Dec 12, 2009

What'sThe Tee?: Swizz Beatz & Mashonda Go Hood....

As we know I know a lot of celebrity gossip. It's a guilty habit and if I didn't read the NYT everyday... I would probably be slightly embarrassed.  But anyway, what's the tee?? (By "tee" I mean what's the gossip/rumor/the deal):

1.Sooo Swizz Beatz cheated on Mashonda (while they were married) with Alicia Keys.
2. We discovered this unfortunate turn of events after Mashonda just came on out and said it on a radio station (check that here
2. After AK decided to tweet about love one day, Mashonda decided to write an open letter to her (here)
3. Just yesterday Swizz Beatz and Mashonda got into a fight...... ON TWITTER! wtf? (check that here )

This is after Swizz decided to jump out of body and tell everybody to go cop his "boo's" (AK) album on the 15th. Huniiiii, I do not have time! First of all, a twitter fight?? Really? And second, couldn't you at least spell ish right? We need to suspend all people from using the internet until we start offering free grammar and vocabulary classes. The madness must effing end! smh. Go ahead, drink it up. The Tee.

The Good ole' days...

oh wells.

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