Dec 2, 2009

How Torrid!: Sorry I Had to Deny Ya.

Soooo... I had to unsubscribe from Torrid's e-mail... :( Why? They kept getting me! OMG! Now I understand why companies always ask for your e-mail! So they can lure you in with these great deals. Like, "Only 2 hours! Clearance 50% off!" or "Boots on sale for 2 days!". They kept getting me. I would literally be doing something else, check my e-mail and Bam! $50 dropped! $75 gone! (I cannot even admit how often this happened to me. Too much) It was sick but sooooo fun... I miss it. :( I might sign back up. I have a problem! Two of my recent purchases:

Love this dress! And it looks even better in person!

Also, pretty much amazing!

I dig black a lot..mostly because you can do ANYTHING you want with it. And since I LOVE bright just all works out.

Pray for my deliverance. I have a problem. ha!

Good night my loves!

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