Jan 31, 2010

Straight Hilarity: Bun B Remixes Pants On The Ground

What in the....???? HaHa! Bun B remixed General Platt's Pants On The Ground and this ish is kinda crazy! You aint a gangsta unless you bangin' this in the whip! Such foolishness.

Jan 30, 2010

PFC!!! Week Quarto!

Well...Well....Well... Here we are again. Another week! Another PFC! I have to say... when I started this Personal Fashun Challenge... I really did not know how long I would last.. But here we are at Week Quarto! Here Goes....

First up, Check my new ring! I didn't do my nails this week...they needed a break!


Colorful, right?? I'm like getting blinded as I look at this! I love brightness though so...

Ahhh...love that bracelet.

Gosh, I'm giggly in this one! Totally dig the green..


loved LOVED the hair that day...and that blue head band is for...

...these buddies... ugh...my feet look strange.

And my new bracelets that I'm totally in love with..
Moving on...

blue,silver, red kind of day....



Red shoes, grey patterned tights. I liked this day....

 I like that electric blue and coral together...hmm

The shoes I wore with it... That was the day I had very little time to take pics....

Friday!! I needed to be uber comfortable that day so I rocked out in "All black everything"... Jay style..

That's all folks!!

Jan 29, 2010

This Is Why I Live For..... Local Natives

Perusing youtube today (Yeah, I know. Nothing unusual.) I came across a live version of one of my all time fave songs, "Airplane" by Local Natives. These homies sound the same live!!!! BANANASSSSS! I'm totally freaking out right now on their live harmonies. Gaaawd. Check it!

Happy Friday! Zapp & Roger

Hey lovelies! Two of my fave songs popped into my head today and I had to post it. The two songs that came to mind.... are both by Zapp & Roger. This ish is classic!!!

This song always reminds me of that scene from "Love & Basketball"...


I know for many of us the urgency has diminished and the "dust has settled" after the Haiti earthquake but for many many people the urgency, desperation and dust still swirls violently around them. Haiti STILL needs our help! I suppose we could all proceed with our lives like... we did a week after Hurricane Katrina or a week after the Tsunami (myself included) but we must remember that Haiti needed our support before this and they will certainly need it after. We must support them in any way we can! Haiti is not just a trending topic or a status update.. this is the country who has seen way too much death, hurt and corruption... let's continue to support our people! DONATE! PRAY! HELP!

Jan 27, 2010

Album Coolness: Corrine Bailey Rae

Corrine Bailey Rae just dropped her 2nd album after a 2 year hiatus (following the death of her husband.) I have to say when Corrine dropped her first album, I was not in a place musically where I could appreciate it... I was still in my hard vocals phase but now I love me some Corrine Bailey Rae! Plus, that natural hair she is rocking these days is something FIERCE! Love her. NPR is letting us folks listen to her new album for free for a bit. (click the link below) Go on over and get your fix! And buy the dang album! I am.

Jan 26, 2010

Hope For Haiti: Best Performances

So I finally got the opportunity to watch the "Hope for Haiti" performances today. I'm not sure what I was doing when it came on but for some odd reason I just like missed it. smh. Anyway, my faves.

I am currently caught up in a love/hate relationship with Alicia's voice and so I'm on the fence about this performance... she yells... ALOT! But I think it's still worth watching...

You already know... Bey, delivered. She killed "Halo" with just a piano! So many artists of this generation barely sound normal without a vocal track and full band playing in the background. Sing Bey!

The harmonies and tone on this one were just MAGICAL! Sing JT! (Though I'm still harboring some resentment toward him for that whole Janet Scandal.. Yes, I am.)

Christina proving to us once again why she's one of the best of our time....

And I of course had to post Stevie because he is a legend. Sing Stevie!

That's all! I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any I was particularly fond of. Jennifer Hudson and Shakira also did a pretty good job. Check the 'net for those.



Classic Coolness: Will You Be There

Michael Jackson! This song goes so hard on the speakers turned waaay up! I woke up this morning singing this is my head.... I miss MIKE.

Jan 25, 2010

PFC!!!!! Week Tres

So here I am currently living in the 4th week of the challenge and posting the pics from last week, the third week. Whew! I CANNOT believe that much time has passed. Wow. It's been rough at times (lol) mostly because I sometimes am too rushed to take pics or I decide last minute ( in the morn) to change something about the outfit. Grrrr. But I've been continuing the challenge. Taking pictures in the morn and knowing I'll have to post about it the next week is also keeping me on point. I'm not even certain if anybody in Cyberland (lame, I know.) is watching but oh well ::shrugs shoulder::: at least posting it is encouraging me to continue. So here goes Week Tres! Yes!


Sooo, for my nails I did something a little crazy.. I painted the inside of my nails a different color. It was dope though....

This was my outfit for Sunday but I def wore a brown skirt under this... so, yeaaah... I like my hair here too.


