Nov 5, 2009

C. Breezy: To Get Caught Up In The Whirlwind or Not... Part Dos

Uh Oh. Seems like the plot has just thickened, my friends. Today, I was doing my daily trip through the blogosphere and everybody was talking about the same thing..... The Rih Rih/ ABC Interview. OH. MY. GAWD. C. Breezy's comeback may have just gotten slashed and burned.

Personally I have been waiting and waiting for Rih to say something about the attack. To be an advocate. To use the experience to help somebody else. Finally, after all this time, she speaks out. And boy did she speak! Just from the small clip I was able to view today I am seriously starting to wonder if a full comeback is possible for C. Breezy. Honestly, this snippet is kinda...sobering. Makes me ponder even more so if I should give CB a second chance.. peep the vid below..

Or If that's not working try Rih Rih Interview

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