Jan 18, 2010

PFC!!! Week Dos.

Sooo.... The PFC or Personal Fashun Challenge continues.... Week 2 was of course a little harder just because I ran out of steam but I pumped myself back up and continued on! :) Also, I had less time in the morning to take photos but here goes...

Oh yeah, I got those belts from naKIMuli that I talked about a lil here. So you shall see those here.

First, my nails for the week. Yes, those are my real nails. Yes, that last nail is sparkly.

That's what was hiding under my scarf.. As you can see I'm playing with lines and earth tones in this one. Those bracelets underneath the bigger one are bracelets I wear 24/7. It is 3 friendship bracelets and one breast cancer awareness bracelet.

Playing around with my new belts. I was super geeked! I had just got them in the mail.

Wore this Wednesday. That has to be my favorite jacket to date. I'm sure you will see that more than you would care to during this whole challenge.

I debut my belt at the office this day. I'm in love just looking at it!


Friday! Field trip!!

The 5 Minute Challenge!!!!! Rocking my new belt, of course. I can dig it!

That's all folks! Stay tuned!

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