Nov 27, 2009

Rihanna: Rated R

Well, well, well.... Rih has done it! (or shall I say her producers have done it.) The new Rih album is hooooot. As much as her voice reminds me of something.... different (think: slow dying cats/ a person with severe congestion), to deny the beauty of the album would be ridiculous. It is indeed her best album yet.. I think... or so people say. In all honesty I have never listened to a Rihanna album in its entirety so I do not have a complete view on that. But anyway, the new album is definitely worth a listen. My favorite track off of the album is "Cold Case Love" (below) and ."Fire Bomb". I must also add that Rih's voice is well mastered on the tracks and she sounds her best. Will we be able to say the same about her live? Ummm.. Probs Not. No shade and such.

Check the entire album below

Good day my loves!



Anonymous said...

Cold Case Love is boring.

AuthenticQueen said...


Paris said...

rihanna new album is firebomb...wait your turn...G4L... and rude boy....give her credit her voice has gotten better the more she has train with neyo...luv ur site queen!