Dec 2, 2009

Tiger,Tiger: When Trif Goes Wrong

Oh geez. In light of recently confirming a friends trif/hoeish ways and Tiger's ridiculous scandal I had to sit and ponder the whole point of it all. But first, check Tigers voicemail he left on the side chick's phone...

Boy oh Boy. First of all, if you're a celebrity you already know the world is watching. Second of all, if you're a celebrity (or regular person) and you decide to try a little harder. It's bad enough that you're cheating and or/ scheming with somebody else's mate but dang, a voice mail? That's practically "Rules for Cheating 101" Dont leave a paper (or voice) trail! Also, do not be so effing obvious. For example; I'm a investigator. That's what I do. My hunches are pretty much always right. (Though I choose to ignore them sometimes to keep my life drama free.) If you are a person I know and you are discreetly (or so you think) eyeing somebody's mate.. 8.5/10 I will figure it out. I will collect evidence (mentally) and I will either A. keep it to myself. or B. Reveal it if I care enough.

I'm not saying a person should cheat. I mean, that is pretty much at the top of the "Trif List" but if you choose to do, keep it to yourself and just try harder to be discreet. Also, be prepared for consequences if and when your triflin' ways are discovered. That is all. Hilarious!!!

Have a good day my loves!

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