... Do tell.

Check another video by him below!

And it does seem to help that he's an attractive lad... AND he skateboard's for goodness sake. :::swoons:::


May 2, 2011

Music: NEW Solange

I have a special place in my heart for those Knowles sisters. Solange, the younger and more stylish sister*, released a previously recorded track titled "Left Side Drive". Ya'll, it's so tender and vulnerable and beautiful. I'm so in love with this song right now. Perfect "closing the evening" kind of song. Heart you Solange.

LEFT SIDE DRIVE by solange-knowles

 *I STAN for Bey still. No worries.