Jan 13, 2010

Lo Siento! (& The Tea)

2 days off in the middle of the week?? Yess! That was me. Tuesday and Wednesday. When I vacate... I vacate. Full post coming soon but seriously...

1.) Have you heard about the recent Shaq Mistresses scandal??? Think Tiger Woods 2.0... Mess. More on that here on YBF

2.) Michelle Williams FINALLY left the management of Mr. Knowles (Bey's Daddy). Maybe now her career will take off...

3.) Beyonce is taking a break from Music for "6 months"...Yo, that is sooo nice of her. As Necole Bitchie said, Somewhere, A Struglling R&B Singer is Rejoicing... True talk.

4.) Read this great opinion piece about people having ridiculous standards for a mate when they themselves have MAJOR flaws.. read that here (at NWSO)

Yeah, dont ask. I just felt like this picture needed to be here. That's Bey (and me at her concert this summer).


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