Jan 26, 2010

Hope For Haiti: Best Performances

So I finally got the opportunity to watch the "Hope for Haiti" performances today. I'm not sure what I was doing when it came on but for some odd reason I just like missed it. smh. Anyway, my faves.

I am currently caught up in a love/hate relationship with Alicia's voice and so I'm on the fence about this performance... she yells... ALOT! But I think it's still worth watching...

You already know... Bey, delivered. She killed "Halo" with just a piano! So many artists of this generation barely sound normal without a vocal track and full band playing in the background. Sing Bey!

The harmonies and tone on this one were just MAGICAL! Sing JT! (Though I'm still harboring some resentment toward him for that whole Janet Scandal.. Yes, I am.)

Christina proving to us once again why she's one of the best of our time....

And I of course had to post Stevie because he is a legend. Sing Stevie!

That's all! I'm pretty sure I didn't miss any I was particularly fond of. Jennifer Hudson and Shakira also did a pretty good job. Check the 'net for those.



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