Nov 23, 2009

Soooo... The AMA's. Deep Sigh.

So basically I wasted 3 hours of my life yesterday. I was pretty geeked about the AMA's as I always am... I mean where else can you see the best acts across a wide range of genre's? (Besides the Grammy's of course). I was all prepared to sit in front of a TV Screen for 3 hours because I knew that I was about to be visually and acoustically wow'd ... or so I thought. (I'll only post the ones worth watching)I'm just going to bullet point my thoughts. It's easier to break down that way.

1. First of all...I love Janet but please explain to me why she was rocking those ultimate harem pants. Um... no. And why I know it's not fair to want to see her perform like she use to, I still wished she had of. Wasn't impressed.

2. Rih Rih had on nice shoulder pads. That's all.

3. Please explain to me why Paula (Abdul) decided it was appropriate to pop some pills before she took the stage. Soo confused about that.

4. J. Lo never could really sing so I was not expecting anything from her. And even though she did pull a Michelle Williams (think BET, eating dust and Kelly giving her the side eye) she played it off well. She was kinda exciting. I guess.

5. Alicia ...idk... A for effort. Her doing the tootsie roll on the brick wall was wack but she tries. She is not Beyonce and she should accept that she should just continue doing her whole sitting at the piano thing. The piano flying in the air was kinda hott though. AND THAT JACKET SHE WAS ROCKING WAS HOTT!

6. Whitney Houston. Because I respect her so much as a legend and her past vocal prowess I will abstain from talking about how utterly disappointed I am in her. (Crack not only kills people, it can kill your gift. Saddens me. No shade)

7. GaGa was just about as crazy as you would expect. Her playing and singing with the burning piano was hott so she gets best performance of the night for me.

8. Timbo looked like he was about to explode at any moment and splatter little bits of leather and sausage all over the screen. Just saying.

9. Black Eyed Peas. Music was way too low. Fergie gets on my nerves with how she usually just screams when the performance needs a little boost. If she did her lil sing-scream in the correct key, we might be okay.

10. Jay and AK were of course wonderful! Second best performance of the night.

11. Mary J. She never did really do it for me so I'll refrain from commenting too much but she was decent.

Conclusions- They needed Bey to come on stage and give that whole show life and Kanye needed to be on standby in London to interrupt Tay's ridiculous amount of wins.

Deeply Disappointing!

Good days my love!

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