Jan 18, 2010

Today, We Remember Dr. King!

Happy Birthday Dr. King! Today he would have turned 81. Though we should take time to ponder the state of our union (and the rest of the world) daily, today marks a day when it becomes even more important. How do we treat people we come into contact on a daily basis? What about complete strangers? What are the ways in which we have allowed our complex and at times sordid history affect our interactions with people? What are the ways in which we can improve our day to day issues as well as larger societal problems? These are just some of the questions I am asking myself and have for quite some time and will for many moons. Take a moment to ponder. Ruminate. In the wake of Haiti or other victims of society, we should continue to work toward change and feeling like we are connected to everybody in some way. A large task, I know, but necessary. Today, we celebrate Dr. King, his humanity (good and bad) and we celebrate ourselves.. For the things we have worked to better and for the change we still need to work toward. Viva The Dream!

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