Dec 29, 2009

Spike Lee on Tyler Perry

Finally, somebody says the obvious.



Tis the season to be jolly and all that jazz. I shall return next week. I'm currently working on a "Best Albums of 09" list...

A taste of the list...

In no particular order
1. Paper Trail- T.I.
2. So Far Gone- Drake
3. The Fame- Lady GaGa

So yeah.... Have a Happy Happy New Year!

Picture from

Dec 26, 2009

Merry Christmas!

One of my faves Christmas songs!

I hope everybody has a beautiful Christmas!

Dec 23, 2009

The Best "Slide" Ever!

Please view this foolishness. 


1. Is that a box haircut he's rocking?
2. Wait! They got a choir together to sing this at church?
3. Are those beauty supply flip flops with flowers that chick is rocking?
4. Did they really clear the tables and chairs out of the church's cafeteria, dim the lights and turn on the strobe lighting?

Ugh. My people. My people.

Spotted @ The Fury

Jay Z, Forever Young.

Blueprint 3 dropped this year and I was instantly reminded why I generally respect Jay's craft (also, being married to Bey certainly helps him out. lol) Before the newest album dropped I was forgetting why I had been in love with Jay for all of these years. I started to get disenchanted with his flow and musical production. I was starting to lose hope.. (cue dramatic musica). But alas, he dropped his newest album and I was reinvigorated with Jay's magic! I wondered to myself, what was I thinking? Jay is the best because Jay IS the best! "DOA" was not as much of a reminder as "Run This Town" was and now the recent video drop of "Young Forever".... Not only is Jay-Z a lyrical genius but he also manages to release videos that add to the shades and timbre of his words. Such a good look! Check "Forever Young" below. I'm sold!

Dec 22, 2009

Just Get To Know Him: Dub FX

Yoooooo! He is sick! He literally creates music on the spot... He is sooo dope it's just sickening! Geeez! I'm sitting here listening to him right this second you should just get to know him because
1.) He creates his beats from scratch right before the viewers eyes
2.) Is sooo into the music he is creating. You can tell
3.) Can beatbox
4.) Is one of the best "street acts" I've ever witnessed.

This video tells it best...

Dec 21, 2009

Classic Coolness: Frontin'

I was listening/watching Britney Spears, Boys (Produced by Pharrell) and suddenly remembered Pharrell's hot single, Frontin. I was never crazy about Pharrell's vocals but he always had (still has) the best songs. That is undeniable! Also, he is one handsome fellow. Check Frontin below and please check Lauren London in the video... oh, how things have changed.. (as she is now one of many of  Wayne's baby mama. ugh.)... Love you Lauren....still!

Good day, my loves!

Website Coolness: Aurgasm!

Yo, this website seriously just changed my life! The internet is now clearly the best place to be. Here's to the world wide web killing our communication skills one website at a time... My lil sis put this website on my wall today and this is seriously "crack" for all the sincere music lovers. This website finds some of the best, unique and cool music around. I'm in love. I'm sure most of my future music highlights will come from this website so yeah...Check it below.

Ok, Lil Miss Swaggar..

I was watching this little girl today and I had to give her her props. Like, seriously, check the video below. She's literally shizzin on like most of the chick singers/entertainers in the music biz. Her name is Cymphonique. (Yes, I know. There was not many jobs she was going to get with that name. Singing was a good And she is the daughter of Master P.... Yep, no surprise there either. Check this lil girls swagger! It's crazy!

Dec 18, 2009

Lo Siento!

I know I've been missing in action but I had a maaaaad crazy week. Great work holiday party though! FUN! A free Wii is always a good look! Yay! I'll start back posting ASAP. Peace!

Dec 15, 2009

Just Get To Know Her: Niia!

I always get super angry when I randomly come upon the greatest musicians that I never knew existed until that moment.. I'm personally, all A&R's should have my personal e-mail or something. Silly. Today, (Thank God!) I happened upon Niia and boy oh boy... SERIOUS! Wildly in love! She really starts killing at about the 2:22 mark and keeps giving it to us until the end of the song. In Love!

Check her MySpace for more awesomeness. She has since changed a little from when this video was shot.

Good day my loves!

Dec 14, 2009

(Past) ObXession: Entourage!

I never did really like B2K. I distinctively remember picking a member to learn something about and "like" just so I would not sit and stare blankly at my friends when they would talk about how cute and wonderful they were. Of course most people had the hots for Omarion but Fizz had him a decent following. I was not crazy about any of the members. I thought they were unattractive, a little too feminine for my taste and mediocre singers. Really, I just felt like they were not cute enough to make up for the fact that their voices sounded like eternal puberty. So sad. What also angered me about this group was the way in which everybody had a pretend/stupid name except Omarion. They set the rest of them idiots up! (And apparently Chris Stokes, their manager, was touching them deeply in his free time. damn.) But anyway, Omarion dropped a couple solo projects after the untimely demise of the group and despite his vocals, had some hits.  I was particularly into one oh his songs "O". (Memories. Remember __? I would call one of my friends out but I'll refrain. lol) And then later on he dropped one of my fave songs and videos from him, "Entourage". I was sooo ObXessed with this one! Check it!

Dec 13, 2009

Walmart Is A Real-Life MySpace

I hate myspace. It is basically a place for all the crazies, hood rats and fools of the world to go on and post scantily clad pictures of themselves and send "Beyonce & Nem" nasty messages. It's reckless. Apparently Walmart is where all the MySpace homies go to hang out. I walked into Walmart for the first time in months looking to purchase the latest Beyonce DVD and was met with some of the strangest people.

