Dec 7, 2009

The Things Parents Do....

This ish warrants a post! LOL. So my father called me last week and said:

"Are you going to hang out with your parents for your birthday or are you just going to hang out with your friend's?"
I responded, "Of course I'm going to hang out with you all for my birthday!"

So we went back and forth trying to plan for a little while and finally decided on them driving out to me and picking me up from work. You know how people over 40 like to be in the house by 7 PM.  They came to pick me up and I came outside to jump in the vehicle. Nope. They were getting out of the car. I had said in passing they could probably come in. Nope, they were like definitely coming in. We walk into the offices and before I could even get in the door good I hear behind me:

"And this is Queen's desk. This is her chair. Oh, look here, she was employee of the month (an inside joke in the office). Wow!!"

For a moment I was confused as to who he was talking to because my mother was beside me. And then I realized..... THIS HOMIE WAS VIDEOTAPING!! I mean he had the camera ready and everything. I looked to my momma and was like:

"OMG!! You let him bring the video camera??? OMG!"
 She responded. "Girl, let him videotape! He's excited!"

One of the most embarrassing and utterly hilarious days of my entire life!!!! The things parents do....

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