Jan 9, 2010

Current Obxession: BOWS!!

Maybe I'm regressing and re-living my childhood or maybe I'm just a bit craazy... Whatever it is.. I am currently SUPER obxessed with BOWS! I have sooo many head bands with bows on it and I find myself perusing the internet or immediately looking for bows when entering a store... Interesante.

Anyway, I just bought some belts from my fave designer and fashion inspiration, Tennille of naKIMuli whom I wrote about a couple day ago here.

It's pretty obvious what sold me on these belts, right? The BOWS! I saw these and knew I needed to have them. They should be on their way and when I rock them I'll be sure to post some pics. I ordered them in black, yella (pictured above) and leopard. RAAAWR.

Then there's the bows in hair... I dont have that many photos of me with them in but you get the drift from the pics below... And on second thought, perhaps it's the natural hair that sparked the obxession.. hmmm..

 Who even knows.. with this picture. It was spring term soooo.....yeah. But check the electric blue bow. (+ I really like my hair here)

Another Bow pic!

Some online fave bow accesories...

Tennille also makes great bow accessories too. Another reason I love her. Purchase this one here.

Sequins!!! You can purchase this one at  Forever 21.


That is all.


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