1. Are you really rocking a wrap, Sir? Yes, this negro had his hair flat ironed and then had the nerve to give me a triple look and the eye. I definitely ignored that ninja and went to find some hummus.
2. I then asked my sista working at the bakery/bread counter if she knew where the pits bread was.. That heifer decided to give me the look like "Bish, you think you special cuz you eat pita". Simple ninjas. I ignored her too.
3. Then we had the whole damn family who rocked their pajamas to the store. Really?? Is that your final answer?? smdh.

That was just a few of the special friends I ran into. For more ridiculousness and people that go into Walmart check the website below! Please, go look!!! They have the best pictures ever of people at different Walmart's across the nation. I'm talking people with back boobs, men in gold leggings and some other CRAZINESS! Check it!

image courtesy of Giant Bomb

Dec 12, 2009

What'sThe Tee?: Swizz Beatz & Mashonda Go Hood....

As we know I know a lot of celebrity gossip. It's a guilty habit and if I didn't read the NYT everyday... I would probably be slightly embarrassed.  But anyway, what's the tee?? (By "tee" I mean what's the gossip/rumor/the deal):

1.Sooo Swizz Beatz cheated on Mashonda (while they were married) with Alicia Keys.
2. We discovered this unfortunate turn of events after Mashonda just came on out and said it on a radio station (check that here
2. After AK decided to tweet about love one day, Mashonda decided to write an open letter to her (here)
3. Just yesterday Swizz Beatz and Mashonda got into a fight...... ON TWITTER! wtf? (check that here )

This is after Swizz decided to jump out of body and tell everybody to go cop his "boo's" (AK) album on the 15th. Huniiiii, I do not have time! First of all, a twitter fight?? Really? And second, couldn't you at least spell ish right? We need to suspend all people from using the internet until we start offering free grammar and vocabulary classes. The madness must effing end! smh. Go ahead, drink it up. The Tee.

The Good ole' days...

oh wells.

Co-signage: EW Top 100

Did you see this amazing list that Entertainment Weekly compiled of all the top 100 best albums (from 1983-2008)?  Some of my faves made the list. I definitely co-sign this list!

Check it!

Dec 11, 2009

Tele.V. Coolness: Shy Ronnie!

I had seen this clip off of SNL earlier this week but my friend reminded me of it today and it made me laugh some more. In the clip below Rihanna is rapping to a classroom of students with Shy Ronnie helping her out on some of the parts.. But he's shy so you can only imagine how that goes. One of my fave parts of the vid is when Ronnie spits the lines:

"And I dont need no beat, i keep rocking it acapella. you should hang with me cuz my name is shy ronnie."


Goodnight my loves!

Dec 10, 2009

Get To Know Him:Mateo

I happened upon Mateo a couple months back when I was in the midst of one of my intense music searches. Every once in a while I get in this anxious fit where all of my usual musical faves are just not enough and I start ravenously searching the internet for music or asking people I know (w/good musical taste) to send me some new music. whew! I'm sooo not joking. Anyway, I found Mateo during one of these times and while I was initially impressed with his vocals, it was the harmonies and tone of his background singers that took me HIGHER!!! Oh my Gawd! (starts at 4:05 in video below) I swear I re-winded the part when they come in at the end soooo many times. (definitely re-winding it as I write this). Wooow. Mateo is also a gifted pianists and quite handsome! (hehe) He dropped a video for "Get to Know Me" and you can check it below. He is signed to Myspace Records so it is only appropriate that you visit his MySpace for more of his (live) musical selections.

Good night my loves!

Newspaper Coolness:The Nerd Emerges

So.. yes, I read the New York Times everyday. A habit that has been simmering for the past years and has finally grown to a full scale, all day ObXession.(It makes me feel better about reading trashy celebrity gossip too.) It's kinda strange the way this habit formed. I can recall being a kid and not really understanding why people read the newspaper everyday especially if you could just watch it. Then I grew older and started to realize that news stations pretty much all report on the same thing and the briefs are usually too...well, brief. Usually, no deep understanding (IMHO) can really come from it. The only reason I still watch the news occasionally is because one of my good friends digs the news and I'm still trying to understand the fascination...

Anyway, I was reading the NYT today when I came across their "Ninth Annual Year In Ideas". This is basically a list (with short articles) of the many fascinating studies and inventions people have come up with this year.There is about say.. 50 "ideas" and they are all pretty interesting. Of course, I read all of them. I promise they are all super interesting! They separate the "ideas" into topic too if you're looking to only read about the things you're primarily interested in. Check it! 

Coolness: The Cudi Edition

I am, at this point in my love for music, in a place where I'm starting to appreciate artists as a total package rather than JUST their talent. This journey to this place has been....difficult.(haha)Why? Because regular/basic people get blinded by the glitz and glam "musicians" throw at them and pretty much always forget about the lack of talent. (It's all kinda disappointing...) And I am by no means a regular/basic person especially as it relates to music. I feel like if you're pursuing a career in music you should be able to sing.... well.. Extremely well. The same goes for rapping. One would think that this was not too much to ask. Accepting artists as a whole package means (for me) being able to appreciate their style or gimmick, or team of writers or production and a host of other things that make artists successful. and that is what I'm currently trying to do. I said all this to say.. When I first heard Cudi, I was not impressed. And even after I listened and listened....and listened.. I was still unimpressed. What has made me take a second and third look at Cudi is the amazing videos he keeps dropping! I showed you one of my fave vids of his the other day (check here for more on that) and now I must share his first video and his recent one. All visually impressive and FRESH!

