Jan 13, 2010

The Personal Fashun Challenge!!!! Ready, Set.....GOOOO!!!!

So friends it is the new year (2K10) and while I am sooo anti- New Year's Resolutions.. I am a gal who believes in goal setting, whether that's at the start of the year or otherwise. One of my goals (that began this year) is to be more intentional about my style.... I alluded to this goal a little bit in the post I wrote earlier last week. I'm trying to upgrade my style! OW OW! This means wearing things together that I never have in the past... So far it's been going pretty well.. There is of course ALWAYS room for improvement. Check some outfits from last week below. (I forgot to take a picture Monday. :( and I LOVED that outfit. so sad.)

Something to keep in mind while viewing these photos are... I have to create outfits that I can wear to work. That limits me a bit...

First, My nails for the week (Also a part of the challenge.) and my fave new accessory.

 The shoes are hott, riiiight?? I was pushing the envelope a little this day but it was a short day soo...

I usually stay away from light colors on the bottom half but eff it... let's go! That jacket has pink dotted lines btw. Craziness. I bought this jacket about 4 years ago and never wore it. 1st time ever wearing it!

Quick run to make some groceries. (N.O. lingo..:)) I dig the boots... GAWD! I swear, best purchase evs!

This was my 5 minute challenge for the week! I literally got this together in 5 min or less to run and get Sasha Fierce and Beyonce (my goldfishies) some food! :) I LIVE in every way for those earrings! See those boots making an appearance on the lower right? Wore those with it.

Sooo?????? what do ya think??

There is ALWAYS room for improvement... keep watching!!!


Samantha A. Affram said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these fits.....KUDOS!

The AuthenticQueen/ Miss Reese said...

Thanks bff!

Brandon said...

Yo. I like it... a lot. It's Brandon, btw.