Jan 8, 2010

Re-living Childhood: SNOOOOOOW DAY!

Today is a snow day. That makes me very happy. Today was a rough day at the start... I was soooo tired. Did not want to get out of bed..but I was really excited to wear this outfit so that inspired me to move it! Finally got up... in the shower.. when suddenly, my roommate starts banging on the door.. My first thought: cops are at the door OR it's a fire. Yeah, I know...wtf? But anyway, I turned off that water so quick and jumped out.. she yelled: SNOOOOW DAAAY!!! I started dancing and singing..of course...finished up and decided I was going to get some more of that sleep that was avoiding me last night. Feeels good. I'm a kid aagain! Snoooow day!!


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