Jan 7, 2010

The Rant: Is This Real Life?

Being out in the "real world" and coming in contact with some veeery interesting co-workers all to often has me constantly asking myself: Is this real life?... And subsequently always reminds me of this (David After Dentist) video here... That lil kid had it right when he asked his dad "Is this real life?" Some questions I ask are: Are people really this incompetent? Are people really this selfish? unintelligent? prideful? lazy? just plain idiotic?

This is not to say that people are not people and do not have their own issues that they deal with and maneuver..but is it really that hard to do your job effectively? Especially, if the job you have is something that even a teenager could do effectively and requires so little intelligence... I mean... Come on, son! Yo, it's 2K10 and everybody just needs to collectively do better. The MADNESS must end. Here's to hoping that this is pretend life and people do better in "real life".

Some Jay-Z goodness to calm the nerves...kinda..

This Can't Be Life! (When Beanie and Jay were homies)

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