Nov 19, 2009

(Past) ObXession: Bleeding Love +

I remember when I saw this chick, Leona Lewis, on X-Factor and was beyond impressed with her vocals. She was like old Mariah (because God knows new Mariah is struggling) and I liked it. A lot. She of course won the whole thing as I knew she would and everything from there just happened quickly. She got to the studio right away and released her album in Europe and the U.S. to great success. One of her first singles off her first albums was "Bleeding Love". I can just remember when this song dropped how I was like super super obxessed. I'm talking it was the only song I needed to download on my phone and would listen to it thirty times a day obxessed. sick. She is also amazing live which helps me love her even more.I love love LOVE the Euro version of the video (which is below). She looks hot! But anyway, Bleeding Love..

Recently, she dropped her new single off of her forthcoming album and it's titled Happy. It's no "Bleeding Love" but it gets the job done...

Leona Lewis- Happy

Good day my loves!

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