Jan 25, 2010

PFC!!!!! Week Tres

So here I am currently living in the 4th week of the challenge and posting the pics from last week, the third week. Whew! I CANNOT believe that much time has passed. Wow. It's been rough at times (lol) mostly because I sometimes am too rushed to take pics or I decide last minute ( in the morn) to change something about the outfit. Grrrr. But I've been continuing the challenge. Taking pictures in the morn and knowing I'll have to post about it the next week is also keeping me on point. I'm not even certain if anybody in Cyberland (lame, I know.) is watching but oh well ::shrugs shoulder::: at least posting it is encouraging me to continue. So here goes Week Tres! Yes!


Sooo, for my nails I did something a little crazy.. I painted the inside of my nails a different color. It was dope though....

This was my outfit for Sunday but I def wore a brown skirt under this... so, yeaaah... I like my hair here too.


I actually did not wear this scarf at all at work and then I came home and was like... duh! So yeah... I'm especially digging the stripes and the scarf. ahhhh...I love my new belts so much! look at that accented waist! Woot! Woot!



Especially crazy about the stocking/scarf marriage and the shoe/bracelet love affair. I'm looking especially hard in this picture because I was going for the whole "male look". Yeah. Dont ask.


Friday! Jean day at work. This is the day I get "wild and crazy"! Whew. :)

That is all. That is all.

Oh, wait! The best shoes of all time that I just purchased..

I do not think this picture does anything for their awesomeness but trust me... Awesome! They look like shiny black/blue oxfords. I will get a better pic soon!


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