His Recent video to "Pursuit of Happiness" . The song is regular but the video is niiice.

His first video...

I dig Cudi's video swagggg.

Good day my loves!

Most Fascinating: Mrs. Obama

Today I was perusing the internet when I cam across Michelle Obama as Barbara Walters #1 pick for "Most Fascinating People 2009". I am beyond ObXessed with Michelle (and Barack) so this definitely made me beyond happy. Michelle is so poised, so graceful, so beautiful and absolutely FABULOUS! check the video of her interview with Barbara below. :)

Lovely, right?

Good day my loves!

Dec 9, 2009

A Forever ObXession: 'Ye Classic...

Kanye West is my favorite rapper (that's "ON"/well known). Every body who knows me (for real), knows that. If you were in my vicinity say Senior year of high school then you know I lived for 'Ye. If you came to my room freshmen year of college, you saw the ode to 'Ye on my wall. All the "Red Eye" (newspapers) he had ever covered. It was serious. (Then Lupe and Drake came along....) Kanye has fell in and out of my graces over the past years with his zest heaving and other dramatic, Aretha size shade throwing... but the love remains. I think mostly I feel like I can never let Ye go despite all the other rappers I come into contact with because he was my first... I can, to this day, tell you about the first moments I heard his music and how I was introduced to him. It's strange and kinda embarrassing. After seeing him in concert a couple years ago my whole thought process shifted. I was like new. I swear. The kind of magic that only a recent Bey concert has been able to duplicate. Kanye is that dude. The proof is in the music he creates. Yes, "Heartbreak" was... different and kinda unfortunate. Not because it was not a masterpiece (IT WAS!) but because I knew the whole time listening to it that Ye's vocals were just not enough. That album needed a SINGER on it (read: Bey, Chrisette, Jazmine S.)!

But despite all of that and his shade throwing, whenever I start to get annoyed with his behavior I just listen to "All Fall's Down" and all is right in the world. That is my all time favorite Ye song.

Surprisingly enough this post was suppose to be about one of the most amazing live performances of "Bring Me Down" that I was watching today. But then I started getting all emo about Ye and music. My apologies. Check the Ye' classic live below...

Had the best birthday EVER! (Well...not ever but you know..) Good day my loves!

Dec 7, 2009

Hip Hip Hooray! It's My B-day!

I think it's important that I take a moment from other debaucheries to say... It's my B-day! (Cue: Deja Vue-Bey)... I'm excited! I hope you're excited too! Thanx for stopping by! Come back now!


Also, Happy B-day to Nicki Minaj and Chrisette Michele too!

Good day my oves!!

The Things Parents Do.... Part 2

As a bonus which just happened 5 minutes ago (refer to The Things Parents Do... Part 1 for more info).. My mother calls me after they arrive home from dinner with me....

"Queen? Can I ask you a question?"
"Yes???" I respond
"Why did you have on orange earrings with that yellow top?"
"Huh" I say "OOOOOO. HAHA.. The top was gold and they were coral and gold earrings and I had on a coral necklace to match. You couldn't see it... My scarf was hiding it!"
"OH" she responded. "Because me and your father were wondering if you were okay.. We thought maybe the kids (read: my students) were braking you down. We (as in:her and my father) were like you were falling off! We were concerned."
"HAHAHA! Ya'll are crazy."

Hilarious, right? You know they were talking about this the entire way home and had concluded that I was in the midst of  a mental breakdown. My parents are crazy!

The Things Parents Do....

This ish warrants a post! LOL. So my father called me last week and said:

"Are you going to hang out with your parents for your birthday or are you just going to hang out with your friend's?"
I responded, "Of course I'm going to hang out with you all for my birthday!"

So we went back and forth trying to plan for a little while and finally decided on them driving out to me and picking me up from work. You know how people over 40 like to be in the house by 7 PM.  They came to pick me up and I came outside to jump in the vehicle. Nope. They were getting out of the car. I had said in passing they could probably come in. Nope, they were like definitely coming in. We walk into the offices and before I could even get in the door good I hear behind me:

"And this is Queen's desk. This is her chair. Oh, look here, she was employee of the month (an inside joke in the office). Wow!!"

For a moment I was confused as to who he was talking to because my mother was beside me. And then I realized..... THIS HOMIE WAS VIDEOTAPING!! I mean he had the camera ready and everything. I looked to my momma and was like:

"OMG!! You let him bring the video camera??? OMG!"
 She responded. "Girl, let him videotape! He's excited!"

One of the most embarrassing and utterly hilarious days of my entire life!!!! The things parents do....

Dec 6, 2009

ConfeXion: I Like it Hood (Sometimes)

Sooo I always claim to have some of the best taste when it comes to music...blah blah blah... Thing is.. while I'm generally not a fan of "hood rap" (read: I only listen to like Kanye, Jay, Lupe and some others who use big words)every once in a while some "hood" song just gets me! Craziness. So as of late I've been crazy about:

Yes! A mess! If nothing else, check Ms. Barbie's theatrics at about 3:17. She better WORQ!! Hahaha...

I have also been so playing way too loud this next one. One of my friends put me on before it got huge and I've been crazy about it... Singing loud/Playing it loud (feeling embarrassed about my love for it)...

And another Gucci classic. (I should warn you. This is the explicit version with the "n-word" going wild in the chorus.) 
I Think I Love Her- Gucci 
Yes, I know... also Gucci. I think it's safe to say he's my fave hood rapper right now. 

