Dec 13, 2009

Walmart Is A Real-Life MySpace

I hate myspace. It is basically a place for all the crazies, hood rats and fools of the world to go on and post scantily clad pictures of themselves and send "Beyonce & Nem" nasty messages. It's reckless. Apparently Walmart is where all the MySpace homies go to hang out. I walked into Walmart for the first time in months looking to purchase the latest Beyonce DVD and was met with some of the strangest people.

1. Are you really rocking a wrap, Sir? Yes, this negro had his hair flat ironed and then had the nerve to give me a triple look and the eye. I definitely ignored that ninja and went to find some hummus.
2. I then asked my sista working at the bakery/bread counter if she knew where the pits bread was.. That heifer decided to give me the look like "Bish, you think you special cuz you eat pita". Simple ninjas. I ignored her too.
3. Then we had the whole damn family who rocked their pajamas to the store. Really?? Is that your final answer?? smdh.

That was just a few of the special friends I ran into. For more ridiculousness and people that go into Walmart check the website below! Please, go look!!! They have the best pictures ever of people at different Walmart's across the nation. I'm talking people with back boobs, men in gold leggings and some other CRAZINESS! Check it!

image courtesy of Giant Bomb

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