Dec 23, 2009

Jay Z, Forever Young.

Blueprint 3 dropped this year and I was instantly reminded why I generally respect Jay's craft (also, being married to Bey certainly helps him out. lol) Before the newest album dropped I was forgetting why I had been in love with Jay for all of these years. I started to get disenchanted with his flow and musical production. I was starting to lose hope.. (cue dramatic musica). But alas, he dropped his newest album and I was reinvigorated with Jay's magic! I wondered to myself, what was I thinking? Jay is the best because Jay IS the best! "DOA" was not as much of a reminder as "Run This Town" was and now the recent video drop of "Young Forever".... Not only is Jay-Z a lyrical genius but he also manages to release videos that add to the shades and timbre of his words. Such a good look! Check "Forever Young" below. I'm sold!

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