Jan 6, 2010

Solo Dance Par-taay!: Everywhere

I know everybody has atleast had one solo dance party... dont know what I'm talking about?? Liar. You know...you're alone...most likely at your house or in your room and randomly (sometimes intentionally) the best "Solo Dance Party" song comes on and before you know it that feeling attacks you.... you're going straight psycho. Dancing away... going crazy... covering the whole (dance) floor and being the baddest bish in the whole room. (you are after all, the ONLY bish in the whole room..hehe).. I LOVE those moments and here I am now... coming off the high of one... needing to tell you a song that randomly does this to me every time... without fail.. I have this one playlist I listen to occasionally and so this song surprises me all the time! (I'll probs remember it though after this post though. darn!) Anyway, besides Bey and many other songs... This ish right here..this ish right HERE.. takes me higher! Enjoy! (Usual Disclaimer: It Aint For Everybody!)

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