 And a bonus that is only slightly "hood". This one is connected though to the other Gucci hits... The chick on "I Think I Love Her" , Ester Dean, is the main chick in her debut single.
This song reminds me sooo much of Fri/Sat night, windows down, wind on my face, whole car shaking with this song... Gaaawd! 

Goodnight my loves! 

Dec 4, 2009

Coolness: The Video Edition

Soooo I love love a great music video... A couple music videos that have been giving me life are..

This video was made by a person on youtube.. I just really love these kind of videos. One video similar to this is...

For an optimal viewing experience... (be under the influence)... just saying..

These people have some amazing talent, right? Beautiful!

And one of my obxessions for some months now..

This video is cool, fresh and overwhelmingly sleek. I just love this visual "orgasm"...

Good day my loves!

Dec 2, 2009

How Torrid!: Sorry I Had to Deny Ya.

Soooo... I had to unsubscribe from Torrid's e-mail... :( Why? They kept getting me! OMG! Now I understand why companies always ask for your e-mail! So they can lure you in with these great deals. Like, "Only 2 hours! Clearance 50% off!" or "Boots on sale for 2 days!". They kept getting me. I would literally be doing something else, check my e-mail and Bam! $50 dropped! $75 gone! (I cannot even admit how often this happened to me. Too much) It was sick but sooooo fun... I miss it. :( I might sign back up. I have a problem! Two of my recent purchases:

Love this dress! And it looks even better in person!

Also, pretty much amazing!

I dig black a lot..mostly because you can do ANYTHING you want with it. And since I LOVE bright just all works out.

Pray for my deliverance. I have a problem. ha!

Good night my loves!

Tiger,Tiger: When Trif Goes Wrong

Oh geez. In light of recently confirming a friends trif/hoeish ways and Tiger's ridiculous scandal I had to sit and ponder the whole point of it all. But first, check Tigers voicemail he left on the side chick's phone...

Boy oh Boy. First of all, if you're a celebrity you already know the world is watching. Second of all, if you're a celebrity (or regular person) and you decide to try a little harder. It's bad enough that you're cheating and or/ scheming with somebody else's mate but dang, a voice mail? That's practically "Rules for Cheating 101" Dont leave a paper (or voice) trail! Also, do not be so effing obvious. For example; I'm a investigator. That's what I do. My hunches are pretty much always right. (Though I choose to ignore them sometimes to keep my life drama free.) If you are a person I know and you are discreetly (or so you think) eyeing somebody's mate.. 8.5/10 I will figure it out. I will collect evidence (mentally) and I will either A. keep it to myself. or B. Reveal it if I care enough.

I'm not saying a person should cheat. I mean, that is pretty much at the top of the "Trif List" but if you choose to do, keep it to yourself and just try harder to be discreet. Also, be prepared for consequences if and when your triflin' ways are discovered. That is all. Hilarious!!!

Have a good day my loves!

Dec 1, 2009

What if?: Questions.. QUES!! ?????'s

So I can remember in Vibe's "heyday" I was making sure to spend 3 minutes why my momma was buying up the groceries reading all the 20 ?'s (example here) in the back. Those things had me dying of laughter! But anyway, I was just randomly thinking of some questions I had... Mine are all "What if's"

1. What kind of world would we live in if Rih could actually sing AND dance???? (Would our Queen (Bey) be no more??? (hahahaha))

2. Speaking of... what if Chris Brown had never hit Rih that fretful day?

3. What if Whitney Houston had never let Bobby drop a couple nuggets in her breakfast OJ??

4. What if Bey had Michelle's "balance", Kelley's voice and Letoya's (original) nose??

5. What if Alicia Keys had never met Swizz?

6. What if Lil Wayne had decided to stay with/ be faithful to only Toya?

7. What if T.I. had never got arrested for those gun charges? (Would we have Paper Trail?)

8. What if Eminem was.. Black?

9. What if Obama's father had instead impreggo'd a woman of color?

That's it for now... I'm sure I will think of more... hahaha...

Yo! Remember... Get Money?

I was sitting here randomly singing in my head "Get Money"...Biggie style... Remember Biggie though? I'll never claim to be some intense lover of rap because quite does not move me as much as singing but I have my favorites and I know what genius looks like. Below, a Biggie throwback. (Lil Kim looks soooo human albeit ridiculous..normal)

Nov 30, 2009

It Aint For Everybody! :Single Ladies Remixed

I'm telling you now this next song is mad different. My friend pointed me in the direction of this duo who re-did (the only person I Stan for) Bey's, Single Ladies. No, they unfortunately did not rock leotards but did a mad cool re-make. They remind me so much of one of my favorite bands, The Bird and the Bee. Check the video below. So frickin' cool... But I must warn... It aint for everybody!

Remember... Claudette??

Yes, Claudette! Claudette was the chick in the group City High which also had our friend from Sister Act in it as well. Remember? City High was dropping tracks like What Would You Do? and Carmel during the early 2k's (about 2001). They had a respectable amount of buzz with those two tracks. In fact, their album went double platinum! That does not happen that often these days. But anyway, back to Claudette. Claudette did a track with Wyclef in about 2002 and it was my absolute favorite track back then! I was listening to it this morning and I couldn't help but think about City High and Claudette when they were on top. Claudette was spotted in early 2009 doing a joint concert with Mya and I have not heard anymore from her since. Check my fave song.

Two Wrongs - Wyclef Jean featuring Claudette Ortiz of City High

Good day my loves!

