Nov 27, 2009

ObXession: Paper Heart

So, when I have an abundance of free time (as in 2 or more hours) I like to watch a good movie. I can't really describe what kind of movies I like these days but my current favorite movies include "Away We Go", "Once" and "The Reader". Kinda makes sense. Kinda doesn't. But anyway, my friend mentioned "Paper Heart" to me in passing and I decided to watch it last week. Loved it! It's like a documentary/real-life/scripted... yeah, all of that. It's essentially about this girl who goes around the country looking to discover what love is. She does this through interviewing mostly (white) couples across the United States. It's amazing to see and hear what people from different walks of life define as love. Does she ever discover what love is? It's up to the viewer. For a great copy of the movie online check here.

picture courtesy of The Warren Report

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