Dec 10, 2009

Coolness: The Cudi Edition

I am, at this point in my love for music, in a place where I'm starting to appreciate artists as a total package rather than JUST their talent. This journey to this place has been....difficult.(haha)Why? Because regular/basic people get blinded by the glitz and glam "musicians" throw at them and pretty much always forget about the lack of talent. (It's all kinda disappointing...) And I am by no means a regular/basic person especially as it relates to music. I feel like if you're pursuing a career in music you should be able to sing.... well.. Extremely well. The same goes for rapping. One would think that this was not too much to ask. Accepting artists as a whole package means (for me) being able to appreciate their style or gimmick, or team of writers or production and a host of other things that make artists successful. and that is what I'm currently trying to do. I said all this to say.. When I first heard Cudi, I was not impressed. And even after I listened and listened....and listened.. I was still unimpressed. What has made me take a second and third look at Cudi is the amazing videos he keeps dropping! I showed you one of my fave vids of his the other day (check here for more on that) and now I must share his first video and his recent one. All visually impressive and FRESH!

His Recent video to "Pursuit of Happiness" . The song is regular but the video is niiice.

His first video...

I dig Cudi's video swagggg.

Good day my loves!

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