Nov 29, 2009

A Love Affair: The Threesome

Hey! I am currently in the process of this crazy crazy threesome... with these three artist! Who? Solange, Res and Sia! A strange trio, right? I have been listening to all of their music and it's being coming together in my head in this weird mixture of wonderfulness! All of their music seems to come from a depth of an intense love of music that I feel a lot of artists these days are missing. I just dont know how to explain but it I am vibing so hard with these three right now! Now THAT would be an awesome super group!! Join the fun..below!

Check The Res here 
Check Sia here 
Check Solange here

Oh Shiz...

6 Months after the fact... I realized... oh shiz, I graduated. wth? Hilarity.

Today I was watching this documentary that won an award at the 2008 Sundance Musical Festival. The doc is called "American Teen" (you can watch that here ) and it essentially follows five seniors through their last year of high school. It was that final scene when they all graduate and they played that classic graduation song that made me say to myself "Oh shiz, I graduated". Strange but not uncommon. Anyway, the closing credits has one of my fave songs in the background, MGMT-Kids. Check it below.

Toodles... Now I gotta go think and ish. :)

Nov 28, 2009

IDK. Last Thoughts.

I have a "Last Song" every night but tonight I had a  mixture of last song/last thoughts.

I posted on my friend's wall like 5 seconds ago:

"2 things.

1.) Saw John Mayer interviewing today and like fell in love. (I never wanted to like him as much as I love his music but he got me today)
2.) That Rih album is siiiick musically. wow.

and a bonus- Bey had a special on ABC last night (clips from her new DVD)... Every time I see her, I'm reminded why I love her.... Nobody's checking her right now. (GaGa's is the closest but does Ga have longevity? I'm not sure yet.)

oh yeah, second bonus- Talib and Mos def were on Fallon the other night w/ Dirty Projectors backing them up. Hottness. Blackstar Reunites!"

that sums up my thoughts. Not that exciting, I know.(this blog is mostly a memory journal. my memory sux.)

Nov 27, 2009

ObXession: Paper Heart

So, when I have an abundance of free time (as in 2 or more hours) I like to watch a good movie. I can't really describe what kind of movies I like these days but my current favorite movies include "Away We Go", "Once" and "The Reader". Kinda makes sense. Kinda doesn't. But anyway, my friend mentioned "Paper Heart" to me in passing and I decided to watch it last week. Loved it! It's like a documentary/real-life/scripted... yeah, all of that. It's essentially about this girl who goes around the country looking to discover what love is. She does this through interviewing mostly (white) couples across the United States. It's amazing to see and hear what people from different walks of life define as love. Does she ever discover what love is? It's up to the viewer. For a great copy of the movie online check here.

picture courtesy of The Warren Report

Rihanna: Rated R

Well, well, well.... Rih has done it! (or shall I say her producers have done it.) The new Rih album is hooooot. As much as her voice reminds me of something.... different (think: slow dying cats/ a person with severe congestion), to deny the beauty of the album would be ridiculous. It is indeed her best album yet.. I think... or so people say. In all honesty I have never listened to a Rihanna album in its entirety so I do not have a complete view on that. But anyway, the new album is definitely worth a listen. My favorite track off of the album is "Cold Case Love" (below) and ."Fire Bomb". I must also add that Rih's voice is well mastered on the tracks and she sounds her best. Will we be able to say the same about her live? Ummm.. Probs Not. No shade and such.

Check the entire album below

Good day my loves!


Nov 25, 2009

Priscilla Renea: Jukebox!

 Prisiclla Renea came on the scene via youtube a couple years ago. She started by posting videos of her singing her original songs and covering songs fans requested. Some of my favorites include 22 and Hello My Apple (which was on her EP that dropped earlier this year).

Today I listened to her new album and I have to say I Love LOVE the vibe of the album!  She does an amazing job of amalgamating pop and r&b with catchy lyrics and complex musical backdrops. She covers everything from teenage love and insecurity to infidelity and the death of a lover. My favorite songs on the album would have to be "Lovesick", "Pretty Girl" and "Fixing My Hair". She can sing well, which makes me beyond happy and proud to have found her some months and months ago before her EP and LP even dropped. She's has also wrote all but one of the songs on her album. It is records like this that make you wonder how it is even possible for sub par artists to make it as big as they do. Love the album. It drops December 1st!

Listen to the entire album here for free-zies!!

Check her doing tracks live from the new album and other wonderfulness on her you tube page here.

My favorite cover she has done to date:

LOOOOVE this chick! Will definitely be copping the new album.

Rih Rih Does GMA

Today as I laid in bed recovering (someone on)Twitter reported to me that Rihanna had performed on GMA and "sounded a mess as expected". I went to go check it out for myself and well, I really liked her jacket! It was cute! But yeah, she sounded a mess. sad face. I promise I'm rooting for Rih. I want her to be great..her voice doesn't. Check the video below. She was also on Angie Martinez today and gave a great interview! She has sooo much  personality these days. Check that here !

nice jacket, right?

Good day my loves!


Typically, I like to post everyday but I was sicky today.. sad face. Stayed home. Slept for hours. Dreamed about Bey's I AM.....Yours DVD. Wondered if I could make it to the store and back in one piece. Knew that was impossible. I'm definitely going to get that DVD tomorrow and I know I will feel 100% better.

1.Listening to Priscilla Renea's album dropping next week. Will review soon after.
2. Rihanna was on GMA today and tried very hard. May review that.
3. Alicia Keys was on The Today Show and she also tried very very hard.

Ok, Laters!!

Nov 23, 2009

I Spit Hot Fire! : Dylan Returns

Please tell me you remember this foolish ole self-destructive ninja from "Making The Band". OMG!
Who Is The Best 5 Rappers alive? (according to Dylan)
1. Dylan
2. Dylan
3. Dylan
4. Dylan
5. Dylan

A Mess! Check the vid below!

