Dec 6, 2009

ConfeXion: I Like it Hood (Sometimes)

Sooo I always claim to have some of the best taste when it comes to music...blah blah blah... Thing is.. while I'm generally not a fan of "hood rap" (read: I only listen to like Kanye, Jay, Lupe and some others who use big words)every once in a while some "hood" song just gets me! Craziness. So as of late I've been crazy about:

Yes! A mess! If nothing else, check Ms. Barbie's theatrics at about 3:17. She better WORQ!! Hahaha...

I have also been so playing way too loud this next one. One of my friends put me on before it got huge and I've been crazy about it... Singing loud/Playing it loud (feeling embarrassed about my love for it)...

And another Gucci classic. (I should warn you. This is the explicit version with the "n-word" going wild in the chorus.) 
I Think I Love Her- Gucci 
Yes, I know... also Gucci. I think it's safe to say he's my fave hood rapper right now. 

 And a bonus that is only slightly "hood". This one is connected though to the other Gucci hits... The chick on "I Think I Love Her" , Ester Dean, is the main chick in her debut single.
This song reminds me sooo much of Fri/Sat night, windows down, wind on my face, whole car shaking with this song... Gaaawd! 

Goodnight my loves! 

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