Dec 7, 2009

The Things Parents Do.... Part 2

As a bonus which just happened 5 minutes ago (refer to The Things Parents Do... Part 1 for more info).. My mother calls me after they arrive home from dinner with me....

"Queen? Can I ask you a question?"
"Yes???" I respond
"Why did you have on orange earrings with that yellow top?"
"Huh" I say "OOOOOO. HAHA.. The top was gold and they were coral and gold earrings and I had on a coral necklace to match. You couldn't see it... My scarf was hiding it!"
"OH" she responded. "Because me and your father were wondering if you were okay.. We thought maybe the kids (read: my students) were braking you down. We (as in:her and my father) were like you were falling off! We were concerned."
"HAHAHA! Ya'll are crazy."

Hilarious, right? You know they were talking about this the entire way home and had concluded that I was in the midst of  a mental breakdown. My parents are crazy!

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