Jun 25, 2010

Song of the Moment: Opposite Of Adults

Hey Friends! I've been listening to Chiddy Bang's "Opposite Of Adults" on repeat for a couple hours now. (No lie.) I dig his flow and I especially dig the sample of MGMT's "Kids". 
(Side note: His flow kinda reminds me of Wale.)


Jun 24, 2010

Today, We Remeber MJ

I started watching "Michael Jackson's This Is It" this weekend and it literally took me four days to watch the entire film because I kept getting overcome with emotion and having to stop the movie. Needless to say, I miss Michael. It was if I had forgotten about his raw,unrestricted talent and this film made me realize suddenly what we had all lost. We lost a genius. Very few are blessed with the musical talent that Michael possessed and there is nobody that could ever replace the great MJ. Today marks the one year anniversary of his death, take a moment to remember MJ and all he contributed to music and the world as a whole.

Covered: Smile (Janelle Monae)

Ya'll know I'm a huuuge Janelle Monae fan and after seeing her in concert a couple weeks ago I've been searching for her cover of "Smile" and finally, I found it! OMG! She just murdered this one! Sing Janelle!


Jun 23, 2010

Photography Dopenes: Kwesi Abbensetts Part 2

You all know I love me some Kwesi! Here is another installment of his lovely photographs. I heart this man...AND his artwork.

AHHHHH. I love this man. All photographs belong to Kwesi. Find more here.

Jun 21, 2010

2 Day In Music.....

OMG! I have been soooooo lazy as of late! It's the summa time though so forgive me. I have some interesting music to deliver today though!

1. Ya'll! Guess what? The sun just shone so bright! Wanna know why? LAURYN HILL IS BACK!!! Here's a couple videos of her performing this weekend!

2. Remember when hood Ron Artest thanked his psychiatrist and the hood and then plugged his latest single? Well, here is his latest single. It's actually decent.

3. Also, my friend sent me this song that they are apparently bumping in New Orleans and I cannot even lie, this sung is stuck in my head!!! I was expecting it to be really horrible and while the video is low budget, the girl is cute and can actually sing! Get into this "My Boy" by Kourtney Heart. (Also, try to ignore Magnolia's face and remedial rapping. I know...)


Jun 16, 2010

Song of the Moment: This Is How We Do It

Yep, a throwback! I'm over bumping this like whoa!


Jun 14, 2010

ObXession: The Only Exception

I have not posted a musical obxession in a little while. Well, here's one of my currently favorite songs that I am playing on repeat as I type. I live for Hayley. (translation: Intense gurl crush.) I love her swag. I love her hair. I LOVE her voice. Heart you Hayley. Check her killing Paramore's latest hit, "The Only Exception" below...live.

Article Dopeness: Tony Baloney

Hey! I was reading a New York Post article today that discusses the Tony's and how they slighted one of the biggest productions of the year, "Fela!" This article says what so many people who watched the Tony's was thinking- How could a production like "Fela!" loose to "Memphis"? It's all very suspicious. Read what Michael Riedel had to say below.

When a Broadway musical like "Fela!" — dynamic, inventive, ambitious — loses to a Broadway musical like "Memphis" — infantile, predictable, tedious — you know the Tony Awards no longer have anything re motely to do with "excellence in the theater."
Last night, the ground-breaking musical about Fela Kuti, the Nigerian song writer and polit ical activist who created Afro-Beat and defied oil com panies and to talitarian govern ments, lost the Tony to a feel-good show about an oppressively cute white disc jockey who likes black people and promotes their music. If the year were 1955, I'd say bravo to "Memphis." But, 60 years past the civil-rights movement, Broadway and its 700 mummified Tony voters still think a musical about integrating the high-school dance is cutting edge.

Read the rest at: 


Jun 11, 2010

Fashion Dopeness: Pharrell and Me!

I totally thought I would have a solid email connection this last week but that definitely never happened. Sorry! I dragged my computer around the whole week while I visited VA, D.C. and North Carolina and not a post was created. I'm back though! I'll be in full force come Monday. Anyway, a couple photos from my Pharrell experience. Swoon.

Ok, That's that! Oh, Pharrell, how I liked thee and then I met you and GOOOOOOSH! I'm in love. Plus, N.E.R.D. is still one of the best performers I have seen live. FTW.


Jun 1, 2010

Article Dopeness: Is America's 'Race Music' Past Hurting Janelle Monae?

Today, my good friend tweeted this to me and I'm glad she did! This article sheds a light on the inner workings of the music industry. While most of what they discuss in this article should not come as a surprise, it was refreshing to read such a well articulated article about it. From the article:
Kitschy, socially conscious singer and songwriter Janelle Monae has all the tools for a successful debut music career--interesting and dynamic production, a melodic singing voice, an interesting look, a new dance--and one of hip-hop's heavy hitters (Big Boi, of Outkast fame) as her mentor and co-collaborator. So why hasn't her new single torn up the airwaves? Is it because the world isn't ready for Monae's tuxedoed swagger and retro-meets-R&B supersonic sound? Or is it the music industry's stubborn adherence to narrowly defined genres, coupled with monopolization of the airwaves?
Read the rest here.


Song of the Moment: Dance X3

Hello my friends! My deepest apologies for being absent the last half week. I was beyond busy last week and while it was exhausting I was soooooo happy to be that busy. As crazy as it sounds, I miss being super busy. I find comfort in always having so much to do. I feel like my life is happening. Ya know? But anyway, below is one of my favorite songs to listen to (and videos to watch) when I need a dose of reflective cheer. It has that steady beat, slight musical twist and a simple phrase- dance, dance, dance. Enjoy! I promise to be back in full force this week.