I actually did not wear this scarf at all at work and then I came home and was like... duh! So yeah... I'm especially digging the stripes and the scarf. ahhhh...I love my new belts so much! look at that accented waist! Woot! Woot!



Especially crazy about the stocking/scarf marriage and the shoe/bracelet love affair. I'm looking especially hard in this picture because I was going for the whole "male look". Yeah. Dont ask.


Friday! Jean day at work. This is the day I get "wild and crazy"! Whew. :)

That is all. That is all.

Oh, wait! The best shoes of all time that I just purchased..

I do not think this picture does anything for their awesomeness but trust me... Awesome! They look like shiny black/blue oxfords. I will get a better pic soon!


Live Dopeness: Brandy

I know I've been on the whole "live tip" today (Ok, slight exaggeration. I only posted one other live vid) but TC put twitter onto this live video of Brandy and I just fell love...again... Brandy is just soooo awesome live.. Check my previous post here to see how she even delivers vocally at her house. Just sayin'!


OMG!! Lauryn Hill Performs!

Wow! LOVE LOVE Lauryn and today I spotted a video of her performing over at YBF... Like, wow! In my opinion, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill" is still one of the best albums EVER! Hands down. The video is not the best quality as this was recorded on a civilian's camera but still... :::Swooning:::

Jan 21, 2010

ConfeXion: I Like It Hood (Sometimes)

As I admitted earlier in this post I do have a taste for the hoodness every once in awhile... Today, while doing something completely serious and unrelated to hoodness a song popped into my head... (this happens often and most times without warning...lol).. What song was it? "Ice Cream Paint Job"... HOOD, I know. This is another one of those songs that reminds of (last) summer... late weekend nights, windows down, music/ bass shaking the whole car... This was our ANTHEM! Ahhhh.. summer cannot come soon enough. Check it!

This video is soo hood. goodness.


Music Dopness: Theophilus London

This morning I started to wonder to myself (after my friend reminded about Thophilus's mix of Solange's song Sandcastle Disco ) if I had ever spotlighted him on here. After a little post search I discovered... I hadn't. How dreadful! So, let me tell you... I LOVE me some Theophilus! I randomly came upon him while perusing Solange's old blog (she has a new one titled- My Damn Blog) and instantly loved his remix to one my fave songs by her, "Sandcastle Disco". With that.. intro.. I started to follow this fellow. He has since that time getting bigger and bigger and more awesome! I love his style. I love his swag. I love his music. He recently released his mixtape entitled "This Charming Mixtape" with a album cover that I dig....

Inspired by this Elvis Costello album cover....


Anyway, I'm definitely a fan of this Theophilus fellow and two of my most favorite songs by him would have to be "Cold Pillow" from "This Charming Mixtape" and "Humdrum Town" (below). His songs just make me think of the refreshing taste of water and the pulse of life. Swear. Check it!


Jan 20, 2010


Continue to keep Haiti in your prayers and donate DONATE! A 6.1 aftershock hit them this morning at about 6 AM. More on that story here. Check my previous posts here and here. Pray.

Photo found here.

Jan 19, 2010

Blog Plug/FYI: The White House Blog

The White House has an official blog!!! I just discovered this wonderfulness and  it made me beyond happy as I am OBXESSED with the President and First Lady!

One of my faves pictures from the blog... Michelle talking to a young girl visiting the White House for a MLK event.

Access the blog below:

If You Dare...

Go make a "Jazmine Sullivan" station on Pandora... I cannot even begin to express how much great music has been blasting through my speakers..... Like, Come Close- Common, Ordinary People- John LegendTyrone- Erykah Badu and one of my all time fave (song and video) for OBVIOUS reasons...

Untitled- De'Angelo... hottness.

Jan 18, 2010

PFC!!! Week Dos.

Sooo.... The PFC or Personal Fashun Challenge continues.... Week 2 was of course a little harder just because I ran out of steam but I pumped myself back up and continued on! :) Also, I had less time in the morning to take photos but here goes...

Oh yeah, I got those belts from naKIMuli that I talked about a lil here. So you shall see those here.

First, my nails for the week. Yes, those are my real nails. Yes, that last nail is sparkly.

That's what was hiding under my scarf.. As you can see I'm playing with lines and earth tones in this one. Those bracelets underneath the bigger one are bracelets I wear 24/7. It is 3 friendship bracelets and one breast cancer awareness bracelet.

Playing around with my new belts. I was super geeked! I had just got them in the mail.

Wore this Wednesday. That has to be my favorite jacket to date. I'm sure you will see that more than you would care to during this whole challenge.

I debut my belt at the office this day. I'm in love just looking at it!


Friday! Field trip!!

The 5 Minute Challenge!!!!! Rocking my new belt, of course. I can dig it!

That's all folks! Stay tuned!

Best News EVS!! Monique Wins The Golden Globe!!

