Dec 14, 2009

(Past) ObXession: Entourage!

I never did really like B2K. I distinctively remember picking a member to learn something about and "like" just so I would not sit and stare blankly at my friends when they would talk about how cute and wonderful they were. Of course most people had the hots for Omarion but Fizz had him a decent following. I was not crazy about any of the members. I thought they were unattractive, a little too feminine for my taste and mediocre singers. Really, I just felt like they were not cute enough to make up for the fact that their voices sounded like eternal puberty. So sad. What also angered me about this group was the way in which everybody had a pretend/stupid name except Omarion. They set the rest of them idiots up! (And apparently Chris Stokes, their manager, was touching them deeply in his free time. damn.) But anyway, Omarion dropped a couple solo projects after the untimely demise of the group and despite his vocals, had some hits.  I was particularly into one oh his songs "O". (Memories. Remember __? I would call one of my friends out but I'll refrain. lol) And then later on he dropped one of my fave songs and videos from him, "Entourage". I was sooo ObXessed with this one! Check it!

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