Soooo... The AMA's. Deep Sigh.

So basically I wasted 3 hours of my life yesterday. I was pretty geeked about the AMA's as I always am... I mean where else can you see the best acts across a wide range of genre's? (Besides the Grammy's of course). I was all prepared to sit in front of a TV Screen for 3 hours because I knew that I was about to be visually and acoustically wow'd ... or so I thought. (I'll only post the ones worth watching)I'm just going to bullet point my thoughts. It's easier to break down that way.

1. First of all...I love Janet but please explain to me why she was rocking those ultimate harem pants. Um... no. And why I know it's not fair to want to see her perform like she use to, I still wished she had of. Wasn't impressed.

2. Rih Rih had on nice shoulder pads. That's all.

3. Please explain to me why Paula (Abdul) decided it was appropriate to pop some pills before she took the stage. Soo confused about that.

4. J. Lo never could really sing so I was not expecting anything from her. And even though she did pull a Michelle Williams (think BET, eating dust and Kelly giving her the side eye) she played it off well. She was kinda exciting. I guess.

5. Alicia ...idk... A for effort. Her doing the tootsie roll on the brick wall was wack but she tries. She is not Beyonce and she should accept that she should just continue doing her whole sitting at the piano thing. The piano flying in the air was kinda hott though. AND THAT JACKET SHE WAS ROCKING WAS HOTT!

6. Whitney Houston. Because I respect her so much as a legend and her past vocal prowess I will abstain from talking about how utterly disappointed I am in her. (Crack not only kills people, it can kill your gift. Saddens me. No shade)

7. GaGa was just about as crazy as you would expect. Her playing and singing with the burning piano was hott so she gets best performance of the night for me.

8. Timbo looked like he was about to explode at any moment and splatter little bits of leather and sausage all over the screen. Just saying.

9. Black Eyed Peas. Music was way too low. Fergie gets on my nerves with how she usually just screams when the performance needs a little boost. If she did her lil sing-scream in the correct key, we might be okay.

10. Jay and AK were of course wonderful! Second best performance of the night.

11. Mary J. She never did really do it for me so I'll refrain from commenting too much but she was decent.

Conclusions- They needed Bey to come on stage and give that whole show life and Kanye needed to be on standby in London to interrupt Tay's ridiculous amount of wins.

Deeply Disappointing!

Good days my love!

Nov 22, 2009

It Aint For Everybody!

I was listening to Gloriana today and I must say... They're pretty epic for a country quartet. They remind me of a mix between Carolina Liar, The Script and something else I can't quite put my finger on. I dig them. If you're ever in the mood for big, full, lively music.. they're a winner! It aint for everybody though! I'm a strange musical creature.

Good day my loves!

Last Song: Samson

Heading to dreamland and closing out the night with a Regina Spektor classic, Samson.

The Bathroom Chronicles: Brandy

If you do not know..people (or singers) if not near a studio or mic will sing in the bathroom because it pretty much has the best and cheapest acoustics. Brandy decided to do a couple bathroom selections and straight KILLED it! She posted a video singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" a couple months ago and people and other celebrity singers were raving about it. She recently posted another video which set my soul free...again. You hear stuff like this and you wonder why she's not selling out arenas and Rih is. No shade. Just saying.


Nov 21, 2009

A Proud Gleek!

So today I was caching up on my missed episodes of "Glee" when I came across one of their best re-makes yet! I mean I LOVED this song in the movie (think Joe Clark and bat) but Mercedes (Amber Riley) from "Glee" just took this song to a completely new level. Wooooooow!! She took it to church! My God! Please, I beg of you, check it below!

I'm A Sucker For Harmonies.

Instantly fell in love with this song just because of the intense harmonies. You can seriously sing anything and do it in eight part harmony and I will pretty much fall over myself with glee. It's sick. Check my new jam here.

Blog Plug: Le Blog de Big Beauty

I happened upon this blog randomly one evening as I was going through my daily internet journey. The title on top is actually the name of the blog. When I first happened upon the blog name I was like "Ugh. Here is some semi-fly big American chick trying to be different, writing in French and ish." But turns out the chick is actually French and the whole blog is in French! Also, she's not semi-fly, bish is super fly! I basically go to this blog daily just to get style inspirations. Real talk. Below are some of my fave outfits to date. Check the blog here.

 Mostly, I'm just crazy about this sequined jacket she's rocking. I need some sequins in my life ASAP!

Peep the gloves! She is straight super star status right here!

One of the cas outfits she rocked. Crazy about the jacket and scarf combo!

Sigh. She's soooooo fly. Gotta love it.
Check her blog for more pics!

Good day my loves!

pics courtesy of L eBlog de Big Beauty

Mash-ups and Such: Biggie and Miley

I just heard this mash-up on Twitter (via @packofstrays). It's kinda hott. Check it! Check it!

Last Song: Something's Missing

I usually like to listen to one last song before I shut my eyes. I've been feeling this song sooo deep these last two days since my friend randomly played it yesterday. (She like...does not do this "kind of music".). Made me remember how much I love this song. TC, whom I posted about last week, produced this track. Playing this right now...


Night my loves!

Nov 20, 2009

Rih Rih Keeps The Faith!

Rihanna has also been pretty busy as of late. She performed in London the other evening with Nokia as the sponsor. That's all I can say without sounding like a hater. Click the Link below to check out some of the footage. I can't lie, I'm still not convinced.

The old Rih Rih for memory's sake.

Good day my loves!

