Dec 10, 2009

Get To Know Him:Mateo

I happened upon Mateo a couple months back when I was in the midst of one of my intense music searches. Every once in a while I get in this anxious fit where all of my usual musical faves are just not enough and I start ravenously searching the internet for music or asking people I know (w/good musical taste) to send me some new music. whew! I'm sooo not joking. Anyway, I found Mateo during one of these times and while I was initially impressed with his vocals, it was the harmonies and tone of his background singers that took me HIGHER!!! Oh my Gawd! (starts at 4:05 in video below) I swear I re-winded the part when they come in at the end soooo many times. (definitely re-winding it as I write this). Wooow. Mateo is also a gifted pianists and quite handsome! (hehe) He dropped a video for "Get to Know Me" and you can check it below. He is signed to Myspace Records so it is only appropriate that you visit his MySpace for more of his (live) musical selections.

Good night my loves!

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