Dec 1, 2009

What if?: Questions.. QUES!! ?????'s

So I can remember in Vibe's "heyday" I was making sure to spend 3 minutes why my momma was buying up the groceries reading all the 20 ?'s (example here) in the back. Those things had me dying of laughter! But anyway, I was just randomly thinking of some questions I had... Mine are all "What if's"

1. What kind of world would we live in if Rih could actually sing AND dance???? (Would our Queen (Bey) be no more??? (hahahaha))

2. Speaking of... what if Chris Brown had never hit Rih that fretful day?

3. What if Whitney Houston had never let Bobby drop a couple nuggets in her breakfast OJ??

4. What if Bey had Michelle's "balance", Kelley's voice and Letoya's (original) nose??

5. What if Alicia Keys had never met Swizz?

6. What if Lil Wayne had decided to stay with/ be faithful to only Toya?

7. What if T.I. had never got arrested for those gun charges? (Would we have Paper Trail?)

8. What if Eminem was.. Black?

9. What if Obama's father had instead impreggo'd a woman of color?

That's it for now... I'm sure I will think of more... hahaha...

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