Dont Get Too Close To The Stage: CB Get's Busy

Our resident-recovering-woman beater has been quite busy as of late... He has been busy dropping his new singles and videos for Transform Ya and Crawl and touring with his Fan Appreciation Tour (read: Please buy my albums! Please Like Me! My fist just got out of hand. Promise.- Tour) Anyway, some pre-teen was lucky enough to sit far enough away where she wasn't in danger but close enough so she was able to bless (i kid) the world with the video below. C. Beater did his thing in the video though. He payed homage to MJ.

Good, right?
Oh, CB, if only you would have kept your hands on the wheel. sigh.

Good day my loves!

Nov 19, 2009

Beyonce Crowd Surfs.

Yeah, you read right. Our Queen decided to crowd surf during a recent performance in London. The best part is that she HIT EVERY NOTE while doing so. She is just beyond sick. She is super extra most of the time and that outfit she's rocking in the video below is questionable but she delivers.

Peep the video below. Bananas.

Good day my loves!

But Real Talk...

Do you remember that "Confessions" album??? I was thinking this morning about how utterly amazing that album was. He has not gotten back to that place in quite some time. Here's to hoping his recent divorce will mean great music for the masses....

I had to listen to this when i woke up this morning.

My fave tracks on this album would have to be .. oh hell, I cant decide. I just love the whole album.

oh yeah, and here's his new single Papers .

Good day my loves!

(Past) ObXession: Bleeding Love +

I remember when I saw this chick, Leona Lewis, on X-Factor and was beyond impressed with her vocals. She was like old Mariah (because God knows new Mariah is struggling) and I liked it. A lot. She of course won the whole thing as I knew she would and everything from there just happened quickly. She got to the studio right away and released her album in Europe and the U.S. to great success. One of her first singles off her first albums was "Bleeding Love". I can just remember when this song dropped how I was like super super obxessed. I'm talking it was the only song I needed to download on my phone and would listen to it thirty times a day obxessed. sick. She is also amazing live which helps me love her even more.I love love LOVE the Euro version of the video (which is below). She looks hot! But anyway, Bleeding Love..

Recently, she dropped her new single off of her forthcoming album and it's titled Happy. It's no "Bleeding Love" but it gets the job done...

Leona Lewis- Happy

Good day my loves!

Nov 18, 2009

She Speex! : Music as Life

By she.. I mean me, AuthenticQueen! Hehehehe. Anyway, I just had a random thought (or series of thoughts) and I wanted to write it down on here so I wouldn't forget. Also, others might fell similarly so I wanted to share. I was thinking about how much my life would suck if muzik did not exist. (Ugh. I kinda hate when people write muzik like <- that. stopping now.) I love music and I was thinking today about how different life would be without it. I would, first of all have one of the most boring life's ever. Like, I would walk around extremely unhappy and wear ash gray and brown all the time. I can just think about how much I listen to music everyday. I'm talking I wake up every morning with a song in my head. Every single morning. I then usually get my morning fix of music before I go to work. If I dont get a chance to listen to music before I leave.. I am guaranteed to be in a bad mood...until I can get to work and listen to whatever is in my head. Then, throughout the day whenever I have a brief moment, I immediately turn on a song. It's sick. After work, I come home and I listen to music until I go to bed for the night. I can guarantee you that I'm singing something in my head then too. (Right now I'm literally humming in my head ...Grizzly Bear- Two Weeks)

I mean.... like music is my life. If I could listen to it every second of everyday I would. Just think about it. There is a song or a soundtrack to every moment in your life. What I mean is that their is a song that can be played to perfectly express every single moment of your life. At least there is for mine. I'm just so grateful to people who do music. Who love music. Who live music.

Whew. That is all. End Scene. :)


Photo courtesy of Song Cacher Girl

Looking For Some New Muzik??

Check Complex. I'm listening to the songs on here like right now and My GAWD! Greatness in this piece. Check it.

picture courtesy of Complex

I Heart My Hair: Natural Paintings

I know. I know. I've said "I heart my hair" a couple times already but this post has less to do about my actual hair and more to do about the amazing art I just discovered. I peeped this artist a couple days ago and have been going back daily to look at her pieces again and again. I'm in love with the artists simplicity, bold colors and of course the way in which natural hair inspires each of her pieces. She is herself a natural haired gal...

Beautiful, right?

Her name is Andrea Pippins and she runs the blog Fly. She recently launched her website where she is selling her prints. Go check the website I Love My Hair and get a glimpse of her amazing art! My faves are below.

It says "The only regret I have with going natural is that I didn't do it sooner"
Great message. Lovesss it.

I dig the whole fro-hawk as that is my signature style.

If you would like to see more of her work skip on over to I Love My Hair.

Good day my loves!

(p.s. I would sooo not be mad if this showed up on my doorstep for my b-day in 3 weeks. ha.)

photos and prints courtesy of I Love My Hair and Fly.

ObXession: Jazzy Does Kiss By A Rose

Anybody who actually knows me knows that beside my intense love of Sia, Kanye West and Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan stands right at the front of the list. I'm just psycho in love with this chick. I'll be writing a more in depth piece on her and my intense love for her very very soon but I'll give you a little Jazzy now. I have a long standing love for Jazzy...long before she ever got signed (the 2nd time) and became as big as she is steadily getting. If you're not into my girl Jazzy get to know her immediately. My Gawd. Below is a song/cover that I've been obxessing over off and on for the last say...5 months and the last two weeks it has just been playing in my head like everyday. Anyway, I give you "Kiss By A Rose" the Jazmine Sullivan rendition... Enjoy!