Hello loves! As I was watching this video of Monique accepting her award for Best Supporting Actress in "Precious" I could not help but be overcome with love, support and utter joy. She deserves it! (the audio is a little off from the visual but still beautiful!) Check it!

ConfeXion: I Love It When You Talk Dirty! (Part 2)

Dirty Money released their remix to "Angels" and it is giving me like old school rap vibe... I dig it.... I like it way better than the original! Diddy is still killing me slowly with that "singing" but what can you do... Apparently wanting to know how to sing is a natural desire (according to my friend) even if you are horrible at it... (cue: Kanye "Heartbreak" album).. But anyway, catch it below...

(P.S. Yes, I do feel kinda triflin' for posting this right after the Dr. King post but... ya know.. life is about balance, right?)


Today, We Remember Dr. King!

Happy Birthday Dr. King! Today he would have turned 81. Though we should take time to ponder the state of our union (and the rest of the world) daily, today marks a day when it becomes even more important. How do we treat people we come into contact on a daily basis? What about complete strangers? What are the ways in which we have allowed our complex and at times sordid history affect our interactions with people? What are the ways in which we can improve our day to day issues as well as larger societal problems? These are just some of the questions I am asking myself and have for quite some time and will for many moons. Take a moment to ponder. Ruminate. In the wake of Haiti or other victims of society, we should continue to work toward change and feeling like we are connected to everybody in some way. A large task, I know, but necessary. Today, we celebrate Dr. King, his humanity (good and bad) and we celebrate ourselves.. For the things we have worked to better and for the change we still need to work toward. Viva The Dream!

Jan 17, 2010

Happy Birthday First Lady!

Today, our wonderful first lady made 46! Yay! It's been a year since Barack has been in office and a year of fabness from the wonderful Michele! Love this lady with all my heart! Ya'll send her positive vibes today!

Still one of my favorite looks from her to date!

Foolishness: Baby By Me Spoof

This part had me laughing, part had me super sad. Too bad this is pretty much the reality for sooo many people....

Jan 16, 2010

Have You Donated to Haiti???? Go!!

Haiti still needs our help and will need our help for a long time coming.. Continue to donate and send positive thoughts and prayers... you can refer to this post for places to donate to or if nothing else, text YELE TO 501501 and $5 will be donated. You can do this up until 6 times. Refer to Wyclef's foundation website here for more information.


Jan 14, 2010

Classic Coolness: Ordinary People

Wow! I was listening to John Legend (and Robin Thicke) something heavy tonight.. I was listening to John's first (official)album, an album that he has not (IMO) topped to date. He went a couple different places with has last two albums but still nothing as great as his first album.. His first album literally has hit after hit after hit.. I could listen to the entire album from start to finish. I can recall when he dropped "Ordinary People" and I was absolutely OBXESSED with it! Would listen to it every chance I got.. and this was before youtube and imeem AND facebook! Finding songs were pretty difficult unless you purchased the album..Check one of the best songs from the 2k's (2000's)....

ObXession: Take A Walk On The Wild Side..

What is blaring through my speakers right this second?? Only the most complex/simple beautiful essence of everything soothing.. This song is sitting so close! I have to admit... It is a very VERY strange song to the untrained ear... You have to LOVE music to get this one... or atleast love me to understand my intense desire for these subtle harmonies... I liiiiive.

In case it sounds familiar,Tribe Called Quest sampled this in their song Can I Kick It?

Jan 13, 2010

The Personal Fashun Challenge!!!! Ready, Set.....GOOOO!!!!

So friends it is the new year (2K10) and while I am sooo anti- New Year's Resolutions.. I am a gal who believes in goal setting, whether that's at the start of the year or otherwise. One of my goals (that began this year) is to be more intentional about my style.... I alluded to this goal a little bit in the post I wrote earlier last week. I'm trying to upgrade my style! OW OW! This means wearing things together that I never have in the past... So far it's been going pretty well.. There is of course ALWAYS room for improvement. Check some outfits from last week below. (I forgot to take a picture Monday. :( and I LOVED that outfit. so sad.)

Something to keep in mind while viewing these photos are... I have to create outfits that I can wear to work. That limits me a bit...

First, My nails for the week (Also a part of the challenge.) and my fave new accessory.

 The shoes are hott, riiiight?? I was pushing the envelope a little this day but it was a short day soo...

I usually stay away from light colors on the bottom half but eff it... let's go! That jacket has pink dotted lines btw. Craziness. I bought this jacket about 4 years ago and never wore it. 1st time ever wearing it!

Quick run to make some groceries. (N.O. lingo..:)) I dig the boots... GAWD! I swear, best purchase evs!

This was my 5 minute challenge for the week! I literally got this together in 5 min or less to run and get Sasha Fierce and Beyonce (my goldfishies) some food! :) I LIVE in every way for those earrings! See those boots making an appearance on the lower right? Wore those with it.

Sooo?????? what do ya think??

There is ALWAYS room for improvement... keep watching!!!