Jan 4, 2010

Fashion Coolness: Tennille & Solange

I've never really like... had a fashion inspiration. I've had singing and music inspirations and such but never a fashion one. I also could not really ever describe my style. If you asked me I would say: I like black. I like bright colors. I like gold. I like to color balance. That would be all. But now as I delve more into what I like style wise and my mind broadens, so does my perspective on great style. I contemplated it a little more today after somebody said to me "Not only are you beautiful...but you have great style!". (of course I smiled brightly and said "Thank You!") I would agree and disagree with this person. Yes, I'm beautiful. No, my style is not great but I'm trying to get it there. I'm starting to realize that one of the keys to developing great style is understanding your innate likes and dislikes and trying to put that together in a way that makes sense and looks good. I have been itching lately to switch up my closet. Everything needs to be livened up. Enter: My 1st ever fashion/style inspirations.

First up is Solange. I know I've talked a lot about her music on this blog in the past. But she has just been giving me so much life these last couple of months. Yaaas, Solange! Some of my fave Solange looks have been...

 Ahhh. Sooo wonderful.

Her new hair is giving me life!!!

This one was taken from her blog, which also showcases some of the VERY stylish party goers.

And next up is the equally as wonderful Tennille of naKIMuli and Shanae Fashion Lines. I happened upon this chick about a week ago and I am absolutely OBXESSED with her style, clothing lines and blog. This chick gives me sooo much life! Her wonderfulness below.


This is an original by her and I LIIIIVE for this dress! Like, words cannot describe how much I am salivating over here! Gaaawd. (check more photos here )

That skirt is also an original! Looove it!

 See? Just absolutely impeccable! Amazing!

All of these photos were borrowed from Tennille's blog.  If you love yourself.. Go Check out her blog here.

Good day my loves!

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Tammi C. said...

How ironic!!! DOPE ALL ACROSS THE BOARD!!!! Tennille continues to be a great inspiration to us all. WE LUV U TENNILLE!!!!