Good day my loves!

Nov 17, 2009

Go Hard or Go Home: AK-47

It's hard to deny that Alicia Keys is a phenomenal artist but in light of her current home-wrecking ways I've been staying two feet away from her and her music. I'm having a similar dilemma with her that I had/am having with CB. How does the way people rock in real life affect the way you listen to to their music? Is it even fair to discredit their music when they do super triflin' things? Though I must say AK's issue is not equal to CB's craziness. But anyway, AK is a home-wrecker.  (refer to this for more info on that nonsense) AK is also a great artist and musician. I'm for sure going to forgive time.  She's dropping her new album in December and has dropped a couple singles off of the new album. Her first song flopped.. In my opinion it was definitely not special enough and was pretty bland....even for AK. I'm not asking for a "Single Ladies" or anything but dang. Her latest song and video is definitely a better try... Check it below..

Good day my loves!

I Just Died A Million Deaths. Part Two

Now that I've watched Queen Bey's new video an embarrassing number of times I think I should offer a little more than "OMG". I still stand by my 3 trillion "OMG's" but I also have some further insights to offer about the video. LOL. First of all the video was beyond exciting,full of vibrant colors, fierce make-up and banging choreography. One part that had me laughing hysterically was GaGa. Why? Because Bey had her looking.... mad regular. Bey told old girl "Excuse me King LaLa ,GaGa or whatever they call you.. My name is Bey-once. I am the Queen of all time. You will not come up in my video with your skull masks, rabbit skin and weird choreo. You will wear this white bodysuit, shoot this Nerf gun and do MY choreography. Thank you." And handed her ish to her in a plastic bag like any good Southern girl would do. And GaGa took that ish like the man she is. She WORQED it! The other funny part was also Bey prancing around in that West Coast "sexy-gangster" outfit. I love Bey but really, a sequined shirt and rag? LOL. All in all. The video was beyond entertaining and worth the wait...

Go Ahead.. You know you want to.. Go watch it Again.. Videphone- Bey f/GaGa

Good day my loves!

Sub-Xession: She Is Love

Sooo... what's a sub-xession? It's something I'm only partially obxessed with. That means that I play it a good amount but the memory of it will most likely fade and I will not be reminded of it very often. I love this song though.. I'm just not ObXessed with it. Enjoy!


Good day my loves!

Nov 16, 2009

I Just Died A Million Deaths.

OMFRICKING!!! I just watched the new "Videophone" video and I just died a million deaths!!! OMG!!! Bey! GAGA!! CRAZY!!!



Oh. My Gawd. OMG!

This is just sick. I actually just watched a 30 second clip of the "Videophone" vid like multiple times. Just sick. Oh My GAWD!! I'm soooo excited! 30 second clip of Videophone Remix (Beyonce f/ GaGa) below...

AHHHHHHHHH!!! Super excited!

Good day my loves!

Who Brought the Magic?: Window -Busting And Such.

So, the other day my friend sent me a text out of the blue (which I love! Only real friends can text you out of the blue and it all make sense.) and said "So. Do you think Amber's version of windows is better than Jasmine's? I'm torn". I have to say that I avoided a straight forward response and was promptly called out on it. But wait, let me unpack this more for those of us who are 1.) Non- Gleeks or 2.) Just confused. Amber stars in one of my favorite shows on TV right now, Glee, where they cover a good number of songs every week. (check how they made Rih Rih's song 80x better Take a Bow.) A few episodes ago they decided to re-do one of Jazmine Sullivan's hits "Bust Your Windows" and my girl Amber did an amaaaazing job! But the thing is... I love LOVE LOOOOVE Jazmine Sullivan so deciding who rocked it better is hard because I'm incredibly biased. So anyway, what are people votes? Check both videos below.

The Original

The Cover

So, which one?

Good day my loves!

Nov 15, 2009

You Gotta Have Faith!: Forever 21 Plus

So the other day I was in downtown Chicago with one of my "Forever 21 size" friends (I was about to say one of my skinny friends but I thought it sounded too hater)and we decided to do a little Forever 21 visit. I dig Forever 21 just as long as whatever I'm wearing from them is not on 30 other people in the same room as me. (which happens all too often.) Forever 21 is wonderful for people with limited funds but looking to up their cuteness/fashionable-ness. Like I mentioned in an earlier post, Fashion is cool but style rules! If you rock with Forever but also infuse your own personal style into it, then it's a go. Unfortunately, too many people rock Forever from head to toe and lack little style. Ugh. So anyway, I usually buy various accessories or every once in a while I find something there that can work for me. The other day I made my way upstairs and stumbled upon their new plus size line, Faith 21. Ummmm, ok. I had heard about this line earlier this year and had been looking forward to it. I was unimpressed.

They had ish like this:

And this:

That belt is soooo nasty!

So yeah, I was disappointed. Needless to say, the in store merchandise was just as unimpressive. Sigh. I'll continue watching and hoping though. Keep the FAITH!

A little George Michael to make you feel better after that...

George Michael- Faith

Good day my loves!


So I have no idea how I came across the gem I'm about to introduce to you all but I must say, He is The TRUTH! TC, songwriter/music lover extraordinaire, recently produced/created some tracks for Brandy's Human album and he is just soooo amaaaazing. I just so love and adore this kid. I first peeped his amazing ability some months back through all the Brandy tracks. Check those here plus some other TC classics. You will melt with excitement! Recently he knocked me over with his remix to Rihanna's "Russian Roulette" .... I have been seriously listening to it on repeat. WOW.


Good day my loves!