Dec 10, 2009

Newspaper Coolness:The Nerd Emerges

So.. yes, I read the New York Times everyday. A habit that has been simmering for the past years and has finally grown to a full scale, all day ObXession.(It makes me feel better about reading trashy celebrity gossip too.) It's kinda strange the way this habit formed. I can recall being a kid and not really understanding why people read the newspaper everyday especially if you could just watch it. Then I grew older and started to realize that news stations pretty much all report on the same thing and the briefs are usually too...well, brief. Usually, no deep understanding (IMHO) can really come from it. The only reason I still watch the news occasionally is because one of my good friends digs the news and I'm still trying to understand the fascination...

Anyway, I was reading the NYT today when I came across their "Ninth Annual Year In Ideas". This is basically a list (with short articles) of the many fascinating studies and inventions people have come up with this year.There is about say.. 50 "ideas" and they are all pretty interesting. Of course, I read all of them. I promise they are all super interesting! They separate the "ideas" into topic too if you're looking to only read about the things you're primarily interested in. Check it! 

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