Nov 25, 2009

Priscilla Renea: Jukebox!

 Prisiclla Renea came on the scene via youtube a couple years ago. She started by posting videos of her singing her original songs and covering songs fans requested. Some of my favorites include 22 and Hello My Apple (which was on her EP that dropped earlier this year).

Today I listened to her new album and I have to say I Love LOVE the vibe of the album!  She does an amazing job of amalgamating pop and r&b with catchy lyrics and complex musical backdrops. She covers everything from teenage love and insecurity to infidelity and the death of a lover. My favorite songs on the album would have to be "Lovesick", "Pretty Girl" and "Fixing My Hair". She can sing well, which makes me beyond happy and proud to have found her some months and months ago before her EP and LP even dropped. She's has also wrote all but one of the songs on her album. It is records like this that make you wonder how it is even possible for sub par artists to make it as big as they do. Love the album. It drops December 1st!

Listen to the entire album here for free-zies!!

Check her doing tracks live from the new album and other wonderfulness on her you tube page here.

My favorite cover she has done to date:

LOOOOVE this chick! Will definitely be copping the new album.

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