Nov 16, 2009

Who Brought the Magic?: Window -Busting And Such.

So, the other day my friend sent me a text out of the blue (which I love! Only real friends can text you out of the blue and it all make sense.) and said "So. Do you think Amber's version of windows is better than Jasmine's? I'm torn". I have to say that I avoided a straight forward response and was promptly called out on it. But wait, let me unpack this more for those of us who are 1.) Non- Gleeks or 2.) Just confused. Amber stars in one of my favorite shows on TV right now, Glee, where they cover a good number of songs every week. (check how they made Rih Rih's song 80x better Take a Bow.) A few episodes ago they decided to re-do one of Jazmine Sullivan's hits "Bust Your Windows" and my girl Amber did an amaaaazing job! But the thing is... I love LOVE LOOOOVE Jazmine Sullivan so deciding who rocked it better is hard because I'm incredibly biased. So anyway, what are people votes? Check both videos below.

The Original

The Cover

So, which one?

Good day my loves!

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